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By: cuellala
Michael B's Catering
Growing up in Texas, being raised with BBQ as a corner stone of our traditions is quite common. I have also traveled across these United States for work and have already been open to trying different styles of BBQ. There are plenty of good ones and few great ones. Michael B's, to me, is classified under one of the great ones.Over the course of the past couple years, in picking my children from school, we passed the restaurant plenty times. Always smelling the hypnotic aroma of the smoking meat. Finally, we stopped in and had some lunch there one afternoon. It was then and still is the best BBQ in Corpus Christi. What Michael B's lacks in atmosphere or fancy decor like some other places, it more than makes up for with their friendly and family-esque approach. You immediately feel as if you are at your family reunion with all the people you care about.Let's not forget the quality and precision of the smoked meat. Smoking a brisket is almost an art form. When you have had one done right, you truly appreciate the type of cut of meat it is. The flavor, tenderness and overall quality cut is what separates Micheal B's from many others (including the most well known places in town). The chicken, ribs, sausage, chopped beef and even fried fish are every bit as good as the brisket. Excellent food and great people is what keep me and everyone I can tell going to Michael B's.Quit wasting your time trying to find good BBQ or settling for the high dollar but ok tasting food from the other. Go to Michael B's and know, that you are enjoying the best BBQ in South Texas.
By: fcast_txn
Astor Restaurant
I visit to dine here about 2 times per year and I would recommend it as good. It is local with a small town and family feel. The service has been good and the food is good. I would recommend any steak as the flavor is excellent being cooked in a wood pit. Another recommendation is the Chicken ala Cordon Bleu. The building has an older look to the floors, ceiling and decorations but it is clean and looks nice. I can't remember the menu selections offhand but they are plentiful with steak, combination plates, seafood, appetizers, lunch plates, sandwiches, and mexican dishes to name a few. I found their menu on the coastalbendmenuguide web site.
By: fcast_txn
Johnny's Food To Go
I rated this as good based on the food taste for a fast food place. It may look like a dive so don't be alarmed but it is local to the area and the food comes out hot and made to order. Orders placed are for pickup only as this is not a restaurant. Menu items include burgers, seafood and fried chicken all of which are very tasty. Good as an alternative to try out a local place and avoid the regular McDonalds, Wendy's, Sonic, Churches, Long John Silver, franchises.
By: kurt.seim.9
The Chicken Shack Tender Express
Way to friggan expensive for their prices I could go eat at a decent full service restaurant . Not to mention your choices are tenders or tenders or tenders. How boring is that. how about some regular fried chicken like the old Sheps chicken shack had or their other location does have. Or especially their famous chicken livers and gravy now I would go their for that alone.
By: J R.
Buffalo Wild Wings
Stood at reception desk area for several minutes ungreeted while 3 hostesses stood there talking. Place was packed and numerous fellow diners were smoking vapors all around us. Service was slow due but waitress nice. Asked for salda dressing on teh side but it came on the salad and it took so long (over 20 minutes) to come out I didn't want to risk returning it.
By: nala000
Chicken Shack
Everytime I come here I know that the food is going to be delicious. The old and new chicken shack have been my favorites for so long and I haven't been disappointed! The chicken is always cooked so well and always tastes great. From okra, French fries, corn, or green beans. The food (and deserts) are always awesome!
By: Thomas B.
Wings and More
I used to really really like this place until their new location. The customer service is very terrible to say the least over the years since I have been in Corpus. Some of the food is still good but the fried mushrooms are terrible- waste of money. Pretty much anything fried here is bad. The wings are decent though.
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By: bray
The Chicken Shack Tender Express
This location has the best livers and tenders bar none. The portions are colossal and the ranch dressing is made fresh daily. I highly recommend that you try this, at least once, because after that you will be hooked. So, give it a try, even your pickier eaters will love the food especially the tenders.
By: Cee R.
The Chicken Shack Tender Express
After reading these reviews I was skeptical of eating here, I work near by and ordered my food 5 min before closing and kudos to the staff they were very friendly and my tenders were fresh and mac n cheese was delish, definitely will be one of my favorite restaurants.
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By: Kaely H.
Astor Restaurant
Best steak by far. A great variety, and anything from the mesquite grill is worth trying. Great prices for such big portions. The service is very helpful and experienced. Kid friendly, and some of the best service you will get at a steak house in Corpus.

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