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  • 1.Funtrackers Family Fun Center

    9605 S Padre Island Dr

    Corpus Christi,TX

    10.72 mi


    Family 4-Pack Pass (Any Day)

    This was a great time for the kids. fun family day with alot of things to keep us busy. wish it was a little cheaper but very fun.

  • 2.Fun Kids Walk

    7602 Caribou Dr

    Corpus Christi,TX

    10.22 mi

  • 3.Wooden Nickle Fun & Games

    6021 Highway 77


    15.82 mi

  • 4.Wooden Nickle Fun & Games

    6021 Us Highway 77


    17.86 mi

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By: Lindsey L.
Bay Area Child Development Center
ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS! I had my infant son enrolled at the Greenwood location. The first day his teachers were never notified he was enrolled. The director didn't even know he was in attendance! They advertise CCTV monitoring to helpparents feel assured and allow parents to review it at their request. My 8 month old came home a with a HUGE BRUISE on his nose. When I asked to see the video, they told me they first had to notify the "CEO" to review it and then decide if I would be allowed to view only a "section" that they had pre-approved. After several follow ups, I still was never allowed to see the video. I requested this so called CEO to contact me since she is NEVER at the center, which also never happened. They will charge you $5/day if you're late on your payment, yet several times when I've attempted to make a payment I was told to come back later or the next day due to the director being unable to find her record book, a person being left in charge for 2 days who did not know how to process payments, or to be told the director was out on a smoke break. I also was told while taking a tour before enrolling they offer 1 week per year will be charged at half the normal rate. It also states this in their parent handbook. When I attempted to utilize my discount for a family vacation I was told it only applies if I have been there minimum 1 year. I was directed to contact the director at their Embassy location and informed her it states no where in their handbook about the 1 year rule. She copped an attitude with me and said she would look into it and follow up with me. 2 days have passed with no response. I tried calling her 3 times to be told she hadn't come in yet or was in a meeting. I could go on and on! This place is a total joke with incompetent management. They will give you the run around and play caddy little games with you. Do not waste your time, money or energy with these clowns. They are ripping off parents!
By: Whitney R.
Silver Spoon Prodigy
Check this link and you will NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE leaving your children with these people. We had so many problems including excessive biting on my children and my daughter's wrist hurting from being pulled by the director (Margaret). They gave us "boo boo" reports but didn't have their own documentation of it. They have FIFTY VIOLATIONS from the Department of Family and Protective Services. She will claim that she has turned the place around in the last 2 years that she has been there. The report I pulled with the 50 violations was for ONLY the last 2 years. And keep in mind, she was there before, but as the assistant director. Please, for the sake of your children, find a different daycare even if it is not as convenient. Their safety is more important than free breakfast.
By: Jennifer S.
Bay Area Child Development Center
Wow so disappointed in my daycare! Yesterday my husband walked in on a worker pulling my 1 year olds hair! Of course like any parent he confronted the teacher she immediately denied it.He talked to the owner and said we would look at the video in the morning. I immediately started questing my other children if anyone is mean to them at daycare without prompting him my five year old told me the same teacher hurts his wrist because she squeezes it really tight! How would a five year old know that and was able to show me himself if me and his dad have never done that to him. We go to look at the video this morning and because my daughter was out of frame of the video they refuse to do anything to the teacher. They told us the best they could do is move the teacher to another facility of course I'm angry if this is happening to my children I know they can not be the only ones why would I want her working with any children! So today when we show up they said the teacher would not be watching any of my children I'm uncomfortable with it immediately even though they said she would be gone the same day but I had to work, so I had my husband check on them every couple of hours to randomly pop in on them. Mind you I had loved the daycare prior to this I should have known with the amount of licensing calls I received asking me if I had any problems with the teachers and my children. So fast forward to today I receive a phone call from the daycare saying they will no longer be providing services for my children because my husband made them uncomfortable by showing up today and they just couldn't make him happy. So this is what happens when you walk in on someone assaulting your child and report it to the owner. Thanks Bay Area Child development center! That's fine this isn't the last of this momma I can guarantee you that.
By: Jennifer F.
Inch Worm Day Care & Learning Center
An individual with the administration of this company gave a knowingly false reference for a former employee, causing possible harm to her future employment. Which I believe is illegal. A file with EOE is being filled.
By: Mia P.
Red Barn Private School
What a blessing this center has been for my kids. They have really learned a lot and socially are much more engaging than before at other centers. Great staff. The best in town.
By: Kimberly E.
Red Barn Private School
Pulled my child out after coming in the second time to find another caregiver asleep on the floor while the toddlers were half asleep and half roaming. The first time I forgave as the first woman was slumped against a wall in circle time. Seems there is quite a lot of unethical behavior at this place. Low price isn't worth bad care for your child. Go anywhere else.
By: Stephanie K.
Silver Spoon Prodigy
I have had my daughter there since she was a couple months old and she is 2 now. She is very happy and learns daily. There was a point when the some of the staff was not helpful and they were not following proper procedures. But now they have a new manager and staff members. I am extremely happy with all of the recent changes.
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By: Miss S.
Appletree Academy
The director is very professional and is attentive towards parents concerns. She expresses compassion and loves the children ahe cares for. She spends alot of hours at the facility. However, some daycare workers appearances are unprofessional with tattoos and hickies exposed on their necks, which is not appealing. Overall, my child enjoys his daycare!
By: John S.
K & K Outfitters Corpus Christi Texas
Captain Kevin was awesome. knew what he was talking about and supplies everything. learned a lot. coming back for sure. kids loved it too.
By: Tommy B.
K & K Outfitters Corpus Christi Texas
Great trip again..See you next winter heading back with lots of fillets and great memmories.Thanks,Tommy Barny

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