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By: jstagrl
Pinnacle Tattoo
I'm shopping around for customer reviews, as many do. I stumble across this post wondering if it's real or not, as I do with all posts since I've noticed vindictive ex employees/friends/etc post poor reviews as well as companies posting good reviews for their own companies. I've come to the conclusion that this post in particular didn't matter- Customers are always right when it comes to what they want on their body. If I want to be covered in pink polka dots you have no right to tell me it would look better in orange. I have to look at it for the rest of my life, not you. That comment alone makes me not want to visit your business and only backs up the customers complains- You're rude and arrogant. I understand you want to make "suggestions" to what " might "be better, but to say "the customer is not always right" is wrong. To boot, that makes every other post after this one look fake because they all claim you guys are "Oh so nice and professional without that 'rockstar' attitude" .... So why the 4 stars? Because for all I know you're talented despite your lack of social skills. Why not 5? Because I've never been there. I'm giving my best attempt of a neutral review rating. I'm just here to say that I'm sure I"m not the only one who has read that and said "Wow" and "walked out the door." You may want to think about that.
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By: Sierra K.
Pinnacle Tattoo
This is the first review I've ever posted, but that is how much I loved my experience with Tina and microblading my eyebrows. I am from Houston and made the trip just to see her. She was awesome to talk to and ease any anxiety. She numbed my brows so I felt no discomfort at all! I have naturally red hair and she did an amazing job at matching the pigment. I am so happy I found her and will recommend her to anyone wanting cosmetic tattooing. She asked for pictures of how I was drawing mine on, and what I wanted. While working she measured everything to make sure it was even and asked how I was liking the way it looked or if I wanted more added. The apt included a cool aftercare kit and a 6 week followup/touchup apointment. If you think this is something you might enjoy, it is worth not having to draw your brows on everyday and deal with the breakouts makeup causes!
By: Crystal P.
Pinnacle Tattoo
Tina did my eyebrows and I am completely satisfied with them and my whole experience with her. She is very experienced and makes you feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. She doesn't force nor try to influence your decision to go through with it or not. She will explain everything she is going to do from start to finish, then you can decide if you want to continue. I chose to continue and I'm so glad I did. My confidence level has increased so MUCH! I get compliments on my eyebrows everywhere I go. People come up to me and grab my face just so they can get a closer look lol. They cannot believe it is tattoo make up. They look so REAL and so perfect. If you are an indecisive customer considering to do this, I say go for it and worry not. You will be satisfied if you do!
By: shannonleeoneil
Pinnacle Tattoo
I was visiting Corpus Christi for work and I wanted a tattoo. Pinnacle was the only place in the area that I found with awesome reviews so I decided to visit. They were friendly, helpful and the place was really clean. I got tattooed by Christian and he did a great job and gave me some helpful suggestions that I wouldn't have thought of about placement on the tattoo I got. I actually wanted to tattoos and he wouldn't do one of them (I wanted sansikrt in all read ink with no black outline) because he said the area was to small and over time it would spread and look like a blob, you know thats a sign of a good artist that isn't just trying to get your money. If I ever visit Corpus Christi again I will be back for more tattoos!
By: jmasseyj
Pinnacle Tattoo
Sometimes people that don't know very much about tattoos often think that you can just tattoo anything you would like and it would look great. Most shops in town will just tattoo it. This is the best shop in town and probably all of south Texas. They work with clients to give you the best tattoo possible, but they also guide the clients in a direction that is also tattoo correct. I'm not sure what lady you were referring too because there is only 1 lady that works there and she does not look old. I have been going to pinnacle for several years now and if you could see some of the requests and people that come through the door you might understand. In the tattoo industry the customer is not always right.
By: nelliemarie505
Strange Horizons
i walked into this shop a little nervous thinking about what kind of people and art I'd find on the other side of that door. i was very pleased when as soon as i walked in they stopped what they were doing and greeted me. they asked what i had in mind for my tattoo and they got to work. they listened to all my input and nothing was turned down just tweaked here and there to make it better. the environment at this shop is so friendly and welcoming. my tattoo looks awesome and i know there is no one else out there with my same tatttoo, its one of a kind. they work with you all the way because they want to make sure theyre doin just what you asked for.
By: Kendra M.
Pinnacle Tattoo
I went to this shop for my tattoo removal. The price was way more affordable than a quote I had got in San Antonio. The place in San Antonio quoted me 750 a session and at pinnacle my quote was only 250 a session. When I went in to get the Lazer treatment I was so afraid like literally ready say forget it. The lady there was very patient and easy to talk too. She understood my fears and helped me get through something I really wanted done..she talked to me the whole procedure, this took lots of my Anxiety away. the pain was not as bad as I thought. I say it hurt less than a tattoo..
By: butterfliesnbullets
Pinnacle Tattoo
If you are looking for someone who is straight up about laser tattoo removal, who won't make ridiculous claims and is cool, calm, collected, and able to set your mind at ease, talk to Tina Lain. I went in for my first session today (5-23-12) and I can't wait to get back in there for another round! Yes, it hurts, but it's tolerable. Just be sure to wear your big girl pant(ies) and you will be fine! Tina is easy to talk to, won't judge you, and the whole procedure is so quick that you will wish you had done it sooner. (I'm kicking myself for not starting this process months/years ago!)
By: Hailey G.
Pinnacle Tattoo
Tina did my first tattoo removal session yesterday and I couldn't be more impressed. She was very quick, she told me what to expect and it was pretty much exactly what she said it would be (except it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would). All of the artists I talked with while in there are also very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I literally had the best experience I've ever had at a tattoo shop. I will definitely be back for more removal sessions and when that is done I'll be getting a new tattoo here as well.
By: artnerd9
Pinnacle Tattoo
I am a custom tattooer in Kansas City. I have been all over the map and know quality. Chris and the crew at Pinnacle are the only place worth being tattooed in south Texas. I have been traveling there for over 5 years to have work done. They are amazing artists and genuine people. I highly recomend this studio to anyone, anywhere! Also, during my last visit, i had some lazer removal done on an ancient piece, to make room for a new one. Super profesional, fast healing, awesome results! Go there!

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