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By: Pierce B.
Dr Nerd Computers
THEY CAN THINK Outside the BOXAND looks like they learned from the reviews.Sprint could not get my contacts off my old sprint damaged phone. They saw I had the same second phone for back up I was using. Sterling and Joel put their heads together and came up with a solution using both my phones and transferring the info to their personal phone, then back to my back up phone.Courteous, upfront with pricing and even were willing to stay after closing to get it done.Pierce B, Rockport Texas
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By: Myranda C.
Dr Nerd Computers
My harman Karon studio onyx Bluetooth speaker took a nose dive off my dresser and I thought I was doomed. Nope, these guys not only fixed it but they tripled the battery life. How awesome is that? It's been home almost 2 weeks and only been on the charger 1 time. Need something fixed? These are the guys you take it to, obviously they are amazing at what thank do! Not to mention it was cheaper than buying a new speaker and it got upgrades. I won't go anywhere else. Thank you!
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By: Kristina D.
I am pleased with this HEB. I like the size, it's not too big and easy to get in and out of. You never have to wait too long in line, they have enough checkers. Food choices are good, the store is clean and convenient. They have some Gluten Free items, more is always even better. I would like to see them carry the product by Bio Allers for Mold Yeast and Dust Mites. Love the turkey salad with cranberries, it's delicious. Staff is friendly and courteous.!
By: drew.scerbo
Dr Nerd Computers
These guys are FANTASTIC! I brought my home made PC in for repair and install a few new components that I would not have time to do myself. Not only was the price excellent and the job fast, but they did a top notch professional job. They cleaned up the wiring and ran virus and spyware scans to make sure I would be pleased...and I am. I don't think I'll go anywhere else in Corpus for repair ever again. Very friendly and knowledgeable. A+!!!!
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By: Nancy F.
Snappy Foods
This place is so clean and welcoming the employees up to the Manager are so helpful and friendly. They have lunch specials mom thru Fri that are homecooked and cheap. The review that Christ's bell wrote her husband was an asst.manager mgr. He was a problem with drugs and money no wonder wife wrote that but go see for yourselfs.
By: Terry A.
Dr Nerd Computers
Best Place Ever...They were able to fix and recover my PC when another place I went to couldn't. I am happy with the service and even more that I didn't lose my data! charged me just what they said they would, no hidden Xtra costs like the other place was trying to do to me.
By: Leta T.
Dr Nerd Computers
Been going to Dr Nerd computers for over 10 years. These people treat you with Respect and are always there! Definitely not a fly by night operation. I would've trust my computer and personal info to anyone else. I tell everyone about Dr Nerd they are simply the Best!
By: nerdette.harrison
Dr Nerd Computers
ALL I CAN SAY IS OH MY GOSH - THESE GUYS ARE GREAT! I was in a Panic, and needed my computer ASAP and With the RUSH Service - I was back in Business in a record time! I am so HAPPY with Dr. Nerd Computer - You Guys are the BEST - THANKS Again! Lillian
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By: Douglas B.
Sprouts Farmers Market
Sprouts is a good store. It is clean and has what I want when I visit. Elvia should have said something if she thought the price charged was wrong. She is showing a lot of attitude for someone complaining about someone else's attitude. Grow up Elvia.
By: nala000
Everytime I come to this H-E-B I am treated wonderfully. The workers are always nice and it is like everyone is ready to help you. It's nice having a place where I can go and feel welcome. Our community would not be the same without our Annaville H-E-B!
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