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By: cuellala
Michael B's Catering
Growing up in Texas, being raised with BBQ as a corner stone of our traditions is quite common. I have also traveled across these United States for work and have already been open to trying different styles of BBQ. There are plenty of good ones and few great ones. Michael B's, to me, is classified under one of the great ones.Over the course of the past couple years, in picking my children from school, we passed the restaurant plenty times. Always smelling the hypnotic aroma of the smoking meat. Finally, we stopped in and had some lunch there one afternoon. It was then and still is the best BBQ in Corpus Christi. What Michael B's lacks in atmosphere or fancy decor like some other places, it more than makes up for with their friendly and family-esque approach. You immediately feel as if you are at your family reunion with all the people you care about.Let's not forget the quality and precision of the smoked meat. Smoking a brisket is almost an art form. When you have had one done right, you truly appreciate the type of cut of meat it is. The flavor, tenderness and overall quality cut is what separates Micheal B's from many others (including the most well known places in town). The chicken, ribs, sausage, chopped beef and even fried fish are every bit as good as the brisket. Excellent food and great people is what keep me and everyone I can tell going to Michael B's.Quit wasting your time trying to find good BBQ or settling for the high dollar but ok tasting food from the other. Go to Michael B's and know, that you are enjoying the best BBQ in South Texas.
By: southtx09
Kiko's Mexican Food Restaurant
Well i would like to start by saying, i have ate my share of good and not so good mexican food. Kiko's is right in the middle of the pack so to speak. We went on a friday night. They were rather busy as we expected. Overall the food was decent. The service was slow, actually really slow. The waitress had too many tables which is the fault of management. She also billed 2 people at the table incorrectly. 1 person at the table needed to leave early. This person asked if his plate could be placed in a box to take with him. The waitress said since she had placed the order already, she herself couldn't personally place the food in a box. She would have to bring a box to the customer in which he could place his own meal into the box?? Kind strange, they couldnt place the food in a box themselves.?? We had to asked for refills. Food took way too long to come out, several people ended up leaving because they took so long. The food was decent. The salsa is good. The margarita was decent, but the service here honestly stinks!! Management needs to wake up if the care about the future of this place.
By: fcast_txn
Astor Restaurant
I visit to dine here about 2 times per year and I would recommend it as good. It is local with a small town and family feel. The service has been good and the food is good. I would recommend any steak as the flavor is excellent being cooked in a wood pit. Another recommendation is the Chicken ala Cordon Bleu. The building has an older look to the floors, ceiling and decorations but it is clean and looks nice. I can't remember the menu selections offhand but they are plentiful with steak, combination plates, seafood, appetizers, lunch plates, sandwiches, and mexican dishes to name a few. I found their menu on the coastalbendmenuguide web site.
By: bluemoonblacksmith
La Playa
Very pleased with the quality of the food, the service and the atmosphere. Also, VEGETARIANS REJOICE! This is a vegetarian friendly restaurant. It is difficult for us to find a place the whole family can enjoy, but my daughter, the Veggie, was very happy with the Spinach Enchilada plate. Not all of La Playa's veggie meals are on the menu, so ask the waitress. I also liked that the manager cares enough about the restaurant's performance that he comes out to talk with customers about their dining experience. Given the opportunity, I'd definitely come back to the La Playa Restaurant located at 5017 Saratoga.
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By: Orfa S.
Rosie's Tamales
Sure, their tamales may taste good but where's the meat ? Somewhere in the loads of masa if you look carefully you will find a circle about the size of a pencil lead, maybe a wee bit larger, in your tamales. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the meat. Now that they have made the crossover into the White community, I don't imagine they will have any incentive to return the quality of their tamales to the original standard. I suppose they are more interested in quantity than quality now. So long Rosie's. We'll find someone or somewhere else. Oh ! Found someone !!
By: Todd H.
La Playa
I took my manager and our office Assistant here for lunch and was very happy with it. Nice atmosphere and they have a $6.99 lunch special everyday that I got that you can pick from a bunch of choices and there was so much food on my plate that I couldn't finish. I coming back not just to eat but to try their Margarita specials. Our office manager also found out from the Manager of the restaurant (he came to our table to check on how we liked the food) that they also do catering. So we might be using them in the future for an office luncheon.
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By: Megan G.
JP Bombers #2
J.P. Bombers, both locations actually, are honestly the most efficient restaurants I've been to. The staff is so knowledgeable about the menu and are comfortable in the way they speak to the customers. I didn't even have to call the waiter over & he brought over my drink refilled. The food delivery was timely and it tasted great as well. It's never a let down when my family & I come to eat here.
By: Gingerb J.
Los Hermanos Solis
I usually have breakfast. Their food is always Excellent! The service is Sharp , Fast, and Friendly. The Staff may not be bilingual, but their menu is. Despite the language barrier, the staff is able to take a Perfect order. I only wish that their restaurant was bugger; so I can invite more friends and family. Oh, I just remembered. Their salsa is EXCELLENT!: a must to take extra home..
By: ccdonnak
Atomic Omelette and Grill
Absolutely the best omelette I've ever had! Service is excellent - they make you feel like you are the most important person to walk through the door! Staff was happy to make omelette with only egg whites and to accommodate my special dietary needs.........This is definitely a "MUST TRY" !!!
By: Laura B.
Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet
Service is great, However, their General TAO is awful, it's suppose to be SPICY! The restrooms are atrocious, if you value your safety &health, stay clear from restrooms, never have I ever encountered such dirty restrooms. Overall, clean eating area, good food, friendly service.

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