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By: Tiffany W.
Slender Me Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetics Center Inc.
Skinny Me is an amazing weight loss center. My mother and I have been going there for four years now and we have nothing but positive to say about this business. For people to say that they have dirty medications and that the diet does not work is absolutely hilarious considering my mother lost a total of 80 pounds through the HCG diet system and I lost 21 pounds in just 21 days. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone to get all of their weight loss needs from this business. All of the doctors and ladies in the office are completely supportive of their clients and are always available and willing to help or answer any questions at any time. Appointments are easy to schedule and it is a beautiful office. Do NOT listen to these people who are talking negatively about Skinny Me because all of their accusations are completely FALSE. Every injection is brand new and has expiration dates on them, the medication is completely brand new and prescribed to patients individually. All health is monitored closely and weekly check ups are required. They only want what is best for the patient and money is never an object of interest. The money is well worth spending for all of the care and amazing results patients receive. Love this place and will continue going there.
By: suzanne09
Slender Me Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetics Center Inc.
Medications are NOT fresh/new and effective! I'm not impressed! I wanted to give it a try and see how much weight I would get rid of. However, they are not any better than any of the other places I've been to. They're just a bit more pricier. In fact, the girls were very supportive in the beginning but not towards the end of my visits. Perhaps after a month, I noticed changes and didn't fell welcomed or a lot of support. I lost less than in other locations in Corona. I've tried the HCG diet at another location and it was always made to order each week, this is what made it effective. In this place, they give you a whole month at the same time (not good or fresh=Not effective=No weight loss) I would not recommend this, so don't waste your money.
By: Samantha B.
DR Anderson Wound Care
I had my first appointment today and I will definitely be going back. The office was very charming and inviting and the receptionist was very friendly. Dr.Anderson was also very pleasant and also informative. I'm not new to being treated with Botox but actually learned something new today due to her thorough explanation of what she'd be doing. I also appreciated that she didn't point out every imperfection I have or try to sell me on other products/procedures that I'm not interested at this time. She took her time with me and was very friendly and patient ( I babble) All around it was a wonderful experience, I'd recommend anyone interested in having Botox done at a reasonable price to definitely come here.
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By: Eliana M.
First Choice Clinica Familiar
This place is great! The staff is nice and friendly and really try to help you out. I went in for the weight loss program which I found really helpful actually. I had a visit with a weight loss coordinator which I thought was very helpful we talked about food choices and do's and don'ts eating habits. I've been to other weight loss clinics and they didn't go into dept. on nutrition which is really nice to have that at this place.the doctor was extremely nice and funny! And helpful as well. I recommend this place to anyone with low income being that they're prices are affordable and they also see people for other things being that they are a family practice urgent care.
By: Noel J.
Dr. Rupal B Shah, MD
Dr. Shah is a wonderful doctor who I've been seeing for years! She's kind, efficient, knowledgeable, and I trust her completely. Her staff is pleasant and her office is clean/decorated well. It isn't; difficult to get an appointment and the wait time is usually 10-15 minutes. I bring my entire family to see her and recommend her to all of my friends. She's helped me through a lot of tough times medically and even though I've been referred to a lot of specialists, she's always stayed by my side and been there for me. She definitely cares about her patients! Such a great physician and person
By: ttcorona
Dr. Eva Harasti, MD
Doctor Harasti is an excelent doctor but be prepared to be stressed at check in because the receptionist is rude and unpersonal. She makes you feel like you are just another patient and that you are bothering her. Never makes eye contact with people and asks the same question five times showing that she does not pay attention when you talk. If you are willing to go through the whole stress of passing this girl then it is worth it to see the doctor, but if you already have any kind of emotional problem don't go there!
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By: Kathy O.
Slender Me Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetics Center Inc.
I love Skinny Me. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, professional and personable. I have been going to Skinny Me for about 2 years now and the results are amazing. Anyone who can say anything other than this must be referring to a different business. The office is peaceful and relaxing. Even when I have gone without an appointment, they have always been welcoming and inviting and see me right away. I highly recommend this Skinny Me.
By: ypgirl551
Slender Me Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetics Center Inc.
This place is just wonderful. The HCG Program they have available is well priced, and it works. The overall envrionment of the office is really professional and caring. The girls who work there are amazing! They didn't just take my money and and send me out the door, they really cared about my weight loss and overall health. I reccomend this to anyone trying to lose weight effectively. I've tried everything and up until now nothing worked.
By: Sandy J.
Primaria Medical Clinic
I was referred here by friends...I had a great experience here. I had another visit and was just as successful. I have now seen both providers in office, Dr. Sanchez and Dr. Magina. Both doctors provide great service, they are attentive and spend quality time explaining everything. I had no trouble scheduling same day appointment and staff was friendly and professional. Very pleased with my new doctor!
By: marc.schryer
First Choice Clinica Familiar
Dr. Billy Early has been my doctor for several years now at First Choice. The ladies are always professional, friendly, and helpful. This is a low budget firm so expect an eclectic crowd when it's busy. Billy is a funny and very knowledgeable doctor. I refer people who need to be seen for as little as $25 to him. Marc.
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Academic medical centers offer a broad range of specialized services, from allergists to urologists. Some of the larger medical centers have entire hospitals or clinics focused on a particular medical service, such as cancer treatment, though specialties vary among the centers. Patients whose community hospital or local doctors do not have the facilities or expertise to address complex medical conditions can be referred by their primary care physician or local specialist to a major medical center (there are more than a dozen in the United States).
Yes. In addition to their inpatient hospital services, medical centers can offer a wide variety of outpatient services, such as pain clinics, rehabilitation centers, surgery, imaging and laboratory, mental health treatment, and outpatient cancer treatment. Medical groups – doctors in private practice but affiliated with the medical center--will also have offices within the medical center.
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