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By: sandvich_connoisseur
King's Fish House
I made a to-go order here for myself and my roommate over the weekened. I purchased the New England Clam Bake and my roommate got the Popcorn Shrimp meal with fires and homemade macaroni and cheese.The lady that took my order over the phone, I believe it was Alli, was very nice and courteous. She made sure I was aware of what I was getting with the items I ordered.The restaurant looked really nice and clean. The hostess was courteous as well and helped show me to the to-go order pick-up area.I don't know how many the New England Clam Bake is supposed to serve (Two I suppose?), but I ate half for lunch and the other half for dinner. The food was delicious. Everything was cooked well, though they don't put any sort of seasoning on anything. I was given a separate container with the lemon, butter and the stock the clams and mussels go in (Or at least I think that's what they said it was for).I got a female lobster in my meal. The roe was yummy. The whole lobster comes with the tail detached and split down the middle. The claws are detached as well and pre-cracked so you won't need a tool to crack them.My roommate loved the homemade macaroni and cheese. Though he didn't tell me anything about the popcorn shrimp or fries. I guess they're your standard fair for either. The chipotle(?) and cocktail sauces that were provided were great. He didn't use it with his meal so I used it with mine.Both meals were fairly expensive for the amount you get, but I suppose that is the case for seafood restaurants.
By: phong.tran.1671
Voegele Insurance Services Inc
I purchased my auto insurance and renter's insurance through Voegele Insurancce Services and I saved a lot of money from my previous agent. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. They are always there for me when I need to make a change to my policies or have questions regarding my policies.
By: pangai
Les Soliday
I know of no one who has had anything even remotely close to cwhitson's experience. I have been with this office for 11 years and they have been nothing less than fantastic. In fact, the friends I have referred to this office have ALL had great experiences and are still with them.
By: Shemaina H.
Fisher's Carpet Care
This company is the best carpet cleaning business ever! I have used a lot of well known carpet cleaning businesses throughout the years and Fishers surpasses them all...We won't ever have anyone touch our carpets again and they are ALWAYS who we will recommend. Thank you Fishers
By: Scott W.
Fisher's Carpet Care
Can't believe someone would give a negative review of Fishers. I've had only excellent cleaning and service from them, they came on time left and my carpet looked like new again. Very fairly priced so if you want the best results you won't go wrong.
user avatar
By: Elizabeth H.
Taps Fish House & Brewery
We made reservations for our 10 year wedding anniversary here, when we got there they had our table ready with heart confetti! So sweet! Great service and amazing food! And thank you for the anniversary dessert! We will be back! ����
By: Michelle G.
Greg Smith - State Farm Insurance Agent
Greg is an amazing agent he has been there for my family and I . Jenny helped all of our family with great life policies she took her time explaining everything. Any one that doesn't have State Farm should try this office.
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By: Stacy B.
Taps Fish House & Brewery
We love coming here for Sunday Brunch. This time it was made extra special by our server, Robin. The food as always was delicious, the mimosas and beer were flowing, and the service was over the top.
By: Otto M.
Dave DeLille - State Farm Insurance Agent
I forgot to thank for the friendly and professional service as usual from State Farm. Thanks a million I would recommend you! I have been State farm customer for more than 15 years.
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By: Connie R.
King's Fish House
This was our first time at King's Fish House and the experience was AWESOME, from service ( Madison), to the food (Filet and Lobster)! Another outing is in store very soon!!!
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