By: Stephanie A.
Clippers Hair Salon
Nagi and Yusra were both very kind and it had a nice and clean atmosphere, but I did get a REALLY BAD haircut here from Nagi. My hair was long (about the middle of my back)and I asked for 2 inches cut and a v shape. I didn't have time to play with it when she was done as she had another customer waiting and I assumed it would be great because I came here for the good reviews it had. But, when I got home I noticed it was not what I wanted at all, SO uneven and choppy? I don't know the right word but it was horrible. Normally, id pull the usual and whine about it while waiting a year to visit the hair salon again. But, I went back because it was the day before my college graduation. She didn't act like it was a big deal or sorry about it but she was nice. She asked Yusra to do my bangs because she didn't know how to use a certain tool. Yusra, ended up fixing my hair and had to cut more than I originally wanted off to fix it and I did not even get the cut I wanted in the end because so much was cut off. Yusra is really sweet, didn't make me feel bad, and I wished she would've cut my hair to begin with. Also, I saw someone was charged $17 for a cut. I was charged $20. Not a huge deal but I don't know if the prices went up or if Nagi was just charging me a little more. I feel like I should've got a refund.
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By: Julie C.
I loved your wings. I went in there on Friday after culinary school and there wings were awesome. I have lived in Memphis all my life and have had all different kinds of wings from different shops all over the city and I can say they know what they are doing. They need to work on there advertisement and make a commercial and put adds out all over the city to help there business. They also need to look into doing deal and coupons to make there business pick up, but other than that Kelvin you were right those wings were awesome. :-)
By: memphismomof2
Funcuts Cordova Inc
I took my 16 month old son to Fun Cuts in Cordova yesterday. It's a really cool place, but the girl that cut his hair, Amanda, was terrible. She didn't listen to anything I said the entire time we were in there. And instead of getting the "trim" that I asked for, she chopped it all off! So, she's either not good at what she does, or she just doesn't listen. I would recommend Fun Cuts, but don't let Amanda near your child with a pair of scissors!
By: George C.
The best kept secret in Memphis. The food is great and the portions are enormous. I have been twice in the last two weeks. The staff is very polite and can answer all your questions. If your lucky the chef will send out complimentary soup and dessert. (We have been lucky the last two visits)I am afraid to brag too much about Lins because the word will spread.
By: Cassidy B.
Carol's Cuts & Styles
I started going to Carol's Cuts in 2012 after growing my hair out. Not only does she listen to what you want, but Carol remembers me (and all my family members and friends BY NAME) to this day. I won't let anyone else touch my hair.
By: Adane A.
Clippers Hair Salon
This is good people with a good attitude even the price is very reasonable I really thank you for all your good job on my hair keep it up.from now on this is my spat .yes go clipper.!!!!!!!!!!!
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By: Patricia W.
Awesome,you will love it...Great skills...staff professional...sxcellent parking...and Mall down the street...Resturants everywhere....Adjacent to everything
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By: Jeffery Y.
Belle Ame Salon
What a wonderful place. The owner and stylist really care about their clients. I highly suggest a personal visit. Make your own judgment I did.
By: Musie K.
Clippers Hair Salon
That's the only place for gentlemen to get their cut. sara gives the best cut @ the best prices. Smiles an hugs are free....
By: mariah.riggins.5
Clippers Hair Salon
Yusra is AMAZING! This is the only place I see me and my husband, and future children, going for as long as they exist.

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