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By: Julie C.
I loved your wings. I went in there on Friday after culinary school and there wings were awesome. I have lived in Memphis all my life and have had all different kinds of wings from different shops all over the city and I can say they know what they are doing. They need to work on there advertisement and make a commercial and put adds out all over the city to help there business. They also need to look into doing deal and coupons to make there business pick up, but other than that Kelvin you were right those wings were awesome. :-)
By: George C.
The best kept secret in Memphis. The food is great and the portions are enormous. I have been twice in the last two weeks. The staff is very polite and can answer all your questions. If your lucky the chef will send out complimentary soup and dessert. (We have been lucky the last two visits)I am afraid to brag too much about Lins because the word will spread.
By: andreacookiegirl
Jet's Pizza
This is the best Deep pan pizza ever! My family and I are addicted to it and will not eat any other kind of pizza any more. The staff is great and the delivery time is fast. I am so glad this chain came to Memphis!
By: dpskiman
Fox Ridge Pizza-Cordova
Fox Ridge has absolutely AWESOME Pizza, and one of the best half-pound burgers in town. A bit tough to find if you don't know where they are (behind Hueys to the South), but its well worth the trip.
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By: Jian L.
Is one of the best place for dim sum in memphis,TN

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