By: Chase B.
Custom Electronics
Just posted this to Yelp...will post here as well: Custom Electronics ended up being the local service provider for when my in-warranty Toshiba TV had a problem. With a website that looks like 1995 Geocities, my expectations were pretty low. Warranty providers are usually dubious at best. But wow, they blew me away. A small family run operation that took care of everything. When the repairman showed up at my door, very polite and didn't mind answering my questions. I tried to tip him at the end, and he said he couldn't possibly accept and then revealed that he, in fact, was the owner of the operation. Bottom line: Having something break sucks, even if in warranty...the manufacturer will usually try to weasel out of fixing it or give you a refurbished product. But, IF you end up having issues, these guys really take the sting out of it. Could not have picked a nicer more professional operation.
By: Brandon B.
Custom Electronics
The technician they sent out was amazing. He has been doing this work for over 30 years, and his knowledge was amazing. In addition to that his personality was a plus. He answered all of our questions, and helped us to reprogram our system that I think was beyond what was required. I would recommend this provider to any of my friends. This TV was bought from HHGregg, with a 5 year extended warranty. The people at HHGregg were @ss^holes, but I went to their Warranty provider , who put me in contact with Custom Electronics. Although the parts needed were backordered by Sharp for two months, my contact at Custom kept me informed all along the way. Jennifer is GREAT!
By: howard.gordon.165
Custom Electronics
These folks are the best around. I have a Pioneer Plasma television that I just love. Last night, it suddenly went off and would not turn back on. I called Custom Electronics this morning, and they gave me something to try before spending any money. It worked, and I am a happy guy. They could have sent a technician out right away and charged who knows what. Instead, they provided sound advice and did so in a polite manner. They are great people that are knowledgeable about most of the electronics out there today as well as being factory certified. You can't do better!
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By: David T.
Custom Electronics
Custom Electronics was my local provider for my Mitsubishi TV. I could not be happier with every step of the service they provided. They will now be my first call for any service I will ever need. Great scheduling followed by even better service down to taking pictures to make use everything was set the way I had it before the service started. Family owned and you can tell it's by a family who cares.
By: brandenb
Custom Electronics
Good prices, great service, great attitude. Confirmation call received the morning of the appointment, service tech was very knowledgeable and courteous. Went out of his way. Would definitely recommend! Thank you Sherry and Joe - great job!
By: amymarek
Custom Electronics
I can not say enough about the PROFESSIONAL, COURTEOUS, REASONABLE service that we recieved from Custom Electronics.! I will never use anyone else and will recommend them to everyone I know!!!THEY ARE GREAT!!!!
By: Sandy B.
Custom Electronics
I worried that my 3ccd Panasonic video camera might be a lost cause, but they evaluated it and repaired it in about a week. I am so happy to have it back! Great service!
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By: Monice J.
Custom Electronics
I received the best service ever today. The gentlemen was so well informed,pleasant,knowledgeable.

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