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By: Not R.
Appling Lakes Apartments
I have lived here at this complex for 5years and it used to be great; Resident functions, friendly staff, savings or promotions on units. But, until recently; I have seen how stingy the staff and perhaps the company have become. Unlike, other apartment complexs who welcome thier residents with treats and goodies they are now only for the "prospectors." Honestly, for the most part; that is very rude and if you want to only be for the prospects put a sign out. First having worked perviously at apartment complexs before, this kind of behavior is unprofessional. Especially, when your having staff treating residents who have been here forever like a criminal or a child. The residents parties are non exsit anymore, the friendly staff you can see are being run done and not getting the vacation times they deserve. (Therefore being snippy.) They used to have 4 women working. Now only down to 3. They have been cutting a lot of corners and frankly for how much they are charging residents for these apartments, it should not be a problem. As well as remodeling hasn't been finished yet, I still see the playground not completed or in fact if any plans to redo it will ever go through. As well as, for the community inside. It has gone very ghetto not worth the money for what I am paying. In this community, the new residents have been reving thier car engines at all hours, residents moving around heavy objects in thier apartment late at night, screaming outside talking at all hours, screaming at each other inside as well,(using foul language) doing drugs right outside, on thier balconies and in thier car while children are out. garbage starting to pile up in the woods, and people still not picking up after thier dog. I have worked for many apartment companies and this is not how residents are to be treated; if any of my former employers saw these employees act how they are; they would be fired after 3 warnings to control thier attidues. I get it you are going to have really eccentric residents. But, I never ever treated my residents like this, and if it was something that was above me we would take it up with the property manger. Due to all these new issues; this complex is starting to show signs of poor choices and poorly done screening. Taking that into the situation I am still convinced that they are taking section 8 housing with all the chaos. I know they say they have officers on the premises; but I see them once in a blue, when in fact 2 years back, I would see them all the time. I cannot wait to leave this place, it is going down hill and it's sad for how beautiful the units are, and how the remodeling is making them stunning. In all Reality, The new company needs to take a costumer service classes, and train their employees. If not, I only see the worst, in the future for this complex. Sincerely, Someone who has been in coustmer service for years, and refuses to be treated without the highest respect for what I pay here!

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