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By: Thomas D.
United Community Management
What a TERRIBLE company; they hired a such TERRIBLE TERRIBLE lady, Laura Gianfrancesco, to manage our decent Black Diamond community, located in Wellington, FL.For a year, Laura TORTURED our owners and residents!!She forced residents to wait many many weeks to process our new vehicle parking decals!!She forced tenants to pay $500 to submit an application; further, she charged $1000 application fee when the couple had different last names!!She delayed our tenants moving in date for over a month, even AFTER the tenant's application has been approved by our Board, and AFTER she collected an expediter processing fee from us!! Albeit for a whole month, our house was fully renovated and ready for moving in, and our tenant was ready and waiting at a local Hotel, and our tenant's furniture were fully loaded on moving trucks and waiting at a parking lot !! --- We were all severely damaged/suffered by HER, the un-human behavior of such a deadly minded old lady!!!FYI: Photos of our tenant's fully-loaded moving trucks that were desperately waiting for our moving in at a parking lot!
By: mm33445
Integrity Property Management
Email is from Mike Whittle, the son of the owner, who responded to my email (below his) that was sent to my condo board and for some reason, my condo prez forwarded it to Mike. I do not know what family or attorney he is talking about. I'm hoping to save other Assocs because I don't trust the company esp with my money. His scare tactic to sue didn't work on me like it did on others. If Integrity is your property mgt company, show this to your board and get rid of them! From: Mike Whittle Date: Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 10:38 AMSubject: Notice of Intent to File LawsuitMs. xxxx,I have tolerated your false allegations and slander for quit sometime now. It amazes me how incredibly stupid you are making statements that are slanderous and written libel statement. This has issue has been monitored for quite sometime. Your incredible stupidity is not my problem, it is yours.Since you supposedly have a lawyer please provided me with the contact information. I have instructed our lawyers to aggresively stop you from spewing the garbage you continue to states. Furthermore; you are not protected under the insurance policy of the association because it is an intentional act that you been warned about before.On a side note, your lack of condo knowledge is significant so I will remind you that as a Board Member it automatically prohibits you from using family members in the condominium business.Mike Whittle-----------------------------------And my email to the board: These are the reasons why Integrity is not good for us: 1. Integrity is dishonest. When asked to see the Comcast bill at their office on May 30, Mike Whittle says there isn't one for 2012 because the contract was cancelled last year. I came home, emailed the board cc ing Mike to say we need to discuss about the bill because it didn't make sense that we don't have a bill when we still have Comcast. Additionally, after speaking to Larry Kaplan from Comcast on Tuesday, June 12, he confirms that a bill was sent every month to Integrity. Larry Kaplan is in charge of bulk account management and collection at Comcast. He says as of November, we have stopped paying and every phone call to Mike and Barbara, certified letters, and emails over the last few months have been UNANSWERED until about 2 weeks ago. Mr. Kaplan says he has proof in his attempts to communicate with Integrity. I am not sure what kind of business Integrity is running but they represent us and ignoring our vendors is not a good way to do any business. If Mike was dishonest to me about Comcast and one wonders why, what other things could he be dishonest about? 2. I can relate to Comcast after having experiences with Integrity s lack of communcation. My emails and phone calls to Integrity have rarely been answered or returned. Below are some examples:A. My first email to Mike in March to see our condo records and an update of foreclosures cases went unanswered. When I emailed the board about his lack of responsiveness to my email and that I learned Integrity did not pay a bill for another Association (which by the way he no longer works for), my email was forwarded to Mike and he answered that email very fast by threatening to sue for slander. He has no case when there is proof of an unpaid bill. B. Mike did not confirm my meeting time to see condo records at his office. His reason was that he said I could come by any time but in reality, he asked for the time and when given one, he never replied to confirm so I had to email again, a week later.C. I am interested in finding comparable vendors at a lower cost and sent Mike an email. Mike still has not answered that email sent 2 weeks ago with questions about our vendors.
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By: Jenny M.
Royal Property Management Inc
Thieves, sincerely Answer zero phone calls and less than zero emails, meaning not 1 answer over 1 weekly email for over a year. Hire shady contractors that do sub par work and skim over 50% for themselves, look up tax records and see the properties the husband and wife(Laporta) own vs their claimed business tax returns, doesn't come close. Once they find out most owners can't show up to vote, the greed becomes exponential. Happy to charge condo owners thousands in improvements payable within 90 days, they send cash workers with paint brushes and claim work was done to code. Soon thereafter make a vote to triple maintenance fees that more repairs are needed, all this while no real work is actually taking place. All in hopes that most owners are abroad and cannot vote. Just another example of South Florida crooks
By: David G.
Unified Property Services Inc
UPS is "run" by Sam, an ARROGANT LOUD MOUTH. Sam will lie to you and then run away like a little girl while letting his office girls fall on the sword. Sam is a little wormy coward. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH UPS (Un-Unified Property Lack-Of-Service)..........
By: Ed J.
Unified Property Services Inc
never do business with these criminals they are the worst association I have ever had to deal with in my 24 years stay away from these crooks
By: Ed L.
Unified Property Services Inc
Company may be engaging in discrimination,made false claims about the condition of a unit to deter buyer , may have given legal advice to buyer while property was under contract..Buyer and buyers Re agent were told there was no income requirements,then applicant was denied do to an" income requirement".
By: Noto B.
Integrity Property Management
Read about this bad company on whatintegrity biz ht. there are periods between the 3 previous words.

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