By: knightedjoker
Scott Powersports
I know these people are called Stealerships for a reason. But these people take it to a new level. I took a sweet bike, (high in miles for the make) and they tried to tell me it was worth 6000 dollars, but said the boss would only allow for 5500. I told them they were full of it and I could get 7500 all day......they basically tried to make it sound like i was crazy. Either way, I got them to driop the price of there bike enough to make me happy to do the trade. (even though they tried to convince me there bike was already a giveaway and was worth thousands more) after the deal was done......they marked a bike they paid 5500 dollars for, up to 8999......Im all for a profit, but really? Then when returning about a consern with the new bike......I pretty much got the, "sounds fine to me" as if I am supposed to just believe the guys who sold me the bike without them even doing a check on it. So right now the new bike is running.....but watch out for these criminals. They truely are theives.

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