By: David A.
I live in Baxter, TN. I had already given up on that particular restaurant as it seems the workers in drive-thru can't count. The items in the bag, more times than not, did not match the number of items purchased.I had hoped the McDonald's Restaurant on S. Jefferson would be more accurate, but no. Even when served by a shift manager. Today around noon, I ordered a total of eight items/sandwiches. Apparently the management can only count to seven. Sure, it's only a little money. Sure, I could have driven all the way to the restaurant to correct the situation. Of course, that would mean battling the snow storm outside.My point is..this type of thing happens way to often and has almost seems to be expected from the quality of workers and the poor degree of their training. How often does this happen to anyone else? Just wondering how much the restaurant chain saves in revenue by NOT correctly serving customers.
By: philler
Charlie's Sub Shop
This is the best sub place in town. I highly recommend this shop. This is my favorite, and number 1 place in town to eat. Very friendly people. Once you eat here, you cannot help but come back for more.
By: green.roxanne87
Firehouse Subs
amazing. friendly. delicious. clean. awesome fireman memorabilia every where.
By: Rod P.
Taco Bell
Love their food keep up the good work.

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