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By: Sandra S.
Wilson's Body Shop
On this past Friday, July 25, 2014, I was searching online for an answer to how to get my air bag light to go off when I came upon a great recommendation to the Wilson's Body Shop. I admit I was skeptical, but, since they are located in Conyers not far from Lithonia, I decided to drive over and see for myself whether they were a "warm and friendly staff" who might know something about my 1997 Chev. Tahoe's airbag. I am happy to say that Tiny and his front office staff were not only warm and friendly they researched my air bag problem, along with my lost of signal lights, came up with some possibilities and then scanned my car so that they could give me an accurate answer on what was happening with my air bag and signal lights. Now, I know what the problem is with both my air bag and signal lights, and a fair price for the repairs. I probably shouldn't mention this, but they didn't even charge me for the scan, even after they knew I couldn't do the repairs immediately, and as a senior citizen, that helped me to stretch my little dollars a little bit further. So, not only are they "warm and friendly" they have a big heart and don't mind building goodwill by not charging for every single thing they do. I find this high level of professionalism, honesty, and caring for customers a rare combination in the car repair industry. Frankly, I should say in any industry these days! I highly recommend Wilson's Body Shop to anyone who values these qualities in a business.
By: Diane D.
G And R Muffler And Brake Auto Service
Well, I will keep it short. I've been going to this repair shop for 5 years but this has been the worse service I've ever received. G&R has had my car for 25 days. I was told on yesterday to pick up my car, during the conversation I was told due to the wrong part that was why it took so long. Why wasn't I told that weeks ago. I called G&R over 12 times, no response. They have caller ID so I had Don call them while I was standing next to him they would answer and say "I'll have Greg call you back" in which he didn't. When Greg did talk to Don he said "We have to track the part, don't know where it is". I have spent over $400 in rental car expense not knowing when the care would be ready or what the status is regarding the car because no one would reach out to me regarding the car. The only time I spoke to Greg was when he wanted me to pick up the car on July 20th, they've had my car since June 26th. Very, very bad customer service. Greg was nasty to me when I picked up the car and brought to his attention the bad customer service he said "Here are your keys, get off my property, I fixed your car" (in front of a customer.) Well my car is not fixed. Too bad they didn't test drive my car before they gave it back to me. Power steering pump. Unhappy customer
By: Chris M.
Wilson's Body Shop
Tiny at Wilson's Body Shop is by far one of nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet in the automotive world!! I DO RECOMMEND THIS SHOP. Here is my story, just bought a truck and it had a sticker on the back that looked like it had baked into the paint over the years that would not come off for anything in the world. While out getting an oil change i was just online calling body shops to see if they could remove it. That day Tiny was the ONLY person who said bring it in and let him look at it. When i got there he took a few looks at it and went to work. He is a true professional and perfectionist. He took his time and got it off without damaging the paint, AWESOME, and the best part about all of this, it was on his off day!!! He didn't have to do that at all heck he didn't have to answer the phone but he did and i greatly appreciate him.
By: Gary W.
Wilson's Body Shop
I'm thankful that someone recommended Wilson's Body Shop to me. From the initial contact with them I was impressed with their kindness and caring attitude. From Tiny the owner to Pat their manager to Jessica their front desk receptionist, all treated me with professionalism and respect. What they did with my wrecked Ford F-150 pick up was way beyond my expectations. A class act operation and an impressive display of Reader's Choice Awards for Auto Painting and Collision Repairs will all see who walk through their front doors. Wilson's Body Shop will be my choice for all my future auto body needs. My complete recommendation to any who are looking for repairs or painting on their vehicles with very fair pricing. Their 30+ years of experience will be seen clearly from all who choose to do business with them. 5 Stars from me.
By: Karen C.
Wilson's Body Shop
Wilson's Body Shop is the only body shop that I use to get my cars repaired. I like honest people that does not take advantage of another person's situation. I was immediately impressed when the owner "Tiny" explained everything to me and went as far as to physically show me what he was talking about when it came to my front and rear bumpers. He wanted me to be informed and to feel comfortable with the repairs that were being completed. He gave me more than a fair price on both repairs and I was very pleased with the work that was done to my cars. The paint job on my bumpers were absolutely awesome!! They do excellent work!!Karen C.
By: Carletta S.
Wilson's Body Shop
After knocking cover the off side view mirror, my mechanic could not replace because of a cracked part. He referred me to Wilson's Body Shop. I was expecting the worst, thinking I would have to replace the whole thing. When I walked into the shop, I was greeted by a very warm and friendly staff. Tiny and staff took care of my repair without having to purchase a new one. After having such a horrible day, I needed a blessing and received it from them. They went above and beyond to help me. I highly recommend Wilson's and will refer others to them. carletta S.
By: jeff94
Wilson's Body Shop
Wilson's Body Shop is the BestRecently, the driver's side power window on my truck broke. I contacted Wilson's and they had the part delivered within a couple of hours. I took the truck in later that day, and within an hour or so they had the thing installed. It works better than new and the price for labor was more than fair. They are a Christian operated business, and have a well-deserved reputation for being honest, kind, knowledgeable, and hard working. Without a doubt, these guys are the best in the business.
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By: Devon F.
Wilson's Body Shop
I went to Wilson's Body Shop to get an estimate for a cracked bumper on my car. Wilson's took the time to thoroughly inspect my car, not just the bumper, and gave me an honest quote. Better yet though was that they were able to pop the bumper and part of the grill back into place and use a bit of tape! With the age of the car being 10 years old and just cosmetic work that needed to happen Wilson's helped me decide whether or not to file a claim too. Thank you Wilson's for your great customer service and honest advice!
By: Jan T.
Wilson's Body Shop
Tiny at Wilson's Body Shop is THE REAL DEAL!!! He is nice, professional and FAIR!! They repaired my driver side window (it had fallen inside my door) without hesitation and blessed me beyond measure in the process!! I have already told others about Wilson's and I will KEEP doing so! It is a BLESSING and a rarity these days to have honest folk not take advantage of my lack of knowledge!! Wilson's is a Godsend and I'm so glad I found them.. Trust me, when you go, you will be glad too!!
By: paulmaloof
Wilson's Body Shop
My daughter has frequent encounters with stationary objects: concrete pilars in parking lots; stopped cars in front of her; an ocassional ditch; mirrors getting knocked off by aliens or poles at the bank at the ATM. I am her father and we are loyal and regular customers at Wilson's Body Shop. They are always helpful ; on time; and always a fair price. I just had my daughters fiances mirror fixed. No problems. You will love these guys. I can't wait for my daughters next altercation.
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