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By: jbe2013
Stone Ridge At Conway
I have lived here for 6 months (3/13-10/13) and have had to deal with kids playing right outside my front door, bouncing basketballs off the wall, knocking pictures off my wall, leaving trash and spilling stuff all around my door causing me to have ants in my house. Management has not been able to fix the problem and they have been informed numerous times. The kids are not watched nor made to play in designated play areas. there are usually people outside my apartment door around 3 a.m. Every morning I live at the bottom the staircase. There are two courtesy officer live here one from the city Conway and one from Faulkner County. They do not monitor the grounds. There is a group kids in mid to late teens that hang out at the play ground in the evenings and I have witnessed them beating people several different occasions. They like to one person and there are 7-10 of them. I called the police and they work all they did was drive through the parking lot. I informed management and the next day my door had an indention from a foot as well as brown stuff splattered all over it. I have also had my door kicked in by on one occasion. Basically this place is safe nor is it quiet. I do not recommend it to anyone.
By: meleahb
Centerstone Apartments
I'm dissatisfied with the value I'm receiving for my apartment. For example, I live in Phase 2 and our gate is nothing but terrible. When it works, you have to pull up to the gate just right in order to be able to use the key fob (instead of a garage opener like many other complexes), you can get stuck behind guests since there is no separate driveway for tenants, and it's broken *all of the time*. Part of the appeal of the complex was that it was gated and secured. If the gate is stuck open, then it's not secure. Tonight though, it reached a new low. The gate was stuck CLOSED. I do not pay what I pay for this apartment to not even be able to get in. I had to park on the street when I'm paying for covered parking. Then, our apartment had an ant infestation! On the 3rd floor, and our apartment is spotless. Ant traps resolved it eventually, but ants in a brand new apartment? Not typical.Overall, I feel that I pay above average rent for Conway and I'm not receiving above average amenities. The apartment itself is beautiful, but if I can't get in or if I don't feel safe, then it's absolutely not worth the money.Based on my experience so far, I will not be renewing this lease.
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By: Mary S.
Centerstone Apartments
I really enjoy my apartment. The community is great and the staff are always sporting a smile and try to be helpful every chance they get. Not all my neighbors are great but that can be anywhere, when I call the staff to let them know what's going on they work to get it fixed quickly. The pool is beautiful and I love not having to drive to hit the treadmill I can use the one at centerstone, I even sync my phone and watch youtube videos while I walk on the treadmill screen. Parking is okay unless I get in real late but the tow company comes through and takes care of any card that aren't supposed to be around which is great for my roommate I have a covered spot so have never had any problems. I would recommend centerstone to anyone looking to mo to to conway. We even got a discount each month just for working at HP, even better.
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By: Sarah J.
University Park Apartments
I would not recommend this apartment complex. The only good thing about it is the location. New management is incompetent and rude. While living here, one of our bathrooms flooded 4 times. They never did fix it. The complex is trashed. Beer bottles, food wrappers, garbage everywhere. Management NEVER cleans. I lived in a downstairs apartment. The residents above would throw their trash and cigarette butts down. It was disgusting and embarrassing. If I wanted my building to look clean, I had to clean it! I left the apartment spotless when I moved out, they used all of my $400 deposit!
By: Allen U.
Chapelridge of Conway Apartments
Since I have moved in there has not been many people around. It is a smaller community than most of the Lindsey Management properties in Conway and the prices are a lot better. The only bad thing is the kids around. There is a cop that always walks around and you wouldn't know until he pulls out his badge. I had gotten in trouble for changing my oil one day and he startles me when he walks up. It is nice having that sense of security around here. They have a neat refer a friend program to get discounts on rent. I enjoy the apartments and they are within walking distance to most stores.
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By: S. M.
Centerstone Apartments
Staff was so nice, all the girls did their best to make living there great. Love the pool druing the summer.
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By: Robert K.
Centerstone Apartments
My daughters loves this place. I feel like Im getting a great deal for my money.
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By: Jake R.
Centerstone Apartments
Great resort style pool with Gated community and great management.

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