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By: Sahara A.
Lovett Dental
GREAT COSMETIC DENTIST ! I have gotten dental work in many cities, by many dentists, and THIS DENTIST IS THE BEST EVER !! My work is BEAUTIFUL! The dentist is SUPER GENTLE, AND VERY PATIENT! I never felt anything , and I'm going back to get the rest of my molars crowned, so I will have a great bite, beautiful smile and strength throughout my life of chewing ! I never want dentures, and crowning all the big old amalgams ( he removes the silver and puts in a strong tooth colored build up ) is the best way not to have cracked teeth that need root canals later. So, after waiting until 2 of my teeth cracked the cusp off from the old amalgam breaking them, it was time to fix my mouth in a more permanent way . Thank you Dr. Andress !! And thank you Donna for the great deal on helping me afford my zirconium crowns ! Thank you Dr. Andress for taking out all possibly toxic silver amalgams they when I was teenager. YOUR TEAM IS THE BEST !
By: Jeff E.
1488 Dental
This is a state of the art facility with top notch staff. I personally received treatment here and was treated very professionally. The dentist, Dr. Alvey did my fillings and crown and I have had no issues at all.I definitely RECOMMEND this office especially for fillings and crowns.
By: Jennifer R.
Element Dental
I was a new patient with a horrible toothache. I called at 2:30 on a Friday evening in hopes of getting an appt before the weekend came, and they took me at 3:30 that day. WOW! Great service! There was no long wait and the staff was very friendly.
By: Abdiel L.
Element Dental
All staff was very professional and nice. I also enjoyed and liked the featured xbox amenity they provided in the waiting room. They made the anxetity of being in a dentist office less scary and more enjoyable. Amazing dental office around!
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By: Candy P.
Liska, Justin W
Dr. Liska is part of the Texas Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and he was amazing! I had no pain, swelling or bruising afterward he removed my wisdom teeth! He even called me that night to see how I was doing! Great experience!
By: Alinda A.
Element Dental
My overall visit was excellent. When my appointment was over, I understood my dental situation, my financial arrangements were explained, and I was greeted when I walked in the door. I would refer my friends to Element Dental.
By: barryy316
Element Dental
Everyone in the office was professional and courteous from the moment we stepped in. The appointments were for my three children and after the care they received, I switched Dentists and started to see them as well.
By: Linda A.
Element Dental
I like this dentist office, they are very flexible and the dentists are very friendly. The assistants are professional in their work and I will be recomminding this dentist office to my family and friends.
By: Charlotte J.
Rice, Ann R, DDS
Front desk was really helpful when I called for some info, so I made an appointment. Dr. Rice was very thorough. All questions were answered. Small hands really helped me since my mouth is small.
By: Josh T.
Jess N Legg III, DDS
This place is pretty great, went to castle dental and they wanted to charge me 1000$ and Dr. Legg only charged me 200$. Really friendly, very professional. 10/10 would go again
Tips & Advices
  • If a tooth decays and the nerves or pulp (soft internal tissue which helps teeth develop) become inflamed or infected
  • If a tooth is cracked or broken and nerves are exposed
This generally depends on any specific issues you wish to address with your teeth. There are toothpastes designed to whiten teeth, fight cavities, decrease sensitivity, prevent bad breath, resist gingivitis, and those specific to children (with lower fluoride content). There are also toothpastes that offer “complete” protection by combining aspects of many of the above toothpastes.
It’s recommended to get a professional cleaning at least two times per year.
  • Desensitizing toothpaste numbs the nerves in the teeth that can cause discomfort.
  • Mouth guard can protect against grinding teeth during sleep.
  • Fluoride treatment can be applied by dentists to sensitive areas to numb teeth and strengthen enamel.
  • Root canal can treat problems in a tooth’s core.
  • Surgical gum graft where a piece of gum tissue is removed from a section of the mouth to cover an exposed root.
Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, but there are certain signs that can help you and your doctor determine if yours should be:
  • Wisdom teeth are pushing other teeth around, causing pain and misalignment
  • Cysts form around newly emerged wisdom teeth, causing jaw damage
  • Gums get inflamed and swollen, causing cavities and pain
  • Doctor determine from x-rays that wisdom teeth will cause problems in the near future

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