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By: J H.
David Drye Co
Terrible have just written along complaint against David drye and not fixing leaks a creative mold in my apartment I sent plenty of pictures they didn't act like they want to fix it I got sick went to the hospital they just said good luck with your sickness they do not do anything as far as maintenance I had a leak for 4 years and made me live in it didn't come by and check on it and management in and out every week New Management David drye Corporation is about the worst company ever ever I have been in business a long time and never seen a business ran like this I am now sick from this for the rest of my life is your fault and y'all could care less because y'all just would not fix the leak and y'all let me lay a mold for 4 years and I know plenty other people that's had no problems from reviews I have read they want to spend sick from they need let me know because I've been terribly sick had to go to hospital by ambulance because they would not fix mold the mold even grew on my mattress finally after 4 years I had to show them how to fix they were only going to replace the carpet and leave the leak imagine that and then they sell the place then the late list things about religion God doesn't go for greed he might think you made money today and through your lawsuit that you want your big lawsuit yes everyone has read about it but greed gets you nowhere in heaven so y'all really need to take that off of y'all slogans for your corporation greed is not yo should be responsible and take care of y'all damage when you do thanks things wrong I hope you don't teach your family to ignore problems David drye is the worst place to lease apartment from they fixed nothing their maintenance department is poor
By: Phillip M.
Brooke Pointe Apartments
Rude unprofessional limited office hours and access to computer room no one in office between Thursday at 2 and Monday morning Office closes daily at 2:40 as posted but staff is out getting lunch at 1 Only form of payment for rent is money order or check as they do not take cards! Lots of kids. Fireworks on the weekends. Staff is rude! Lots of vacancies. 6 property managers since January 2016, that should tell ya something!Extremely nosy people that like to run to the office over nothing! Security cameras every where. But no worries. They don't work Most people who live here could care less about the place. And not doing there part on keeping it clean. I e. Dumping their car garbage in the parking lots garbage not being placed in dumpsters funtire collection that sits st dumpster cuz no one picks it up!
By: aengkham
Brooke Pointe Apartments
Do not recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a quiet place to live. Management will put anyone in here as long as the rent are guaranteed by the government. Rent keep going up every year. Too many kids running around trashing the place because their parents don't give a damn. Many hair hatted hooligans lives here. Super nosey about how much $$$ you have and make so they can plan to jackup your rent. Management nice? Yea right! up until you sign the lease contract, put you in a unit then your just a number to them. Wait til it's time to recertify your lease agreement then you'll know how rude and mean they can be. Wanting to know your every business at all cost. Good luck trying to live here.
By: Namaste 2.
Water's Edge Apartments
I have been a tenant here for going on 2 years and am completely disgusted by the quality and upkeep of their Apartment homes; they are filled with MOLD! MOLD grows on EVERY THING!! (See attached photos) I have contacted them several times about it and all I get is excuses and that they'll "send someone to look at it." Several of my neighbors had mold outbreaks so severe that they broke their leases because of the effects that it had on their health. It should be against the law for a company to knowingly rent property in this condition! If you have any concern for your health or the health of your family do not sacrifice your health to save money. I have had several respiratory issues since moving here and was even told that the tenant before me had health problems. I plan on taking this to the news, Politicians and seeking the council of a Lawyer in order to guarantee that no one will have to live like this again.
By: bhall03
David Drye Co
I have lived in coopers ridge apartments for over a year and I have to say it has been the worst. Every time you turn around they have new management and they are always worse than the one's before. The management does not care about their residents and don't call home office because management will take it out on you. This has been the worst experience I have ever had the apartments are nasty and in need of up grading. The pool don't even go the it is not taken care of and if you need something fixed I hope your not in a hurry because maintenance takes forever to fix it. This place had been terrible and so has the people. I hope they get better management for their sake and I hope that they realize they can't treat people the way they have been.

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