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By: ja068056
Goodwin Chiropractic Inc
I was a patient of Dr Goodwin for quite some time and always appreciated how well she took care of my back. Her staff is wonderful and her practice is ideal with anyone with a bad back. I have recently moved out of state and have spent 6 months trying to find a comparible practice in my new area and have been able to do so.She is wonderful. My back was never better than when I was walking out of her office wondering how she "works her magic" on my back.I highly recommend her to anyone needing care. She is a wonderful, caring professional that is great at what she does.Daryl Stewart
By: evettcordova
Jennifer Klingstedt DC
Dr. Jen makes you feel so important and she knows how to fix your problems. She doesn't try to make you do any appointments that aren't necessary. I went to see her at first once a week for 3 weeks then on a maintance ( like once every 2 or 3 months) or when I need some extra adjustments then I see her. She is always in a good mood and never has an attitude. I would recomend her to everyone I know or don't know.
By: brianb320
Olson Chiropractic
I soon gave my hopes on having to rest the rest of my life, until I met Dr. Olson. I began seeking care with you in oct at that time I was told that I did have deterioration in my neck but it could be corrected. Since then my pain has been ceased in my leg, hip and knee. I no longer have allergies and Darpo! Thank you very much!
By: J.r. B.
Minkstein Chiropractic
Minkstein Chiropractic did a great job on me but he has a massage therapist that is REALLY GREAT. Her name is Cecillia Tom-French or CECI as we call her. Her hands are magic, over the past year and a half she has done miracles on my body. She is the BEST masseuse in Concord. Bar none!!!!
By: kennethk383
Olson Chiropractic
I came in with lower back pain and an impinged shoulder. Dr. Olson began my treatments and in three weeks I was able to stop my pain and medication. On the 4th week I went to my doctor and he was impressed with the improvement in rotation of the joint and decided to delay surgery.
By: jamee463
Olson Chiropractic
Very good! I just came back from Toronto to attend a wedding and proceeded to Montreal for sight seeing and I did a lot of walking and did not feel the discomfort I normally would feel. I can sincerely say that Dr. Olson has made my back far much better!
By: manuell827
Olson Chiropractic
The pain in my back was the highest priority. All my movements were tentative and I was afraid of any sudden movement would result in pain. After sessions with Dr. Olson I was actually able to "jump into bed". My fear of pain was gone.
By: archie
Olson Chiropractic
My family and I are much happier seeing that I can do more thanks to Olson seeing that I can do more, especially starting to work again. I can sleep through the night without pain and be more relaxed than ever before.
By: arnoldd587
Olson Chiropractic
There are so maby positive changes since I started treatment. I have no more leg pain and I can walk without pain!. When I get adjusted I feel I can enjoy my sleep better. Alson for my theocratic school.
By: hug859
Olson Chiropractic
After visiting with Dr. Olson for a month or so I was able to resume working out again, tho just a little and my back started moving and bending with stiffness gone and flexibility returning.

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