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By: Stacey J.
Just called to ask what time do they quit loading money on your overspend card, could not understand one word they were saying. I even talked to a second person and couldn't understand anything not one word!! Very frustrating!!!
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By: Maribel H.
Imagen Latina
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By: evettcordova
The Mane Gallery
they really treat you nice and give you exactly what you want
By: strad2
CT Best Hair Cuts
Great place to get a haircut. Very reasonable. Ask for Tully.
Tips & Advices
A dental discount plan has a much smaller monthly fee than dental insurance and offers a percentage discount on fees charged by dentists who participate in the plan. A member of the plan shows a membership card to the dentist to receive the discount and pays the dentist directly.
When selecting a dental plan, consider:
  • Group dental insurance through an employer or other large group will have the best rates.
  • Whether the “in-network” list of dentists in your area includes your dentist
  • Monthly premiums, payment caps, limits and deductibles
  • Benefits – What’s included? Are orthodontia, implants or other services excluded?
  • Would a dental discount plan be more cost effective?
Although most dentists accept one or more type of insurance, others have stopped accepting insurance as they grow increasingly unhappy with insurance company dictates and requirements.
A dental savings plan is also known as a dental discount plan. Membership in the plan allows for discounted services at a list of approved dentists. It is not dental insurance, but a discount program.
Monthly dental insurance premiums are typically $20-$50 for an individual and $50-$150 for a family, but vary depending upon location and scope of coverage. Employer-sponsored plans will be less expensive than buying a plan through the independent insurance marketplace.

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