By: Martha K.
Metro Health
When I registered at this school, I signed the policies, procedures, class schedule and clinical schedule and was given directions to the clinical site in order to plan for classes and the practical clinical experience. I was also given the option to take the STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) course which includes the clinical requirement or the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) which is the course without the clinical requirement. I am sure the registration records are in the administrative office and believe anyone who says they were not given this information is lying. This is a great school and I would highly recommend this school to any intelligent and responsible individual who needs to take the STNA or CNA course.Martha K.
By: rebecca11978
Journeys of Wisdom
A little unnerving, yes. But the kind of honesty I get from John is more difficult to come by than a winning lottery ticket. Neither my friends nor my family, not even my 12 step recovery group has the capacity or the willingness to coach me through my healing and growth process. He says the kindess things and the most startling things. I never have to censor my responses. John is able to process and understand how people respond in therapy.One of the things I most respect about John is his inability to talk non-sense. His personality is not the kind that can sum things up vaguly by saying things like "easy does it", or "a penny saved is a penny earned" or "remember to stop and smell the roses".
By: Correna G.
Be Well With It, LLC
Brianna is an absolutely amazing practitioner! She is very well educated and actively participates in continuing education courses in Thai Yoga Massage. If you haven't had this type of massage, you need to! Thai Yoga actively engages you in your healing experience - it is truly an art. While I love Thai Yoga, I continually opt for Brianna's traditional table massages - they are exceptional! Brianna has helped relieve me of chronic back and neck pain, and has inspired me to be more loving with my body. I full heartily recommend Brianna & her practice!
By: K K.
Be Well With It, LLC
I have received massage therapy at locations all over United States and the world. Brianna is by far the most skilled massage therapist I have ever been to. She has helped me with everything from a stressful day, to sore joints, to sports injuries. Her Thai Yoga Massage is nothing less than incredible! Constantly improving her skill sets, she even studied her art in Thailand. I'm so impressed with the quality of her work. This is a MUST TRY experience. The health benefits to me have been substantial !
By: Cyndy W.
Be Well With It, LLC
One of many reasons Brianna is SO therapeutic for me is I have these different layers of stuff my body is hanging onto that she addresses with the modality that best addresses it at that moment! Thai for my surgical knee! Gentle for my fibromyalgia forarms and arthritic hands. Swedish for my shoulders and neck! Craniosacral for my tensed head! Wow! Now that I am thinking about it I need to make an appointment!!!!
By: Ken K.
Ken Klosterman Massage Therapy
I first met Ken while I was getting physical therapy for my back. He worked in a clinic in downtown Columbus. He helped me get my lower back muscles softer and more relaxed. I now see him in his private office whenever my body needs a fix up. His experience as a massage therapist always comes through when I need him. Ron
By: Ryan L.
Lincoln Village Chiropractic
Great Chiropractor. The office is set up for a nice warm welcome, the staff and the Doctor are excellent. They make you feel like part of their family. I highly recommend Chiropractic office to anyone and everyone. Give them a try, and you'll see that your search for a great chiropractor is over with.
By: John P.
Ken Klosterman Massage Therapy
I have been seeing Ken almost weekly for a year and a half. I broke my ankle and had 4 surgeries and Ken has brought me back to 90% usage before I broke it. He takes the time to explain how he works on my ankle area. Ken is a top notch massage therapist. John P.

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