By: moannj
Abbott's Cove
We have had quite a few problems with Abbot's Cove since we moved in. Initially when we toured the apartments we were shown a 2 Bed/TH and told that a 2 Bed/TH would be available when we moved in. A few hours after submitting the application and putting down the deposit we were told that only a 2 bed/garden would be available. It was crunch time so unfortunately we had to take the 2 bed/garden. It would have been nice if the rental office told us the unit we wanted would not be available before we filled out the application and put down the deposit. The apartment does have a nice amount of space and comes with a free washer/dryer and garage. However as the previous reviewer stated the work done by the maintenance guys is shoddy at best. There is some kind of water leak in the kitchen that is causing a foul odor. We have complained about it and apparently the work order was put in (2 weeks ago) but nothing has been done. But the biggest problem we have is with the tenants above us. First, there are at least 8 people living in the 2 bedroom unit, 6 of them are children. According to the rental office there should only be 1 woman and 3 children living there. There is excessive noise coming from the unit day and night. Saying that the children are poorly behaved would be an understatement. The children throw things at the property, use foul language constantly, have been seen urinating outside on multiple occasions and frequently bully and harass other children in the complex. The police have come out twice in the last 2 weeks to address problems related to those children. The mother does not even attempt to address any problems with her children and lets them run wild inside and outside of the apartment. We (along with other neighbors) have filed a complaint form with the rental office and spoken to them multiple times about the upstairs tenants. The rental office has been completely unhelpful. According to a neighbor who has lived in the complex for 3 years, the people in the unit at issue have been there quite awhile and have always caused problems. Obviously the rental office is not interested in correcting the issue or addressing the problems with those tenants. We're counting down the months until our lease is up.
By: Anne G.
Stafford House
I discovered on a Sunday that I needed to move within the next week. I completed an online information request form and the staff at Stafford House called me back within a day (there were many other places that didn’t get back to me at all- SH was the first). Within an hour I was looking at an ADORABLE apartment that happened to be available immediately. It had everything going for it: lots of storage, large living room, spacious bedroom, huge kitchen (with modern subway tile and hanging lights), large balcony facing an attractive courtyard, huge walk-in closet, full size dishwasher, washer and dryer included- it was a NO-BRAINER. The staff was ON IT with getting my application processed, and within two days I had keys in my hand and the move went flawlessly. Every question and request has been answered promptly, professionally, and with friendliness by Ally and the staff, and I am absolutely loving it here so far. Thanks to Ally and the full staff at Stafford House!
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By: Balinda G.
Abbott's Cove
I have been living here for little over a year and for the last two summers my air upstairs has not worked RIGHT .i have called them and all the maintance has done is come in with this tool and says its fixed . They were here yesterday and my air was on since 7:30 in the morning and by 2:00 the air was still on but no cool or cold air yet. I stopped maintance and told him that i had turned it off cause all it was doing was using electric and his response was... he wanted it to run cause he was going to come back and check it. I called my granddaughter and told her to turn it back on and as of 7:30 pm she said he had not returned and im still waiting for that return visit.excuse me but it be HOT as HELL upstairs with no air. Cant even get a good night sleep after a days work . Other than my air its nice an quiet around me.
By: lola.conrad.5
Frutta Del Mondo
When we first walked in everybody stared at us, and I wanted to hightail it out of there....but I'm glad I didn't. I think they just have a huge crowd of regulars, and there was an element of shock and the inevitable sizing us up that occurred when two newcomers waltzed in unannounced. I'm happy to be able to say that, once they got over the initial shock, the staff was exceptionally welcoming and friendly. Food was also pretty awesome and just what the doctor ordered. Also, consider getting a breakfast panini to go if you''re ever in the area and are over the whole fast food breakfast situation. The bacon, egg and cheese panini that my fiancee brought home for me was more than enough reason to crawl out of bed on a cold, winter morning.....confession, I ultimately ate it in bed and loved every minute of it!
By: dan.adkins.5
Ange's Pizza
My girlfriend and I thought we would try Ange's out, it was new, local, seemed like it may be nice? We ordered a large pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, and banana pepper and a large garden salad. The salad was up to expectations and was generally pretty generous although seemed to be very lettuce heavy (IMHO). The pizza was no better, while I think it may have been much better had it been cooked all the way through, it was fairly doughy. The pepperoni's, banana peppers, mushrooms, looked like they had barely been cooked and the pizza was just barely eatable. Maybe we just had a bad experience, but since this was my first time, I can't assume it gets too much better. Side Note: The guy taking their orders was severely confused and befuddled.
By: peteram
Abbott's Cove
The manager sent everybody a nice pretty pink letter and asked us to write a review so here it is... The managment and staff are great! Also the neighbors are kid friendly. My sons feel safe and that is most important. I rate the maintenance a 10 because if you have a problem the maintenance men will take care of it well and quickly. What more could you expect? My sons are 5 and 3 and they love to run around and play with their buddies... I do wish some people would follow the rules and immediately pick up their animal droppings but the office handles it when people don't. I would tell you that your children are most important and me and my sons feel safe here. Greatly maintained and managed property, great neighbors, a great home!
By: marshaj.
Abbott's Cove
The office staff said there were some comments on here that might not correctly represent them and asked all of us Residents to participate in a survey. Well I read some of them and I can't speak for everyone else but my experience has been good during my 3 years here (and counting - just renewed my lease). It's quiet and affordable with free washer/dryer and a free garage. The maintenance responds quickly unless they have to order thing,s but they let us know. I wasn't happy with the ice on the sidewalks a couple of times but all I had to do was call them. The grounds company sometimes missed blowing the grass off my patio but I guess nobody's perfect. The office staff is #1, they are very friendly and approachable.
By: Megan G.
Stafford House
Stafford House is an amazing community to live. They are very modern apartments and the grounds are well kept. It was previously owned by preferred living but now is owned by Companion. The transition was smooth and the community has improved tremendously!! The new management is amazing! Ally came in and really made an effort to get to know the residents. She is always willing to help you if you have a problem and make things right. She is by far the best manager we have had here. Stafford is only a few minutes away from Polaris and a movie theater is right across the street along with a Starbucks! By far the best community I have lived in! I highly recommend living here!
By: sbettis
Abbott's Cove
The townhomes are nice and spacious. Quiet neighborhood so far and apartment managers are nice, especially Walter. This was me and fiances first apartment together and he was the nicest and did everything he could to help us. I would rate the maintenance a 10 for how nice they are. Ive never needed them to come into my home and fix anything yet but met and talked to them and they are good men. I have no complaints about the community but the City who comes to get the trash sometimes makes a mess and don't clean it and the maintenance have to clean it. Other than that, everything is perfect and Abbot's Cove is the place to live. They are cozy and I recommend it.
By: cindi.crane
The Pizza House
I had been coming to Pizza House usually in the daytime for lunches for many years but recently my schedule changed so I had been stopping in in the evening for food to go, I won't be going here anymore, just tired of going in and getting these young nasty girls that run the ToGo orders and the Pickup, I don't know if these are the owners grand daughter's or what but they are disrespectful and rude and I have had enough of the attitudes, you don't want my business, that is fine, PLENTY of other Pizza Places around Columbus! These youngins need reigned in or they will eventually have the place shut down after Grandpa retires!

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