By: mikelatham
For the past months I have been enjoying ceramic art at a local studio named Clayspace. It has a variety of classes and events that will appeal to anyone interested in ceramic art. Everything from full 8 week classes to an evening of ‘open throwing’ for someone who simply wants to enjoy the experience of trying out a potter’s wheel and sipping a glass of wine while you decorate your finished pots.The studio is well equipped with everything you would want from 12 wheels, slab rollers and every hand and texturing tool imaginable. Clayspace offers a wide range of Raku/Cone 6 glazes, clays and slips to build a complete ceramic palette.The owner and proprietor, Tami Knight, is outgoing, friendly and openly shares her love of clay with all that join her there. Her ceramic studio is more of a home than a studio and she makes sure all feel welcome and invited. Like every ceramic studio there is a rule book, and those who quickly learn, respect and practice the rules will have nothing but smooth sailing while at Clayspace. Tami is accompanied by her resident artist and instructor Todd Hickerson. He openly and willingly shares his experience, tips, tricks and techniques with all members of Clayspace. His advice and experience will help anyone interested take their ‘clay game’ to a higher level. His friendly enthusiasm and helpfulness truly make pottery a ‘team sport’. Check them out of Facebook as well….Stop over and check them out (831 S. Front Street (614) 449-8144) the front of Clayspace is a great art gallery and ceramic studio in the heart of the Brewery District and features the work of many Columbus/Ohio artists.
By: Martin L.
Ohio Concealed Carry Institute
This was the best thing I have ever done! The training was out of this world...it was so educational, inspiring, and empowering! Everyone in the class was amazing- supportive and super kind. I hope to stay in touch with all the people from my class. Its an endless supply of shooting buddies No joke, everything is included. All you do is pay and show up! The food was terrific and the endless supply of coffee was perfectly made every time! So much attention to detail was put into this class. The passion of the instructor really shows in his work and presentation. I can literally say that there wasnt a single moment during the class where I was even a little bored. I cant say enough good things about OCCI! There were all levels of shooter in the class as well. Levels everywhere from never holding a gun, to former military members. I left there 100 x's more confident than I was when I walked in. What am I afraid of...lol, absolutely nothing now Thanks Aaron for answering all my questions. What an amazing advocate and teacher you are. YOU ROCK!!Here's to you 8/16 class!
By: dianewalter
Academia College
Academia College's STNA program has provided me with the skills and knowledge to successfully pass The State of Ohio Nurse Aide Examination. Becoming a Registered Nurse has always been my ultimate career goal. During these 2-weeks, I established many great friendships with common interests. The support system within the program has taught me to go over and beyond in regards to caring for elders. After completion of the program, I have gained the confidence to instead transition to in Nursing career.
By: Harvardit M.
Academia College
The Teachers were helpful and friendly. They were willing to let us jump in and learn !! The textbook was easy to read. The workbook really helped cement concepts. I loved learning how to do things with all the equipment the school has and then to apply that when working with a real patient.- Andrea L.
By: David R.
Ohio State University - OSU
I love Ohio State, but seriously - $50, 000 for a one year Master's degree is insane for a public funded university.

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