By: jenniferr.kellar
Paul's 5th Avenue Catering
excellent food, excellent service!!!...i had the crabcake dinner- they were the best crabcakes i have ever eaten...and they didn't even need tarter sauce...my side dish was the au gratin potatoes- pretty tasty and something different from the common baked potato, which i can easily make at home...each dinner came with salad or soup, as an appetizer...i choose the salad...it was a nice size, for a pre-meal salad...my honey choose the southwest bean soup for his appetizer item...i didn't taste it, but he seemed pleased...his main dish was the chicken parmigiana, which was very yummy, and broccoli...the glasses were small, but the waiter was happy to bring us our own pitcher of iced tea, so we didn't have to keep asking for refills...and the complimentary bread with herb butter was also super good (and limit-less, which is great for those that love bread : )...we choose not to have dessert, as we were both good and full from our meals, but i would have choosen the chocolate cake, had we given into our sweet-tooth cravings...the server was friendly and happily took our picture when i asked him to do so...i would recommend this restaurant and we will be going back again, when we are ready for another nice dinner out...
By: Elizabeth H.
Chop 5
I went with a friend on Monday and I believe they opened on the previous Friday. We were welcomed and the people who worked there were friendly and courteous. The problem is the price and the food. The lettuce was saturated with water. Even before they added the lettuce the silver bowl it was mixed in had at least a cup of water just laying in it. You have basically a huge bowl of lettuce with 5 ingredients for $8.00 I can go down the road to Jason's Deli and get as many toppings as I can put on my salad for the same price. Or go to Chipotle down the road and have unlimited ingredients in my bowl for one price (except an additional price for guacamole) I will not go back because the taste was primarily...water! They measure the 5 toppings that you add to the copious amount of lettuce and let me tell you, the measurement is SMALL. I was so excited to try it and I believe it is one of a kind premiering in Columbus. While I wish them success, they will need to step up their game with the food!
By: danfmsa
Texas de Brazil
I've been to Texas De Brazil in Columbus 3 times since they opened a few weeks ago! The steaks were excellent and the service was very good. Being from Brazil I am used to going to some of the best Brazilian Steak houses all over Brazil. In Brazil the best steak houses are known for having the best service in the restaurant business which is what separates them from one another. At Texas de Brazil they value service experience as they are well staffed with very friendly and well trained gauchos who help make the experience as great as it can be. I liked how their managers were constantly coming by our table and asking what our favorite cuts of meat were so they kept those coming non-stop to our table. The grill manager, the GM, the head cheff , the gauchos, and the servers all do a very good job. And my favorite part is that all gauchos speak Portuguese even if they are not Brazilians!
By: lola.conrad.5
I am surprised to find this place with such low ratings...and I tend to be pretty critical overall. Still, I generally only review places that I'm happy with because I don't enjoy being negative. You'd have to really mess up to make me give you one star. I'm just good-natured like that :) However, I've only been there once so maybe my pleasant experience was just a fluke. The pulled-pork sandwich I had was great, and I left with a smile on my face. I am looking forward to checking it out again in the near future! I didn't check the dates on past reviews, but I'm really hoping that the place just experienced some hiccups in their early days and have since overcome them.
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By: Kathleen K.
Affairs by Beth
We used Affairs by Beth Catering for our father's memorial luncheon and were very satisfied. She was patient and gave us all the time we needed to discuss the menu and the details. The food was very good, the tables were decorated beautifully, the servers were friendly and they even packed up leftovers for us. I recommend the potato casserole and green beans with ham. The whole experience was pisitive and they made it all very easy for us during a very difficult time in our lives.
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By: George A.
I live on the east side so I do not get there as often as I would like to, but I love this place. When I get the Dispatch on Thursday, the first thing I do is go to the local section and look at the Carfagna's ad. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Their Pasta Sauce is way better than Ragu and Prego (... and you can buy it at Kroger which I do.) They are even good at replying to Facebook messages. (At least they have been with me.)
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By: Kim K.
Affairs by Beth
My sister and I used Affairs by Beth for my Father's memorial luncheon on very short notice and for 90 people. Sandy the owner quickly met with us at our home, helped us with everything we asked for at a great price. Sandy immediately called our facility and took care of everything from that point. The food, service and display was excellent! Sandy and her staff are true professionals, you won't be sorry for choosing Affairs by Beth.
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By: crazypetzlover
Joe's Crab Shack
Me & My Husband go over to Columbus,OH from NE Indiana to eat Joes Crab Shack every year for the last 10 year's. For Our Anniversary. Couldn't ask for a better place to eat or celebrate. We drive over 3 1/2 hour's to eat & stay in a motel.. Joe's is the best.. & Columbus,OHIO is a great city, & pet friendly, In Most Hotel's.. Thank You For the Great times & Wonderful Food
By: Marc S.
Mitchell's Ocean Club
This is my go to place for special occasions. We eat out 1-2 times each week. Mostly to the big chain's that are good-plenty- nice price. Well Ocean Club for food and service is OMG. it is pricey but when I wish to eat the best with service and the customer is always right. I go here. Thank you.hey NY Strip with Lob. Tail Thats how its done.
By: osufan12
I went in for a pasta making machine and found all that I needed for homemade pasta meal. Semolina flour, organic eggs and my favorite "the Sicilian" sauce. The store reminds me of a place back home called "Peetie Pop's" (Philly)..

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