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By: Danielle H.
Pascarti Hair & Nail Spa
Very good job overall. They had speedy service, I was attended to within minutes of stepping in the door. Vivianne(?) was the girl who serviced me. After hearing a general idea of what I wanted, she offered up her handmade dip powder ( I needed a more neutral color because of work). The staff was considerate, I got offered a drink within 15 minutes of being there. The price is a little steep, I don't think I would come back every two weeks to get it redone; but definitely worth coming back in general. Especially if vivianne was my nail tech. She made sure (very very sure) that my nails were even and buffed the nail tips so well, I couldn't feel the difference between my nail and the fake tip. Highly recommend!
By: Barb P.
Enlighten Hair Studio
Today was my first visit to Enlighten Hair Studio and it was a wonderful experience. Chelsea had creative new ideas to cut and style my hair and it turned out amazing. Relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Highly recommend.
By: Anna M.
Pascarti Hair & Nail Spa
Pascarti is an absolutely wonderful place to be. The technicians are absolutely nice. I have seen some nasty reviews on their social media and would like to say that the staff here is incredibly sweet and I have seen them be mistreated, yelled and cursed at, and even then they are extremely polite and very professional with these customers. The dipping powder is incredible! Especially when done by Tina, Vanna, and Pok!
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By: Kelli M.
Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar
It was awesome!!!great food,best fun!!!!christian,the manager was great!!cant wait to go again!
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By: Christopher P.
Clintonville Vapor Station
LOL... Craig is evidently a AltSmoke plant. First, we never carried that device. Second if we did we would have exchanged it no questions asked.
By: Michael H.
Pipes & Pleasures
Been going to Pipes and Pleasures for decades. I always have a fantastic experience there. The level of expertise is far superior to any haberdashery that I have been to around the country. The customer service is awesome and friendly. The selections are topshelf and they are bring out new premium cigars, pipes and tobacco. I love that place!!
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By: Sarah E.
Pascarti Hair & Nail Spa
I was in September to treat myself to a gel manicure. I was sat with a young girl named Vin who I believe is the daughter of Tina. She was young, but I thought..surely she will do ok. :)Wrong. She talked me into a dip manicure, which I was very excited for - but was $$$. It turned out terrible. They looked clumpy and uneven. Not pretty at all. And they popped off the very next day! I was shocked, I was told that my $60 manicure would last a month.I called and was able to speak with Tina on the phone. She advised me to text an image to a cell number. Which I did. I had correspondence with a gentleman named Kon. He assured me that I would be given a gift certificate for the $58 & change that I spent and I could redeem it at any time. Phew... I was thrilled. I asked if I should come in to get my certificate, our could it stay there until I come back in. He said it would be ok in the salon and that I did NOT have to fetch it.So, yesterday I go to the shop & brought my phone with the texts that I had saved in case I needed them. But I did NOT think I would. Wrong again. The receptionist acted as a go between and the GM wouldn't talk to me. I offered to wait. Nope. Leave your number - we will call you. Flabbergasted, I left my number, and drove home completely dumbfounded. No call that night, so I called back today. Asked to talk to Tina and she was not in yet. Ok, have her call me when she comes in - I said. She has clients - he said. I understand that, it will only take a minute. She called me today and I explained the situation.She did not make any effort. She was rude. I offered to settle on receiving half of my credit back by way of retail or anything really - but not wanting to spend MORE $. She said no. I was stunned. At this point the conversation was very uncomfortable and NOT satisfying me as a consumer. So I explained that I would be providing feedback on websites. She said, go ahead - obviously not concerned with bad reviews.
By: David E.
Hair & Nail Studio 36
My family have used this service for more years than they have been in business. Friendly and inviting atmosphere. Experienced staff with flexible hours.
By: Charles G.
Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar
I would not Recommend this place at all! I had the filet and lobster both were over cooked and very chewy, the filet came out and looked old color should have been red meat the meat had alot of brown to it, The chef could not speak english almost like he was drunk a tall skinny guy, out of all the japanese steakhouses I have ate at ichiban is the worst by a mile stay away save your money and go elsewhere
By: J G.
Rapunzel's Long Hair Salon
The best salon for people with long hair who would like to keep it long and healthy! Dave and his staff truly care about their clients and their hair! I'm a lifelong Rapunzel's client!!
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Irrigation system disadvantages:
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  • Some do-it-yourself systems cost up to $1,500 but are difficult to install.
  • You may need to call a professional electrician and plumber, adding $300-$600 to your project.
Some plants can stand up to the cold weather, like kale or pansies. These can be planted in the autumn or early winter. Other plants need to wait until the soil is warm and ready. Plant perennial flowers in mid-autumn or mid-spring. If you're planting from seed or sprout, you can generally find information about planting conditions on the package.
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