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By: Jordyn R.
Anthony Vince Nail Spa
TERRIBLE service. As you can see, the employees sit on there phones, they disregard customers. But let me tell you a little bit about my experience. So I come in, I get quoted on price as I only brought 1 of my credit cards and my available balance was only 50$. I got my nails done, and when it comes time to pay, the same girl who quoted my price charged me 80$. I was apalled because no one informed me of this change or I would have made accomadation. I was given attitude, I was disrespected, and treated extremely poor. Worst service ever, I would never reccomend anyone to come here, and if you do GOOD LUCK!
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By: Kiera W.
Plush Nail Salon
SUPER LENGTHY, BUT HONEST REVIEW!I really wanted to like Plush Nail Salon, but they kept falling short. I went there are four separate occasions before I decided to stop giving them my money. I initially went there because I wanted to try out Nexgen on my nails. The price was great, so I decided to give them a try. The first time I went, a young lady named Mary did my nails. She did an excellent job! My nails lasted for about two weeks, and I probably could have gone for longer if I didn't care about how much they had grown out.Anyways, I scheduled my second appointment with Jay. He was fantastic and did an excellent job! However, not even a week after getting my nails done, and entire nail completely came off. Keep in mind, I get the Nexgen overlay on top of my real nails, so that meant that somehow the Nexgen didn't adhere to my real nails. I just disregarded it as something that I may have done wrong, and accepted it as a loss.My third time visiting Plush, I let Jay know what had happened to my nail, and he had let me know that it could have been from chemicals such as thing that I may clean the house with. I took a mental note of that, and made sure that I wore gloves whenever doing household chores to ensure that the same thing didn't happen with my nails again. During that visit, I got the Nexgen overlay on my natural nails for the third time. That visit took place on a Thursday, and by Sunday I had ANOTHER nail to come off, and by Tuesday morning a second one had come off and I had lifting on several of the other nails. I know for sure that I hadn't had my hands around anything that could have caused the lifting because I was on vacation for that weekend. Either way, if I am paying over $40 for a service, my nails shouldn't be messing up after less than a week.I ended up calling Plush that same Tuesday that the second nail came off to let them know what happened, and how disappointed I was. I ended up speaking with Christina, the manager, and we she scheduled for me to come in on that following Thursday.To make a long story short, I went in thinking that my nails would be repaired for free (or at a discount), but I was offered a free soak off and told that I would have to pay $38 to have them redone. This offer didn't seem fair to me especially considering that it hadn't even been five days before my nails started lifting. I also felt like the manager tried to blame to poor quality of my nails on me by saying sometimes Nexgen doesn't work for people and gel may be a better route. Or that maybe it was because I didn't get a manicure with the Nexgen polish. It was like she came up with every excuse as to why my nails came off and started lifting instead of trying to rectify the situation and make sure that I was satisfied as a paying customer. I was then told that I could receive a credit to get my nails done another day. But this was only after I mentioned that I wanted to get my nails done for my wedding. Let's just say when I called the following week to inquire about my credit, there was nothing on my account. I even left a message and my number for the manager to call me back.Just beware! Ps. Since then, I have gotten Nexgen done at another salon with no signs of lifting or nails coming off. I got them done on September 20th at the other salon without a manicure. Which leaves me to believe the application at Plush wasn't done correctly, and it has nothing to do with my nails not agreeing with Nexgen or whether I had a manicure or not.
By: My opinion C.
Top Nails Inc
I had been a customer for at least 10 years. She got a new tech and she did a poor job with my pedi when I complained to Sophia (owner) she didn't give a d**. I returned as she requested and she ignored me so a left outraged. Didn't return for many months. I decided to return to her several days ago and we agreed that I would come back yesterday @10 am for an appt. I arrived 10 minutes late and was told I had to wait until everyone waiting which were 4 to 5 people not including the fact that all techs where unavailable until all these people were serviced. So I guess she feels like me being unhappy about her techs' lack of performance is punitive or unwelcome judging from her actions. Not a problem for me my money can go elsewhere but I want people to know how unprofessional and the attitude of management is really sad and a lack of empathy showed. If you treat clients who have given you a lot of money over the years like that .. well I never should've been fiving you my hard earned money anyways. I have overlooked many instances regarding your attitude, , certain techs attitudes, being unhappy when I request X and I get Y ..over the years but no more... You should want clients to have a great experience. I was supportive of your business before your clientele increased and i brought many clients to you. Not anymore. You will never have to worry about me returning to your place of business cause no matter how long I have been a client I will never pay to be disenchanted, devalued as a valued client, nor my being ignored, nor pay money w/o being satisfied. It is NOT OK people ...
By: My opinion C.
Hot Tips Nail & Spa
They don't have enough nail techs working so the wait is always extremely long. Only a few know what they're doing. They want to make money at inconvenience of customers. Then they hurry to service you which results in poor quality of their final product. Not enough techs and only 2 or 3 know what they're doing. I spoke with manager and he act like "whatever bye"
By: Latonya J.
Anthony Vince Nail Spa
My experience on 6/15/17 was okay. First off this location is a very popular area and when I first arrived the introduction was fine and once I went to sit for my pedicure another lady walked up and stated she was going to do my nails and I stated no I was no interest in that and would like it to be done by the same person. The lady Sheena replied and stated don't want you to be here long. Well I wasn't in a rush first off I wanted to be pampered and pampered right I had a long day at work and wanted a good experience well this was not the case. This place first off was a little expensive for the work that was done. I was never offered anything to drink or anything. Soon as I left my nail paint chipped and just horrible. I will not be returning to this mess again. All employee there needs to be trained right and need to learn out to do nail and feet period. Believe me at this point I would love my money back because it was not worth the 62.00 i paid. I have made sure this place would never be recommended to any of my friends, family or anyone I know. Overall rating it suck and this place need to be in another location because of the work they do. They just want the money to pay for this so called bar they have. YEAH RIGHT!
By: Chris H.
Plush Nail Salon
Great place. Staff very friendly and they do an awesome job!! Wouldn't go anywhere else for my powder nails!!
By: Tina C.
Plush Nail Salon
Great place and nice environment. Got nail polish yesterday and it was a great experience. Christina is friendly.
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By: Kayla B.
Tip Top Salon
The worst nail salon ever, I just moved to Ohio from Philadelphia & I gave them a second try they are very nasty. I was charged $20 for a chin wax then after I gave the $20 the tech goes on to say a extra $1.50 for tax we got in a disagreement because for one everytime income it's a different price now u need a extra $1.50 for "tax" like no, they will never get my services again.
By: Christine P.
Zenity Nails
I used to love this place before they switch ownership! Now it's dirty, the tools aren't clean and the owner tries to rip you off! I have been back 3 times now since they switched trying to give them a chance but risking my health isn't worth it!
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By: Deija G.
Lady Nails
TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! Walked in the door and was not greeted by anybody!! the guy doing my nails was exceptionally rude making mean comments, talked me out of gel polish, and screwed my nails & nail shape. The lady had to fix my polish bc it got messed up and used the wrong color but didn't care to fix it. I went in with a broken nail, and walked out with it different than the rest of my nails. Really, each nail has a different shape. I sat to let the regular polish dry bc I was talked out of getting gel, for 30 minutes with nails STILL wet. During my service I told the guy I was gonna be a nail tech/ cosmetologist and his response was i will finish beauty school then be a failure, and nobody would hire me to work with them. And it only got worse from there. I would not reccomend this nail salon to anybody!!

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