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By: sunny.davis.73
I've been going to AussieFIT in Hilliard for a few months now and have been very happy with the place. There is a TON of cardio equipment that is well kept, a very well stocked free weight area, and a large variety of Nautilus machines. I also appreciate that the women's locker room is reasonably clean (for a fitness center at least). The problem started this morning. When I arrived for my usual 5:30 am workout with my workout buddy, we found that the area that we normally use for mat/ball work had been corded off. There was a sign stating that the area was for use only when accompanied by a personal trainer. If the area is intended for that use, that's fine. But there wasn't a soul in the whole area. The trainers weren't even taking clients back there. We ended up laying mats out literally in the middle of the weight machines as a last resort.If there was a group training session that was taking place in the early morning hours that needed that space, that's fine. But the fact that there was no activity – and there rarely is that early in the morning – in basically the only free floor space in the gym was a slap in the face. AussieFIT is essentially alienating anyone that chooses to not hire a personal trainer. Unfortunately, a trainer is not in everyone's budget. Going to exercise should be a positive, encouraging experience for everyone - not just those that have a trainer. It's unfortunate that what is potentially such a bright, energetic, happy place has decided to make ANYONE feel alienated and uncomfortable. AussieFIT has made it quite clear that unless you're using the machinery or are accompanied by a trainer, any floor work is not welcome. I am now shopping for a new place to go on the two whole days a week that we do weights/floor exercises. And maybe somewhere that will welcome us on our 3 cardio days as well. Quite a shame that a paid membership just isn't enough anymore!
By: deshawn1977
Columbus East AussieFit1. Always too hot ...winter, summer ..always. Its a gym , not a coffee house. Running on a treadmill in a 80 deg. room sucks. Use that A/C! 2. Very crowded after 4 pm, and reviewer ;sunny.davis. is correct , they made the crowding problem worse by roping off a large part of the main room for some gimmicky TRX and KickBox crap. 3. The music they play over the house system is tailored to 14 year old girls, but not to worry.. if you happen to workout after 5:30pm the loud music from the group fitness room along with the new TRX , KickBox music will drown out some of the house system`s Miley Cyrus leaving you with an headache inducing mash-up of three different sound systems blasting you all at once. 4. If your favorite machine breaks down (say, a common cable snaps) , be ready to find something else to use for a month or two. Repairs on machines are very slow. (Currently, a shoulder press machine cable replacement is still down after a month+) 5. The locker room/ restroom REALLY needs a exhaust fan, no explanation needed here. Why am I still a member? ...Friends who I work out with are members, price.
By: tkdparent
Xcel Martial Arts & Fitness
If you want your child to stand out, be noticed and every master and assisstances to know who your child is and there name, (beyond a name tag) this is your gym. The masters are proffessionnal, energetic and enthusiastic. Your child will recieve personal attention and can get help immediately when needed.Not only do the masters truly care about the well being of all the students but there is NEVER any kind of favoritism or student pets.You will not only recieve top level, competitive taekwondo skills, your child will learn the true meaning of respect, hard work, assertion and dedication.Thank you Xcel,Slootsky FamilyCity : Gahanna across from dalimar....
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By: ridge3046
Went there today as part of a group who would be joining. They were not prepared for all of us to join. There was one person who knew what she was doing. Then finally others stepped up to assist us. Very disheartening since my other fitness center is all about the customer. Hope this is not going to be like the predecessor Lifestyles. We will see. I will try it out but did not get the feeling they want older adults there. Right now I will go for the group classes
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By: Carrie D.
Xcel Martial Arts & Fitness
I love Xcel...my son only started a few weeks ago and its great for him to interact with other kids...my son feels more n more confident every week n feels accomplished when recognized by his efforts...i love that its not just one task of learning everyone makes it fun n has extra curricular activities outside of the martial arts to get to know eachother one on one...very happy with my choice
By: tb2564
Xcel Martial Arts & Fitness
I recommend this school. I've had previous training and moved. I was having a hard time finding true martial arts training. Until I found this school. The instructors know the true meaning of training and do a great job passing this onto their students.Great integrity, this is what you should be looking for in a martial arts instructor!
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By: Patrick W.
LA Fitness
Friendly staff, nice pool, much aerobic equipment, good selection of weights.crowded on weekend mornings.The place is clean, and equipment repaired when broken [big clue if not repaired that the place is closing]!! good place for the average person .
By: Sarah R.
Xcel Martial Arts & Fitness
Can't say enough good things. My kids are doing so great. I contribute a lot of that to what they've learned at Xcel. I have seen their confidence grow. And their physical abilities! I really like the instructors, they care.
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By: Kevin W.
The equipment and staff are good. The mens locker room, bathroom and shower have not been kept up for months. I complained at Thanksgiving and it is worse now. I am getting close to moving on.
By: tony.golden.71
Metro Fitness Corporate Office
nice gym but could be much better people at the front desk isn't very helpful unless they know you especially the young blond meathead working evenings needs overhaul of equipment and space

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