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247 King Ave, Columbus, OH 43201

Tue - Fri 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm, Sat 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

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Cuisines: Asian, Chinese

Price Range : Average

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  • Interview? EWWWWW!

    So, I went in here for an interview. I see that they are hiring all of the time, and I had to wonder going in what the deal was with their turn over rate. I walk in and see an older gentleman and he is very friendly. Then I meet Kristin:EXTREMELY RUDE! I'm sitting at a table, underneath a white clothe light fixture and can't help but look around during my wait for her to ""get ready"". The light fixture was filthy. I don't know if there isn't gravity in there or what, but something dark or oily was spilled in splotches on the fixture. I look at the table. Red Sauce! Ewww! You haven't been open all day! Why is your table dirty?! I'll never go here! Between Kristin being sooooo rude and the state of things (UNCLEAN), there's no way!

  • overpriced and underserved

    Wow is this place ridiculous. Terribly overpriced, and the food really isn't that great. The owner was rude, and the wait staff seemed unhappy. We won't be returning.

  • If you're not in love with this place, there's something wrong with YOU.

    Ever since I moved to Columbus over four years ago, Dragonfly has been awing me (and my friends, family, and visitors) with the finest, most inventive eclectic cuisine available in this or most any other more cosmopolitan city. The food is locally sourced or plucked fresh from the chef's beautiful garden, everything is made with tremendous care, the atmosphere is elegant without being stuffy, and the service is personal and perfect. People who complain about the slow service clearly don't understand relaxing into a meal and enjoying at leisure, leaving plenty of time to savor the delicate, complex flavors and linger over wine with your dining companion. The chef's intense perfectionism rings through every plate I've ever been served in the 15+ times I've dined at Dragonfly, and I've always been treated with the warmest courtesy by the excellent wait staff. To taste the best of Dragonfly without the dinner tab, try brunch first: it's a ridiculous bargain for what you're offered. Go in with a relaxed sense of culinary adventure and you're sure to be amazed, as this is not your Grandma's vegetarianism (veganism, really). Gone are the bowls of overcooked broccoli, gelatinous tofu and bland brown rice: this is haute cuisine at its finest, meant to be enjoyed not only by those on a cruelty-free diet, but by adventuresome food lovers of all stripes. From black raspberry gazpacho to oyster mushroom calamari to black truffle rosemary gnocchi, Dragonfly is astounding and deserves all the national recognition it has received.

  • big let down

    We went here for our anniversary a while ago. The service was fine, but we were 1 of only 2 tables. The food was a big disappointment. The amuse bouche was the best part of the meal. The quinoa in our campanion's dish was actually gritty and awful. The other dishes were a disappointment too. It was as though the chef was out and the dishwasher was doing his best. We had one modest bottle of wine, and our tab was 130$ (before tip) for a lousy meal. Really, I wouldn't want it again if it was free.

  • Still one of the best anywhere

    Dragonfly neo-v cuisine is obviously a restaurant that is striving for something extraordinary. Since opening 7 years ago, they have evolved into one of the country's best restaurants vegetarian or not. If they occasionally falter, and it's rare, they have always delivered exceptional customer service in response. The dishes, now inspired by an ingeniously designed kitchen garden behind the restaurant, are vibrant, creative, and punctuated with flavor explosions and texture contrasts that rival the best kitchens anywhere. The dining room is beautifully and timelessly designed. After 7 years the place looks like it just opened yesterday. The staff is warm and professional. After a night beginning with a delicious amuse bouche of deviled fingerling potatoes with local truffled creamed spinach sprinkled with tomato powder, 2 out of this world courses, dessert, and a final gift from the chef of belgian chocolate and huckleberries all with a bottle of exceptionally chosen temperanillo (Dragonfly's answer to over-oaked Californai Cab) I felt the final tap was a bargain and the entire meal was a great value. I can't wait to go back for one of their super pizzas and cocktails just to experience the amuse bouche again.

  • Amazing Cuisine, Horrible Service

    Had the service been at least mediocre, I would still tell everyone I know to go there at least once just for the amazing cuisine. Unfortunately, calling the service lackluster doesn't even do it justice. We were greeted at the door by a scruffy-looking young man who seated us at the bar while they prepared our table. (An added note, we didn't have reservations, but at 8:30pm on a Friday night the small restaurant was only about half-full). After about 15 minutes they finally led us to our table. Then 45 minutes went by before someone stopped to bring us water. Not take our order, just bring us water. Another 15 minutes passed and still no one. It took a stern glance to the man who greeted us earlier to get someone just to stop by the table.

    Interestingly enough, a couple who was seated 30 minutes after us received their entire meal (all three courses including the ""chef's gift"", plus dessert) and was finished before our third course even came out of the kitchen.

    Despite the fantastic food and chic atmosphere, I couldn't possibly recommend this place to anyone. We split each of the three courses between the two of us, and still managed to spend $94. Had we gotten two full dinners, we would've likely spent upwards of $200. The food might've been worth it, but for that price I'd also expect impeccable service to go with it. The food is great, but this place gets one star. I won't be back.

  • what is with the attitude

    i dont understand why just because you have great food, you can treat your guests like they don't matter. i brought up a concern to the manager and was treated so rudely by her that despite the wonderful cuisine, i have opted not to return. the rest of the night, i felt uncomfortable as i felt as if she were glaring at our table. the food is good and it makes one forget that they are even in a vegetarian restaurant (i took a group of colleagues with me and i was the only vegetarian in the bunch and they were impressed as well). however, despite the excellent food, i will not be returning due to the unsympathetic manager.

  • How does this place stay open?

    My entire meal took 3 hours.

    I paid a ridiculous amount of money for it.

    The pretentious atmosphere made me nauseous.

    I see why this place had four customers in the entire restaurant.... at 7pm on a Friday night.

  • Things You Never Knew Existed

    I love going to Dragonfly to be introduced to new gustatory experiences and lesser-known herbs and vegetables. They really have an interesting and well-thought-through menu. We recently returned to Dragonfly with out-of-town friends who were VERY impressed and we got to try nearly everything on the menu. I had the most wonderful asparagus maki roll in a toasted wrap that was just bursting with flavor. We had a very nice blottle of red wine and a knowledgeable server who is obviously very committed to the cuisine. I would go there again in a heartbeat.

  • User review by leapop

    The waitstaff is very knowledgeable of the menu and happy to make recommendations, though they don't seem trained in pairing wines with the dishes. The room is stylish without being uncomfortably pretentious. The food is tasty, although a bit more effort than necessary is devoted to creating exotic and unusual dishes. I would gladly sacrifice the gratuitous originality for larger portions. One oddity: once my companion's food came in a high-rimmed bowl, yet the dish required a knife and fork, and cutting food in a bowl is awkward. Mostly, this is worth mentioning as another example of Dragonfly's excessive attention to aesthetics (the food did look attractive in the bowl) over such things as function and flavor. Still, it's worth the trip, but expect to spend a lot of money, as the trimmings -- the lovely starters, wines, and desserts -- are helpful for rounding out the unpredictable main courses.

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