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By: mcdriver
Light Spa USA
I was skeptical at first about how effective blue light therapy would be on my psoriasis. It started with spots on the skin of red inflammation, followed by flaky dry skin on those areas. It had spread across my calves and put random dime-sized areas on my arms, back, and thighs. After a few weeks of daily 12-min treatments, it was obvious the blue light was making a difference. In a few months the worst areas on my legs showed an 80-90% improvement. The smaller areas completely disappeared. No hi-priced medicines that compromise your immune system are necessary. I don't have to cover up my body anymore. Blue light therapy restored my hope in defeating psoriasis.
By: kateq2012
Light Spa USA
My acne has always been a problem for me. I have started taking medication for it and it has improved it a great amount. However, I still have the occassional breakout. With the blue light therapy, my skin clears up in a matter of days. I did 4 sessions of blue light over the course of 6 days and my skin is almost completely clear. I'm now doing redlight to help with discoloration and after each session I notcie how smooth and soft my skin is. Such a great facility! I would recommed Light Spa USA to anybody!
By: kateq2012
Light Spa USA
I am a nurse and have been dealing with neck, shoulder, and back pain for years. I was skeptical at first, but after I tried the red light therapy consistanly, I found that I was using less medication to control my pain. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the the little wrinkles around my eyes and forhead have lessend significantly, and my skin looks more smooth and vibrant! I hightly reccomend Light Spa USA!
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By: Vanitadiva H.
Super Beauty Outlet
Best bang for the buck. I've been coming here for years and I always find what I need. I read the other reviews and yes rhe owner used to ask us to lock up our purses. I didnt like it but I asked and found out it was because of shoplifters. I get that. They no longer make you lock up your purse so I am fine. Best selection in the city.
By: mhauser
Light Spa USA
This place is awesome! I've been going there for a couple years now to help with seasonal affective disorder. The owner, Sheila, is awesome and very knowledgeable about the equipment. I feel like a new person in the winter. No more depression. The other lights also help with the various aches and pains. Highly recommend!
By: adamm.
Light Spa USA
I have tried everything for my acne short of accutane, and nothing helped much due to the severity of it. I now go for blue and red light treatments here. It doesn't work perfectly, but there is significant improvement to where I don't feel insecure around people all the time. The people there are very nice too.
By: linhech
Light Spa USA
I would recommend Light Spa USA to anyone. My skin looks better than it has in years! The staff is the best. And they are knowledgeable about red light, how to use it, and how it can help your body.
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By: annejasnen
Rose Beauty Supply
Great hair store. It has so many options of hair weave and hair products. The owners are very nice, knowledgable of hair, and attentive. I totally recommend this store.
By: Ashley J.
Rose Beauty Supply
Friendly crews and great dealsThey have everything! from wigs to salon products. Very honest and reasonable price too.
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By: Wendy M.
City Nails
Thanks My for an awesome manicure!
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