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By: Elizabeth H.
Chop 5
I went with a friend on Monday and I believe they opened on the previous Friday. We were welcomed and the people who worked there were friendly and courteous. The problem is the price and the food. The lettuce was saturated with water. Even before they added the lettuce the silver bowl it was mixed in had at least a cup of water just laying in it. You have basically a huge bowl of lettuce with 5 ingredients for $8.00 I can go down the road to Jason's Deli and get as many toppings as I can put on my salad for the same price. Or go to Chipotle down the road and have unlimited ingredients in my bowl for one price (except an additional price for guacamole) I will not go back because the taste was primarily...water! They measure the 5 toppings that you add to the copious amount of lettuce and let me tell you, the measurement is SMALL. I was so excited to try it and I believe it is one of a kind premiering in Columbus. While I wish them success, they will need to step up their game with the food!
By: danfmsa
Texas de Brazil
I've been to Texas De Brazil in Columbus 3 times since they opened a few weeks ago! The steaks were excellent and the service was very good. Being from Brazil I am used to going to some of the best Brazilian Steak houses all over Brazil. In Brazil the best steak houses are known for having the best service in the restaurant business which is what separates them from one another. At Texas de Brazil they value service experience as they are well staffed with very friendly and well trained gauchos who help make the experience as great as it can be. I liked how their managers were constantly coming by our table and asking what our favorite cuts of meat were so they kept those coming non-stop to our table. The grill manager, the GM, the head cheff , the gauchos, and the servers all do a very good job. And my favorite part is that all gauchos speak Portuguese even if they are not Brazilians!
By: dan.adkins.5
Ange's Pizza
My girlfriend and I thought we would try Ange's out, it was new, local, seemed like it may be nice? We ordered a large pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, and banana pepper and a large garden salad. The salad was up to expectations and was generally pretty generous although seemed to be very lettuce heavy (IMHO). The pizza was no better, while I think it may have been much better had it been cooked all the way through, it was fairly doughy. The pepperoni's, banana peppers, mushrooms, looked like they had barely been cooked and the pizza was just barely eatable. Maybe we just had a bad experience, but since this was my first time, I can't assume it gets too much better. Side Note: The guy taking their orders was severely confused and befuddled.
By: cindi.crane
The Pizza House
I had been coming to Pizza House usually in the daytime for lunches for many years but recently my schedule changed so I had been stopping in in the evening for food to go, I won't be going here anymore, just tired of going in and getting these young nasty girls that run the ToGo orders and the Pickup, I don't know if these are the owners grand daughter's or what but they are disrespectful and rude and I have had enough of the attitudes, you don't want my business, that is fine, PLENTY of other Pizza Places around Columbus! These youngins need reigned in or they will eventually have the place shut down after Grandpa retires!
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By: mayonaise78
The Pizza House
This is by far the best pizza in Ohio! Their toppings are SO fresh, and their sauce is that perfect mix of sweet and tangy. Their prices are amazing for the quality of the food. Try their lunch specials, the personal pizza, salad and soda for like $6! I could honestly eat here everyday. They've won a bunch of awards from various publications in Ohio for the "best pizza". Give em a try! My only complaint would be the dine-in service can sometimes be slow at lunch and dinner time, but it's worth the wait!
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By: Angie B.
California Pizza Kitchen
I have been to this location several times and today was my worse experience. was having lunch with my co-workers and had to flag down my server for water and more salad dressing (my salad came with a tablespoon of dressing). I asked for togo containers for the pizza and salad and he only brought me a pizza box and I had to ask for a container for my salad. He mixed up the bills. He was able to correct everything. It just seemed like there wasn't enough people/runners for the lunch rush.
By: Gregory L.
Donatos Pizza
I have lived here for about a year and have ordered several times.Love the food but it is just one mistake after another....incorrect toppings... late delivery.... wrong pizza delivered etc. Waited nearly 2 hours last weekend for them to get it straightened out. The delivery staff seem to be confused and the pizza is inconsistent. Obviously the employees at this store dont care... think we will start making the drive to the Pataskala store or stick with Flyers or Dominos
By: Ken M.
The Pizza House
This place used to have awesome food but they recently changed their meats and it ruined the subs and salads, the meats now taste cheap & slimey and the salami taste like vinegar somehow. I hope they get a clue and enough complaints to go back to the great quality meats they used to serve!! All of the awards on the walls are back from when they served quailty food!!
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By: Larry H.
Minelli's Restaurant & Pizza
Being from the Chicago area, I've yet, found a pizza pie that could come even close to what I'm use too, then, this past Saturday I picked up a pizza pie from Minelli's and to my surprise it was superb and reminded me of what I've missed from back home. It's probably the best tasting pizza I've had si CEO I moved here in 2003. 5 stars to the team at Minelli's.
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By: Carole T.
Plank's Cafe & Pizzeria on Parsons
Went there to try something different. I had the hot roast beef with potatoes. I thought the price of 9.50 was abit steep. Too much gravy on it which really didn't taste good. Asked for stuffing which was extra and had to return it. Was mushy. Like the atmosphere. Next time I'll get pizza or a sub.

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