By: eric.lane.710
Village Car Store Inc
I had been looking at used cars for 2 weeks, then was ready to buy. I just sold my car so needed my new wheels quick. Had a list of car lots and specific cars from the internet. Traveled from all over Columbus,to Pataskala, to Lancaster, to Delaware. It was the end of the third and last day of my buyer's grace period, and I was on my last nerve and heading home. I remembered stopping at The Village Car Store during my "shopping around" stage and it was only minutes from my house so I decided to swing by. The very nice young man I spoke to previously greeted me. All the cars there are high quality and I explained my situation and test drove several cars. Unfortunately, although very tempted, they were just a little beyond my budget. This is a family owned business (father & sons). I was asked what my limit was, and the young man went in to talk with dad. When he came back out he said "hold on, my dad wants you to look at a car." They brought around a 2003 Ford Taurus SE. There was only minor body dings/scratches and the interior looked brand new/spotless. Electric seats AND pedals, then test drive made it more inviting. "You can have it at your price out the door." "Huh!?" Was able to have my mechanic give it a good look and thumbs up. Done deal and very happy! To be truthful, I just about felt like part of the family. What a world it would be if we had more people like this. Great car buying experience!
By: deezign_pro
Hatfield Subaru
Fantastic place to purchase a vehicle or to have one worked on! I had our car in for service today and they went above and beyond and did a beautiful job washing the car as well. The General Manager (Freddy Tamayo), Service Manager (Tim Kerrigan), Service Advisor (Frank Guinta) and others were helpful, friendly and professional. Tyson Harris (a Salesman) struck up a conversation with me while I was there, and he was very nice. They have a beautiful new dealership that is accross the road from where they were. It's super nice. Our daughter love the children's play room - where I watched a movie with her. I overhead a salesman do a thorough job explaining the ins and outs of the new car the person was there to buy. There was trail mix to snack on and a variety of drinks to choose from, as well as comfortable chairs and a television in the waiting area.I walked outside and took a look at some cars. They were clean and I looked more than once down a row of cars to see how straight they were. I've worked at dealerships before, and that wasn't easy. A couple of other cool things were the super fast service entry doors! The other was a huge fan in that area. All in all I was treated very well. The atmosphere was professional, and staff was helpful. I love our Subaru, and would highly recommend them. It's roomy, has a nice ride, and the all wheel drive gets around excellent in the snow. Thanks so much Hatfield Subaru!
By: 1satisfiedcustomer74
Jack Maxton Chevrolet - North High
I was looking for a vehicle in a specific price range. Additionally, I was looking for something with a little bit of muscle, lower miles and a decent price. I talked with Bob Bricker, sales manager and Dusty Lenz, sales rep. They found a few different options for me and we discussed some different financing plans. My credit isn't horrible, but it isn't perfect, either. When I had finally decided on a car, they called me back and told me about a different vehicle that they had just taken on trade that day. It was a perfect match to what I was looking for. 2005 Dodge Magnum, RT. The vehicle was in great shape, though there were a few things that needed fixed. When I asked them, they worked that into the deal and I still came in almost 2000.00 below KBB on the vehicle. I had one other issue with the car, discovered after having it for 4 days. I called and they had a technician fix it for me...for free. No questions, no haggling, no arguing. I will, without a doubt, purchase many more vehicles from this dealership. They were honest and straightforward and worked with me to ensure I got the very best deal possible. Couldn't be happier with the experience.
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By: Zach S.
This place was awesome! I literally had been looking for a car for weeks, when a friend told me about this place. I was greeted immediately after I stepped out of my brothers van, they were polite, well dressed, and knowledgeable. The salesman even told me he didnt want to me sell me the car that first caught my eye because it had problems and they were getting rid of it to a wholesaler. When I found my baby (its a 2005 audi a4 convertible) they let me take a nice test drive, and even offered me a soda. Car ran great, and after a year its gave me ZERO problems. They sold me the car for about $1000 less than kelly blue book value of a private party sale. Thats amazing for a used car lot. They threw in a 3 month warranty for free, and even gave me CADH for sending a buddy in who bought a car. Very nice place, good people, great cars, friendly service, and super low prices. What more could you ask for.
By: Michelle W.
JD Byrider
This is just a preliminary review as I just purchased the vehicle a few days ago. So far so good. My sales person was Carl Peterson and I would say that he was very helpful in getting me into a vehicle. Yes, I have some credit challenges but I would say that the price of the vehicle was a lot more than it is worth and I know that once everything is said and done, I am not going to have something worth anything. That is the chance that people like me have to take. I did like the fact that they will defer your down payment if you don't have all of it upfront. My monthly payment is doable. The person I spoke with at the finance company, CNAC, was also helpful. I only hope that this experience is a good one but like I said, so far so good.
By: George T.
Hatfield Kia
I have purchased many Kia cars from Hatfield. I recently had my wife's Kia Soul in for service. It only ha d 32000 miles on it but the A/C had quit. Found out that freon was low. I was originally told when I called that it was under warranty. The AC unit was under warranty but low coolant was not. The service manager was very sorry and polite about the bad information and took care of the problem anyway. This was a $190.00 mistake on their part but were very apologetic and professional. Thank you Hatfield. You didn't have to do that but you have a customer for life. Also my salesman ( Dustin Durzo ) was very helpful and got the best rate for us. Very honest young man.
By: sandy.duggan2
Mcmahon Truck Leasing
Awesome customer service,parts in stock and fast service turn around times! I own a 2007 Hino 338 that was overheating and it ended up being estimated at $1800. By the time it was done Steve had saved me $200 making the bill $1600! Thanks! And I should also mention that they were finished with my truck about 4 hours AHEAD of schedule and shes running much better and even a little stronger I think. Although I live in South Carolina anytime we are on the road near Columbus I will use them for any needs I have! Even I just need an oil and filter change I highly recommend them!! Thanks Columbus Truck! Thanks Steve,Tim and the unknown mechanic who did the work! :)
By: jvitullo
Germain Mazda of Columbus
My buying experience was excellent from start to finish. I purchased a new CX-5, which is the top-rated CUV on the market. My sales team was professional, honest and transparent with pricing. They even drove to Indiana to intercept a new delivery of the exact model I wanted, and matched the lowest price of their competitors. Their facility is new and modern, and the sales team has been with the Germain family for years. They know how to treat the customer right so they will become a repeat customer. I highly recommend them over the other local Mazda dealers, with whom I did not have such a good experience during my research phase.
By: Kayla D.
Sharpin Motor Sales
Purchased a car from here for our daughter. Dan was our salesperson. He was great. Went in for one car and someone was test driving it. Dan showed us another car and we took the information and pictures to show our daughter. This all happened on a Saturday afternoon. Dan was willing to meet us that Sunday afternoon if we wanted. Monday we went back to purchase the car. Our daughter test drove the car and loved it. Perfect car for our daughter. Dan was excellent to work with. Would do business with them again.
By: zandernat
Auto Spot Columbus
If you want a fair price for your car that you want to sell. go see J.B. at the Auto Spot. I don't know why the Yellow Page listing says that the business is not open. It is. JB is a no nonsense, honest person who gives everyone a fair deal. He told another guy who wanted to buy everything that he knew about the car he was interested in. Pay what you agreed to if you want to buy. I had a very positive and hassle-free, no pressure experience here and I'm going to buy my next car from him, too.

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