By: megan_sue
Family Garden Chinese
one of my favorite Chinese restaurantsThe food is really good..never had anything I did not like-love the moo shu veggie -- but why I really like this restaurant is the girl who takes the orders. She is nice and she always brings the food out to my brother and I. The rest of the staff was also very nice once helping me find my car keys I had dropped in the dark parking lot denoting considerable time to help me find them which in my panic I appreciated.I also like that they have no problem with special requests I have made and they even charge you the same when they add an extra veggie or even less when I requested just broth when I was fasting drinking only fresh juices, herbs and broths as part of a health building program to try to beat a recent cancer diagnosis. I'm on day 47 of my planned 120 day juice fast and I am sure I will be in to get more delicious broth which helps tide me over when I start craving food. . Awaiting the day when I can again eat some of the many choices.I was just talking to another patron who said he liked the food so much there that it is the only Chinese restaurant he goes to. He could not have made a better choice..not the fanciest but a great little place located near Eastland mall in a nearby shopping center off Hamilton road south of refugee one block or so.Great job, staff, on everything from friendliness, price, service and of course, yummy. attractive food.So glad we live close by..I believe they are friendlier than most of the other Chinese restaurants I have been to and a little more willing than some of the restaurants to make adjustments/special requests for the customers. At restaurants that refused to do this, I don't go there anymore as the request is simple and It makes me feel they are not concerned about their customers..here they are concerned in your happiness and dining pleasure and I like that. I feel better when I see the server's friendly smile.They would get even more kudos from me if they would offer brown rice and even more veggie dishes as well as I am trying to eat more vegan and healthier than before. I hope they will consider this request as I am seeing more and more Chinese restaurants offering brown rice and vegetarian entries than ever. As more people are wanting to eat whole grains and are going vegetarian or vegan or at least cutting back on meat so if they offer more of this, they can please both meat eater and those on a plant based eating plan.
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By: Kim C.
Kids Learn & Care
I have two kids that go here and they have thrived to the fullest. They were at a previous day care and my son did not like it there and was always acting out. Today he is very advanced as well as my daughter thanks to the teachers there. They love it so much that on the weekends they ask if they are going to school today!I used to be a preschool teacher and understand how hard it is to keep up with the daily worksheets and fall to human error as well, but again we are all human ( don't understand how the previous person who wrote a review received a sheet if their child wasn't there- maybe they should of checked the date on the sheet first). My children do nothing but talk about their day and their teachers. Ms. Tara is the owner and she is so nice and is always there to help you. I was in a tough situation personally and had to find care fast and came across this facility- I was impressed with how well my children became attached to the teachers and how much fun they were having. I have never had a problem with communication with anyone there. Please don't take one bad review from a disgruntle parent, this facility has only been open for almost a year, Please go and check this place out. I would love to work here if I was going to go back to teaching preschool. This facility is always clean and is very friendly- I like that its private as well!
By: Elizabeth H.
Chop 5
I went with a friend on Monday and I believe they opened on the previous Friday. We were welcomed and the people who worked there were friendly and courteous. The problem is the price and the food. The lettuce was saturated with water. Even before they added the lettuce the silver bowl it was mixed in had at least a cup of water just laying in it. You have basically a huge bowl of lettuce with 5 ingredients for $8.00 I can go down the road to Jason's Deli and get as many toppings as I can put on my salad for the same price. Or go to Chipotle down the road and have unlimited ingredients in my bowl for one price (except an additional price for guacamole) I will not go back because the taste was primarily...water! They measure the 5 toppings that you add to the copious amount of lettuce and let me tell you, the measurement is SMALL. I was so excited to try it and I believe it is one of a kind premiering in Columbus. While I wish them success, they will need to step up their game with the food!
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By: Tabitha A.
Mary's Little Lambs
My kids have been in this daycare since it has opened on the south side of columbus and they love it. The owner ms Tiffany is such a great professional woman and the staff is freaking awesome every one there s treats the kids like there own the go above and beyond. This day care is the most cleanness I have ever seen every night that I walk in to get my kids it smells great. My kids has learned a lot my daughter is now potty trained and doing very well and my nephew who I had custody have didn't talk but after his frist week there he came home talking non stop they learn a lot my daughter is two and she knows here days of the weeks and her colors some letter and so much more and to top it off its a Christian base daycare my daughter says her pray every time she eats anything. I love this day care and if you have kids this daycare is the place to bring them You better get in now because by next year she will have a long waiting list that's how good this daycare is its going to take off
By: danfmsa
Texas de Brazil
I've been to Texas De Brazil in Columbus 3 times since they opened a few weeks ago! The steaks were excellent and the service was very good. Being from Brazil I am used to going to some of the best Brazilian Steak houses all over Brazil. In Brazil the best steak houses are known for having the best service in the restaurant business which is what separates them from one another. At Texas de Brazil they value service experience as they are well staffed with very friendly and well trained gauchos who help make the experience as great as it can be. I liked how their managers were constantly coming by our table and asking what our favorite cuts of meat were so they kept those coming non-stop to our table. The grill manager, the GM, the head cheff , the gauchos, and the servers all do a very good job. And my favorite part is that all gauchos speak Portuguese even if they are not Brazilians!
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By: Sabrina N.
Connected Pathways-Early Learning Center
Emily's statement about the Director at the Easton location is accurate. She is incompetent and EXTREMELY unprofessional. However, the other location at Northland is pretty decent. At the time my children attended the Northland Center, Ms. Dee was the Director. She is a polished professional and will address any concerns a parent may have with regards to your child's care. Should you have any issues, bypass the directors, if they are not sensible and contact the owner. He will try within his ability to resolve the issue. Overall, my experience with Connected Pathways was not the worst, nor was it the best. The management staff @ Connected Pathways, with the exception of the current Director at Easton, are better than most daycares, I have dealt with since I arrived to Columbus. I hope this will help your make an informed decision. :)
By: cmh1977
Fundamental Learning Center
I sent my three year old here after my wife decided she wanted to go back into the workforce. We looked around and this place kept coming up. We decided to check it out since it was convenient to our work downtown and our house in the NW suburbs. I am so glad we did check it out. My son seems to really enjoy it here and his teachers seem really in touch with children and a true desire to work with the little ones. I also have had nothing but a positive response with regard to the management, the director has been there for over a decade and it seems she has gotten the place running seamlessly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to my work colleagues with children. Overall a great place to send your kids.
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By: Lamonnia T.
Connected Pathways-Early Learning Center
Sabrina, I feel that was personal attack against the director. Myself personally I have not had ANY issues with the daycare. Every time that I took my son they treated him as if he was one of their own. The director has been nothing less that a wonderful person in my experience and what interaction that I have seen with other parents. I have never seen any side of RATCHET from the director nor teachers. My son came home every day with a smile on his face of all the new things that he learned everyday. I give nothing but respect to all the staff and teacher at the Easton location and we have been their for 3 years. Thank you to the entire staff that made my son happy to be at daycare EVERYDAY.
By: Amber W.
Bobbsie Twins Child Care
This daycare was perfectly fine. Until I had to switch my children over. I had became quite concerned when I came to the knowledge that all age groups were in the same groups. Which was OK until one of my children came home with multiple bruises and marks from the older children's at the daycare. According to my child he had been biten, pinched and even punched by a older child at the daycare. When I informed the daycare of the things my child had told me. I was told I should find somewhere else to go, and that the older children can't keep there hands to themselves. Due to this I had decided to change daycares. Unless your child is old enough to speak, I wouldn't reccomend this facility.
By: Abli A.
Moonlight Childcare Center
I often think how fortunate I have been to have such a wonderful place for one my daughter to spend her time while I'm at work. Nothing can be more comforting for a working parent than to know their child is being well cared for by people who have the same values, hopes, and dreams. As parents, we want to feel that our children are safe. I feel 100% comfortable leaving my daughter there and she reassures me every day that she feels safe there, too. The staff at Moonlight is very professional and caring, and it is obvious that they absolutely love what they do. I recommend every parents to Moonlight.

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