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By: cbusmom
Central Ohio Eye Care Inc
Dr. Lamar Zigler is a good doctor and thorough, but, in my opinion, this office is more concerned about making money than in making happy customers who love their eyeware. I was charged for a contact lens exam after I specifically said I did not need one (I only needed glasses). The whole reason I specifically asked to NOT have a contact lens appointment was because I was so shocked at the cost of one at my last appointment. I was staying in the same lenses and just needed a renewed prescription, but for some reason I had to be "fitted" for the lenses that I had worn for years. The prices that they charge seem to be VERY inflated as well (much more than what my insurance company will cover, and also much more than other offices I have now priced out.) The glasses that they made for me were way too big, and I could not see out of them properly (everything looked very tiny, I would get dizzy wearing them, and they fell way down below my nose so I constantly had to adjust them). I spoke with the eyeglass technician and her response was that I should keep them for a while and perhaps my eyes would adjust to them. The glasses were ridiculously expensive because I was talked into buying a designer brand, and after having them for over a year neither my eyes, nor the size of my head head has gotten "used to" these glasses. I have mostly worn contacts this past year, unless in an absolute emergency. I have since moved to a new doctor after going to this practice for a few years. They checked my glasses prescription and said the strength was wrong (much too strong) and that it was very obvious my glasses did not fit, nor could that frame fit my head (it was too wide).
By: jenniferr.kellar
Paul's 5th Avenue Catering
excellent food, excellent service!!!...i had the crabcake dinner- they were the best crabcakes i have ever eaten...and they didn't even need tarter sauce...my side dish was the au gratin potatoes- pretty tasty and something different from the common baked potato, which i can easily make at home...each dinner came with salad or soup, as an appetizer...i choose the salad...it was a nice size, for a pre-meal salad...my honey choose the southwest bean soup for his appetizer item...i didn't taste it, but he seemed pleased...his main dish was the chicken parmigiana, which was very yummy, and broccoli...the glasses were small, but the waiter was happy to bring us our own pitcher of iced tea, so we didn't have to keep asking for refills...and the complimentary bread with herb butter was also super good (and limit-less, which is great for those that love bread : )...we choose not to have dessert, as we were both good and full from our meals, but i would have choosen the chocolate cake, had we given into our sweet-tooth cravings...the server was friendly and happily took our picture when i asked him to do so...i would recommend this restaurant and we will be going back again, when we are ready for another nice dinner out...
By: Martha K.
Metro Health
When I registered at this school, I signed the policies, procedures, class schedule and clinical schedule and was given directions to the clinical site in order to plan for classes and the practical clinical experience. I was also given the option to take the STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) course which includes the clinical requirement or the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) which is the course without the clinical requirement. I am sure the registration records are in the administrative office and believe anyone who says they were not given this information is lying. This is a great school and I would highly recommend this school to any intelligent and responsible individual who needs to take the STNA or CNA course.Martha K.
By: lola.conrad.5
I am surprised to find this place with such low ratings...and I tend to be pretty critical overall. Still, I generally only review places that I'm happy with because I don't enjoy being negative. You'd have to really mess up to make me give you one star. I'm just good-natured like that :) However, I've only been there once so maybe my pleasant experience was just a fluke. The pulled-pork sandwich I had was great, and I left with a smile on my face. I am looking forward to checking it out again in the near future! I didn't check the dates on past reviews, but I'm really hoping that the place just experienced some hiccups in their early days and have since overcome them.
By: mcdriver
Light Spa USA
I was skeptical at first about how effective blue light therapy would be on my psoriasis. It started with spots on the skin of red inflammation, followed by flaky dry skin on those areas. It had spread across my calves and put random dime-sized areas on my arms, back, and thighs. After a few weeks of daily 12-min treatments, it was obvious the blue light was making a difference. In a few months the worst areas on my legs showed an 80-90% improvement. The smaller areas completely disappeared. No hi-priced medicines that compromise your immune system are necessary. I don't have to cover up my body anymore. Blue light therapy restored my hope in defeating psoriasis.
By: kateq2012
Light Spa USA
My acne has always been a problem for me. I have started taking medication for it and it has improved it a great amount. However, I still have the occassional breakout. With the blue light therapy, my skin clears up in a matter of days. I did 4 sessions of blue light over the course of 6 days and my skin is almost completely clear. I'm now doing redlight to help with discoloration and after each session I notcie how smooth and soft my skin is. Such a great facility! I would recommed Light Spa USA to anybody!
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By: Kathleen K.
Affairs by Beth
We used Affairs by Beth Catering for our father's memorial luncheon and were very satisfied. She was patient and gave us all the time we needed to discuss the menu and the details. The food was very good, the tables were decorated beautifully, the servers were friendly and they even packed up leftovers for us. I recommend the potato casserole and green beans with ham. The whole experience was pisitive and they made it all very easy for us during a very difficult time in our lives.
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By: George A.
I live on the east side so I do not get there as often as I would like to, but I love this place. When I get the Dispatch on Thursday, the first thing I do is go to the local section and look at the Carfagna's ad. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Their Pasta Sauce is way better than Ragu and Prego (... and you can buy it at Kroger which I do.) They are even good at replying to Facebook messages. (At least they have been with me.)
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By: Kim K.
Affairs by Beth
My sister and I used Affairs by Beth for my Father's memorial luncheon on very short notice and for 90 people. Sandy the owner quickly met with us at our home, helped us with everything we asked for at a great price. Sandy immediately called our facility and took care of everything from that point. The food, service and display was excellent! Sandy and her staff are true professionals, you won't be sorry for choosing Affairs by Beth.
By: kateq2012
Light Spa USA
I am a nurse and have been dealing with neck, shoulder, and back pain for years. I was skeptical at first, but after I tried the red light therapy consistanly, I found that I was using less medication to control my pain. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the the little wrinkles around my eyes and forhead have lessend significantly, and my skin looks more smooth and vibrant! I hightly reccomend Light Spa USA!
Tips & Advices
There are many different providers and plan types, so  shopping for life insurance can be complicated. The first step involves understanding the type and amount of life insurance you need. From there, use online tools or contact local insurance agents to get quotes on rates and learn about how to apply.
The cost of a life insurance policy is determined by two things: the guaranteed benefit amount and the individual risk of the policyholder. The latter is more complicated, and includes many  factors, including health, age, and  occupation. As of May 2017, a 30-year-old woman purchasing a 20-year, $250,000 term life policy can expect to pay about $141 per year. For comparison, a 60-year-old woman purchasing the same policy can expect to pay $1,033 per year. Since women have longer life expectancy on average than men, the latter can expect to pay slightly more. The same 20-year, $250,000 term policy will cost a 30-year-old man $156 per year on average.
Certain specialized policies may provide income replacement in the event of disability, disease, or another situation where it may be impossible to work and medical expenses are high. One common alternative is known as an “accidental death and dismemberment” policy. AD&D policies work similarly to term life plans, but will only pay out death benefits when a fatality is caused by an accident, or if the policyholder loses a limb or the ability to see or hear. Death from a heart attack or cancer, for example, is usually not covered by AD&D, but these policies might offer lower premiums than a standard term plan.
Many adults with children choose to buy a term life plan that covers them from the birth of a child until they turn 18, which is often the most cost-effective way to insure against the risk of income loss from unexpected death. While it  is possible to save enough cash or invest to provide even more funds in case of such an emergency, investing is subject to more risk of loss than a life insurance plan, and accumulating enough savings to provide a sizeable safety net can be difficult.
Whole life and universal life plans are each considered a type of “permanent life insurance.” Universal life is often similar in concept to whole life, but offers more flexibility in premium payments and cash withdrawals. For example, you might be able to temporarily pause or reduce premium payments at any time under a universal policy. It’s also often possible to borrow from what you’ve already paid into the plan or against a guaranteed death benefit in the form of a loan.

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