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By: tooblessed1014
Salon One
I moved here from out of town and I needed a hair stylist. I am very particular on who does my hair. I don’t allow everybody to do my hair because everybody can’t do hair. I went online and came across Salon One. I am so happy that I went to Salon One because my hair is fabulous!! My hair stylist name is Paris and she has done a wonderful job on my hair. Paris is sweet, kind, respectful, funny, sophisticated, and professional. She provides excellent service! When I book my appointments, she is on time and she doesn’t have me seating there for hours. She doesn’t overbook and has me in and out on time. She does natural hair and weaves. She did two sew ins for me and I loved it! When I first met her, she asked me what was my hair goal because my hair was thin, short and damage. I told her I wanted my hair to be long and thick. She has been working on achieving this goal and I am very pleased with the results. My hair has grown thick and has length. She doesn’t put any damage chemicals in my hair to make a quick buck. Every product she puts in my hair she explains why and how it works. My family and friends love my hair!
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By: Voodo D.
Nefertiti Salon & Spa
Excuse me Nancy from Chicago I've been coming to the salon Nefertiti for years and I have referred my friends and my family and no one has ever complained about her she is very professional she has graduated from top of her class at least she has a beauty license not like other salons here lie about it and work work illegally i'm sorry but I was there that day and the bridal party was very crazy very demanding never liked anything they were going ballistic crazy like I've never seen people act before in my life she was very professional even after they disrespected her and her own business and continued working on the bride and the bridal party now if I was not happy with my service I would walk out and not let them finish but Arab people like the bridal party just stayed talk down to her trashed her and her business and then gets on the site to trash her again that is low class and trashy people and I don't like to be like that but I have one thing to say since I was there you can't make ugly pretty
By: dawncrump
lucynoelle beauty shop & day spa`
The staff is very friendly and talented. The nail tech Alison and the owner Krista are the best in Columbus at what they do. Do not judge a book by its cover. This salon is less than two years old and growing so they aren't in the greatest building but if you can get past that which they cannot control you will believe and begin to support these woman. They are excellent in what they do and treat us like family. They are moving to a new location this year and I'm sure these judgemental comments will change. I had a groupon and received the best massage ever from Toya. I've since been back to get nails by Ali and lashes by Krista. I am a supporter for life. I don't need a fancy building and high prices to get the best results in Columbus Ohio.
By: dan.adkins.5
Ange's Pizza
My girlfriend and I thought we would try Ange's out, it was new, local, seemed like it may be nice? We ordered a large pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, and banana pepper and a large garden salad. The salad was up to expectations and was generally pretty generous although seemed to be very lettuce heavy (IMHO). The pizza was no better, while I think it may have been much better had it been cooked all the way through, it was fairly doughy. The pepperoni's, banana peppers, mushrooms, looked like they had barely been cooked and the pizza was just barely eatable. Maybe we just had a bad experience, but since this was my first time, I can't assume it gets too much better. Side Note: The guy taking their orders was severely confused and befuddled.
By: kimberli.brown2
Teen Challenge Resale Shop
this store is the best! consignment shop quality with thrift store prices! the store, the merchandise is clean, neat and arranged orderly.... not a whole lot of "digging" required. the people who work there are amazing and incredible too! friendly and loving... the atmosphere makes whoever walks in the door feel comfortable and loved.... a place friendly for fun, quick browsing.... you never know what treasure you'll find! and the best part? not only are you getting something you or your family needs or even wants for an amazing price - but you are helping an organization help people get their lives right so they can be a positive part of society too! if you are ever in columbus,ohio you definitely have to check it out! ;)
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By: Danielle H.
Pascarti Hair & Nail Spa
Very good job overall. They had speedy service, I was attended to within minutes of stepping in the door. Vivianne(?) was the girl who serviced me. After hearing a general idea of what I wanted, she offered up her handmade dip powder ( I needed a more neutral color because of work). The staff was considerate, I got offered a drink within 15 minutes of being there. The price is a little steep, I don't think I would come back every two weeks to get it redone; but definitely worth coming back in general. Especially if vivianne was my nail tech. She made sure (very very sure) that my nails were even and buffed the nail tips so well, I couldn't feel the difference between my nail and the fake tip. Highly recommend!
By: Tina B.
Wings & More
Gigantic food portions. Beautiful in appearance. The food is very fresh and smells great. They always deliver either early or on time. There are no sick games when it comes to the quality of their food - clean, healthy servings. The fried chicken is golden and cooked evenly and the Cole slaw is delicious. The delivery drivers are really nice and that good customer service makes their food taste even better. It's nice having a restaurant that gives nice service and meals during the various hours of the night and makes it possible for the customers to have a worry-free (no pranks) meal. You can enjoy the food. The servings are hughmungus-worth every dollar. I recommend them highly. I receive great service.
By: Sally D.
One More Time
I'm a bit shocked by the other comment on this site. I have never had a bad selling experience with this store (even when they did not accept some of my things). They will donate items to charity that they cannot accept if you opt for them to or if you don't pick them up within a week or two but it is your responsibility to follow up if you drop stuff off. Thats fair in my book. The store is huge and always stocked with stuff. They get items in every day of the week too and I like their staff. Its too bad more people haven't taken the time to leave feedback because I've only ever heard good things about this place and have been shopping here for over 10 years.
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By: Sara A.
Nefertiti Salon & Spa
I disagree with what the women before me wrote. I am one of the customers who visit this salon regularly. I don't know what happened exactly, but I am pretty sure that that was not true and will never be.I would never let anyone touches my hair other than the owner of this salon she is such an experienced hairstylist and i have been coming here for 3 years. Once a month. Sometimes twice. I would highly recommend her for my friends and enemies.. If there is a doubt about what I said try it yourself.Great service, best morals, and she gave me the most wonderful look I would ever dream to be. I cannot thank her for how beautiful I am today.
By: cindi.crane
The Pizza House
I had been coming to Pizza House usually in the daytime for lunches for many years but recently my schedule changed so I had been stopping in in the evening for food to go, I won't be going here anymore, just tired of going in and getting these young nasty girls that run the ToGo orders and the Pickup, I don't know if these are the owners grand daughter's or what but they are disrespectful and rude and I have had enough of the attitudes, you don't want my business, that is fine, PLENTY of other Pizza Places around Columbus! These youngins need reigned in or they will eventually have the place shut down after Grandpa retires!

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