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By: cbusmom
Central Ohio Eye Care Inc
Dr. Lamar Zigler is a good doctor and thorough, but, in my opinion, this office is more concerned about making money than in making happy customers who love their eyeware. I was charged for a contact lens exam after I specifically said I did not need one (I only needed glasses). The whole reason I specifically asked to NOT have a contact lens appointment was because I was so shocked at the cost of one at my last appointment. I was staying in the same lenses and just needed a renewed prescription, but for some reason I had to be "fitted" for the lenses that I had worn for years. The prices that they charge seem to be VERY inflated as well (much more than what my insurance company will cover, and also much more than other offices I have now priced out.) The glasses that they made for me were way too big, and I could not see out of them properly (everything looked very tiny, I would get dizzy wearing them, and they fell way down below my nose so I constantly had to adjust them). I spoke with the eyeglass technician and her response was that I should keep them for a while and perhaps my eyes would adjust to them. The glasses were ridiculously expensive because I was talked into buying a designer brand, and after having them for over a year neither my eyes, nor the size of my head head has gotten "used to" these glasses. I have mostly worn contacts this past year, unless in an absolute emergency. I have since moved to a new doctor after going to this practice for a few years. They checked my glasses prescription and said the strength was wrong (much too strong) and that it was very obvious my glasses did not fit, nor could that frame fit my head (it was too wide).
By: Becky R.
Mid Ohio Eye Physicians & Surgeons
I have several family members who visit this office, and every one of them, every appointment takes hours. I currently have been in the waiting room 45 minutes, and I know from experience that once we get in a room we will wait that long or more. Once it was because they were learning an electronic record system. Once because someone was out ill. Always a reason. If you really like them, endure the wait. If you just need a routine eye exam, find someone more efficient.
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By: Charlene J.
Breslow Eye Care
A very thorough exam for our 11 year old daughter. Dr. Breslow helped her feel very comfortable with the exam and explained things to her. She absolutely LOVES her glasses (her first) and talks about them constantly. Dr. Breslow explained her eye condition and how it might progress as she ages and what we can do to help her vision. Overall a great experience. Highly recommended!
By: amyd56
Arena Eye Surgeons
I had the best experience w/this surgeon, and surgery than most of my past surgeries. Dr. Utrata was very professional and knowledgable, and made me feel confident about my surgery. The nurses and other staff were all friendly, and most accommodating. The Arena itself is really nice and well kept. I will be returning to Arena Eye Surgeons and to Dr. Utrata in the future.
By: diner96
Central Ohio Eye Care Inc
I would highly recommend Dr. Lamar Zigler and his staff. I have been going to this doctor for almost 20 years. Dr. Zigler is a great doctor and they have wonderful opticians and contact lens technicians. Not the least expensive place in town but it is worth the cost for the quality of care.
By: Victoria B.
Mid Ohio Eye Physicians & Surgeons
Lovely, clean, modern facility with state of the art equipment. Friendly knowledgeable staff and wonderful doctors. Five stars all the way except the wait times. Bring a good book......or three. Appointment times are meaningless. Allow several hours.
Tips & Advices
While the first appointment is the most comprehensive, the majority of appointments with an ophthalmologist begin with a basic eye exam followed by a refraction to test if glasses are needed. Other tests might include an eye muscle coordination exam, a check of pupil response and peripheral vision, slit lamp microscope test to look at the anterior segment of the eye, and an intraocular pressure assessment.
Most eye doctors will charge different amounts for their services, but a basic eye exam with an ophthalmologist can range from $50 to $300. Additional tests and treatment will add to the price.
Ophthalmology subspecialties include strabismus/pediatric ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology, retina/uveitis ophthalmology, cornea/anterior segment ophthalmology, ophthalmic plastic surgery, and reconstruction.
Ophthalmologists can diagnose macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, ocular albinism, vitreous traction, cataracts, astigmatism, myopia, retinoblastoma, and many more.
The most popular ophthalmology procedures are cataract, laser eye treatment, and glaucoma surgeries.

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