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By: michael.foster.94849410
Fifth Ave Fret Shop
this is the third time i've tried to give a review for this establishment. something always goes wrong; the info wasn't sent right, the info got lost, the info just never showed up or, this last time the damn thing dissappeared as I was writting it...Any, here goes, for the umpteenth time: This place is very good. Their staff, meaning Sean, is of the utmost knowledgible in town, and possibly in the state. Shawn has performed various tasks for me on my guitars through the yearts and has been always 'spot on' on the diagnosis and treatment of my axes. The Fret Shop has, through the years: upgraded my 98 Stratocaster (standard American - of course - I'm a Union person and being American made is very important to me), that I purchased at Sam Ash in that same year, by installing Sperzel locking tuners, removed the string trees (no need after the Sperzel install), installed Graphtec nut & bridge saddles, performed a set-up, installed new strings (10's, I quickly replaced them with .09's [personal choice] and low & behold it worked! Like it never had worked before. I had various tuning issues and tremolo problems and now they were all insignificant, due to the work that the Fret Shop did for me. They refrettted a Gibson Les Paul Studio model (1983 - American) for me, not long after that. How many of you players out there reading this have ever owned a guitar long enough to have had a refret done? Not many, I'll wager.They performed a set up w/bone nut replacement on my brand new Les Paul Goldtop Deluxe that I bought this past summer. It was $167.00 but it was done very professionally and looked great, even with the small scrapes that were part of the nut work replacement on ther 'Paul'. Sean touched them up. He originally told me that: It might happen, and if it did, he would touch it up so it wouldn't be noticeable to me, and that the tuning problem with my brand new American made by Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop limited issue of 500 worldwide with the Gibson one year warranty might not be addressed by the new 'bone' nut replacement, but that it might fix it. The guitar played fantastic, looked fantastic, sounded fantastic but it wouldn't stand up to basic blues stretches; bending, vibrating etc. The 'G' and others would not come back in tune. I've worked on, and played, electric guitars for over 40 years. I know all about the 'pinch of graphite in the nut slots' (Gibson's answer to the problem), how to stretch new strings, how to install new strings (these were the factory installed strings installed the way they (Gibson) says to install them, bridge adjustments with the 'tune-o-matic' nashville bridge that Gibson makes all this undo fuss about so it wasn't just me, or my ears. Sean heard it as well. This story had a good ending though, I ended up trading the guitar back in (the inital no questions asked return period had expired), took a financial hit of $1,149.00 (the amount I originaly paid [$2,149.00] minus the $1,000.00 they gave me for it as a buy back deal), for a '95 Strat Plus with cinnimon burst finish w/maple neck that is just drop dead gorgeous. I've had no problems with this new Strat since then (this past few months). Eventually I'll have the Fifth Ave.Fret Shop set it up and lube it etc. but for now, it's really a sweet guitar.
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By: George A.
Fifth Ave Fret Shop
I have had many guitars set up and repaired over the years, and have never been disappointed. Both PhilAnd Sean do excellent work. My most recent repair and set up was for an Epiphone es335. Previously they did a Gibson Lespaul, plus several others. The intonation, action and any needed repair has always been first class. I feel a bit apologetic for taking so long to write a review, but better late than never.

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