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By: Margo M.
Joslyn Law Firm
I am a current client of Mr.Joslyn. Before initially retaining an attorney I spoke with many highly recommend lawyers, and after my first phone conversation with Mr.Joslyn, I knew I wanted no one else handling my case but him. Brian spent over 45 minutes speaking with me and for the first time in all of my calls with other attorneys, asked questions to get to know me, not only as a client, but as person. Because of that, Brian was able to have my case sentenced to treatment in lieu of a conviction so that my mistake would not cost me my future and all my hard work and education would not be gone with a felony conviction. His office staff was amazing to me, respectful, helpful, and accommodating as I was traveling from out of state for my court case. On top of everything else, Brian and his staff made financial arrangements with myself and my family that are unheard of! I can tell you that no other attorney would do such. I was arrested for a probation violation in my case, and was worried Brian and his firm would not accept me again as a client as I still owe on my past balance, so I did not contact him. Brian saw my name on the docket when I was in jail for arrangement, came and found me, handled my case so I could post a bond. Not only did he do that without mention of money, a past balance, and most importantly without judgment, he went and spoke with my family in detail for over 30 minutes in the courthouse. As I am sure I am not alone in this, but my family has suffered as much as I have if not more through this ordeal. Knowing that Brian and his firm were there for them, to answer any and all questions, and re assure them that he would do any and everything to make sure I was ok and safe throughout the process, is purely priceless. I would recommend Mr.Joslyn and his firm to anyone dealing with a criminal case. You will not find another lawyer that is so non-judgmental, hardworking, compassionate, and is truly working for your best interest at all costs. I thank Mr.Joslyn and his firm for everything that they have done for me and continue to do.
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By: kvanmarm
Cecil & Geiser LLP
I was involved as a pedestrian in an auto accident back in Ohio, but subsequently moved to another state. When the driver's insurance company kept stalling me claiming they wanted to personally settle with me but drug out my claim for too long a time, I decided to take stronger action. I retained a small firm to handle my case. After six months of what I thought was time being spent negotiating a settlement for me (so I could pay off my medical bills for one thing), I found that the attorney had sat on my information while I believed she was being an advocate for me. She did absolutely nothing but waste my time! I had documented injuries (the other insurance company never denied liability), outstanding unpaid medical bills, ongoing pain and need for physical therapy, a lose of income, a loss of a career and a business I had built up 10 years, all due to the injury. The lawyer handling my case totally ignored medical diagnoses from outstanding orthopedic surgeons and other medical professionals, totally ignored all medical evidence and prognoses and dropped my case! I was in shock and insulted.I researched for a more competent law firm. After a recommendation from a friend I had known for thirty years (and had been involved in a personal injury case with C & G representing her)) I picked Cecil & Geiser who are known for excellent service to their clients . The attorneys from Cecil & Geiser have had the difficult task of handling my case from a distance since I now live in a different state. They have handled each step of the process with patience, compassion, courtesy and professionalism.
By: bike2010
Cecil & Geiser LLP
In May of 2010 I was in an accident, while riding my bike a dog ran out into the road and caused me to have a serious fall. I have no memory of the accident. Luckily I was with friends that took care of me while I was unconscious and waiting for the ambulance. Subsequently, I made several unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the owner of the dog. I took my case to an attorney in an attempt to communicate once again with the owner of the dog but the attorney refused my case. I then talked to Mike Geiser, of Cecil & Geiser.Mike Geiser accepted my case. Shortly thereafter he did some investigating and was able to contact the appropriate party that insured the dog. It took several years for me to recover but through the entire process I felt I was working with the best possible attorney for my personal injury. He was very thorough; he understood all aspects of the law concerning my case, even when the opposing insurance representatives did not. He spent time with me explaining the pros and cons on my situation. His paralegal did an excellent job of organizing my medical files, which were quite extensive. She promptly responded to emails and stayed on top of my deadlines. Recently my case was successfully resolved. Until you work with someone you really do not know what kind of service you will receive and I can tell you that I received excellent legal service with Mike Geiser.
By: Kati N.
Michael R. Szolosi Sr. Columbus Ohio Lawyer
I was given Attorney Siewert's name by a very good friend of mine. I had never been in any kind of trouble and was scared to death to even discuss what may happen to me if found guilty (because I am innocent of course!!) I didn't take the referral right away, in fact I called several different law firms and discussed my situation with them and they all sounded like robots! All they wanted was my money! Every one of them wanted a huge retainer fee as well as making it very clear that during the process of a trial the fees were sure to add on. Not only did they assure me I'd be paying tons of money...they ALL advised me they would take the best deal the judge gave on the first try and warned me I'd be on probation or definitely do community service!!! Finally I called Attorney Mike Siewert and he immediately gave me peace of mind! Not only did he allow me to retain him for what I had available...he offered a payment agreement according to what I could afford!! On top of the very personable conversation and the flexibile rates, Attorney Siewert has taken the time to fight my case! He did WHATEVER it took to get the results we were looking for and he wasn't going to stop until he did! I will ALWAYS recommend Mike Siewert for an attorney to ANYONE in need!
By: Jennifer R.
Cecil & Geiser LLP
In July of 2013 I was in a serious pedestrian accident while walking on the sidewalk. A motorcyclist was hit by a car and came up on the sidewalk and drove right into me. For several weeks I was hospitalized & in a rehab center and unable to care for my daughter. As a single parent, it was my worst nightmare. I was hurt, stressed, worried and all I wanted to do was focus on getting better and getting home to my daughter. Mike Geiser allowed me to do just that. I let the experts do their job, so I did not have to worry about how the medical bills were going to get paid or what I needed to do, they took care of everything. I don’t wish that situation on anyone, but if you find yourself in a similar situation, Cecil & Geiser are the ones that will step in and hold your hand through the process with care. I am very happy with my settlement and will be forever grateful for all that they have done for me. I don’t know how I would have gotten through all of this without their support.
By: john.scior
Dodgion Jeremy
I must admit that Mr Dodgion seemed a bit less concerned about my case in the beginning than I did, however later I realized this was simply because I had never faced the allegations I had been facing. He seemed quite strict in the thouroughness of his staff however his results were just as I asked. I in fact had been writing childrens stories at the time and had devoted one called the tyronnasaurus and the bunny rabbit and devoted it to his daughters who he had introduced me to in his initial consultation. He had in fact been highly recommended from amongst a prosecuter I know of and also another defense attorney. Amidst a sea of trouble he seemed a solid rock if not a beacon during a time of troubles and stormy weather in my life. If you are a Christian or whatever your belief might be. As your faith shall guide ye, Mr Jeremy Dodgion Esq. shall see ye through the storm of your life. Bless him.
By: Ronald B.
Cecil & Geiser LLP
I highly recommend Michael Geiser. Mr Geiser represented me in an auto accident that happened in December, 2012. The other driver was at fault and did not have insurance. My auto insurance tried to rip me off, first by not giving me a fair compensation for my car that was totaled. Then they stated that they did not pay medical bills. It was at that point that I retained Mr Geiser. Mr Geiser came to our house to explain everything. He was extremely prompt in answering any questions or concerns. He also encountered many difficulities with the insurance company, but his patience and persistance paid off. My case has been settled, and I am extremely happy with the results. My wife is still under medical treatment, so her case is still pending; but Mr Geiser has been able to get the insurance company to re-imburse me for the medical bills. Again, I would strongly recommend Cecil & Geiser.
By: Jennifer H.
Greco Anthony Attorney
My husband and I decided after his divorce that we needed to hire a different attorney to represent us for termination of spousal support due to cohabitation. We first met with a private investigator who referred us to Tony after hearing our case. After a short time in our meeting with Tony we knew he was the right attorney for us. He is very knowledgeable, has a great team of attorneys & staff, and will go the extra mile to get the job done. Cohabitation is one of the hardest things to prove but with our private investigator & Tony's expertise I am happy to say we won. We are currently back in court due to his ex-wife appealing the decision but with Tony and his team I know we will be just fine. If you need an attorney to handle your case look no further he is your guy!
By: amdisabato
Cecil & Geiser LLP
I like to call Mike Geiser my guardian angel. I have been in two car accidents and he has represented me both times.I was in a serious car accident a couple years ago with my 5 month old baby. From day one mike came to my house to help. I had no idea what what my future would hold not being able to walk and having to take care of my new baby. Through the entire time mike was by my side. He never let me down. I knew he was always a phone call away and he would be there for me everytime. In the end all my medical bills were paid for and a settlement that changed my life. If I never met mike I'm not sure what would have happened. I would highly recommend Mike Geiser!!! Someone I call my guardian angel, a friend , and someone who changed my life.Thanks Mike!!!
By: Eric B.
Waters Law, LLC
I don't usually leave reviews, especially for something so personal, but I think this can help other people so here I am. Mr. Waters helped me tremendously with a frustrating tax problem that had been plaguing me for years. Within days of our initial conversation, he had things moving along with the IRS to get the issue resolved. I wish I could explain how much stress was relieved when he took over my tax case. He straightened out tax issues for my business and for me personally, and now I can move on with my life and put this behind me. If you have a tax problem, I recommend Waters Law - very professional and I liked his realistic approach to handling my problem.
Tips & Advices
When it comes time to choose a lawyer, you should start by searching close to home. If you do have attorneys you are familiar with, ask who they believe would be best for you. After going through personal references - especially from individuals who had similar needs - you should broaden your search through public information resources. You can call your area's attorney referral service or check legal organizations like Martindale-Hubbell. There are other resources available online, such as yellowpages.com. You can check websites for client reviews and other third-party forms of approval.
If you sign documents and you come across a word you don't recognize, or you need help to navigate important employment or real estate paperwork. Also, during times when personal matters intersect with legal proceedings, you might need to have an advocate to prevent your emotions from getting in the way. If you've been accused of a crime or are in a terrible financial situation, you can find an attorney who will work with what you have available.
When you hire a lawyer, you're agreeing to work with someone over a certain period of time. The more forthcoming the lawyer appears to be with individual needs, the better.
  • You need to ask questions about how the attorney will communicate with you and what responsibilities you hold in the relationship.
  • The attorney should let you know the best channel for quick communication and you need to inform him or her when you want updates.
  • You should also ask questions to get to know the attorney as an individual in order to ensure this is a person you can trust. Ask about their legal philosophy and how he or she views the lawyer/client relationship. Ask as how to keep fees down or what daily disruptions you should expect from a long legal battle.
You need to ask about every possible fee that will come up when working with an attorney. You should request a list of all costs in advance so you won't be surprised by additional expenses like overhead. Also determine exactly when you will start being billed. You want to inspect paperwork carefully. If the attorney charges you for his or her experience, you need to make sure he or she will perform tasks personally and not hand it off to an assistant. Find out if the attorney has a flat fee or charges by the hour. Many civil lawyers work on contingency. Make inquiries about how the lawyer plans to provide service for your money and what you can do if you start to feel unsatisfied with his or her performance.
You can ask how many similar cases they have handled and if they have special skills or training that applies specifically to your needs. Lawyers can't mention clients by name, but you should ask for basic details about identical past cases. You should check their office for the appropriate certifications and diplomas. You can also ask how long he or she has practiced law and request information that demonstrates the practice's success. Look for precise details such as percentage of cases settled out of court.

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