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By: milana.grimnesthornton
Time Warner Cable
Ok, let me clear something up before I write this review. Time Warner does not deserve a 4 star rating, but if you need help with your Time Warner Cable account, this is the number to call. I have put off making a customer service call for weeks now because I had such problems setting up my account. I spent 7 hours on the phone and talked to at least 16 people (not a joke, I wrote down each name as I got a new person on the phone) and finally told them to just come out and shut down my account before anything got taken care of. So when I made this phone call, just to find out why only two devices could sign into wifi and nothing else, I thought that I was going to be on the phone forever. But the customer service rep new just what to do and I was off the phone in 20 minutes with everything working just like it is supposed to! I saved this number in my phone so that I can always call it when I have problems!

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