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By: Marc M.
Sbh Medical
I am a patient with severe chronic pain. I have gone through several in-home nursing services because I need a nurse to administer medicine twice a day intravenously. I have never made it a habit to get to know my nurses because it seems like with every company I hire, the nurses rotate so frequently; I never see anyone twice. After hiring SBH Medical for my home infusions, not only has the compounded medication they made for me dramatically decreased my pain, but the staff is so friendly. They gave me a few nurses so that I know who will be coming into my home on a daily basis, and we can actually have a conversation. SBH Medical’s staff is so refreshing, I will never go for another company again.
By: Deanna G.
Sbh Medical
For years SBH Medical has provided patients with the finest cutting-edge products. Most of the products that this pharmacy has compounded would not have been available to patients elsewhere. Their group of professionals have the creativity and knowledge of these unique formulations. I am so thankful for them being around and giving me the medical care that I have always needed. I lost hope for awhile, then I discovered their work and decided to take a chance and try it. It has worked to my advantage and I have nothing but positive things to say about SBH Medical. It is always a pleasure working with them and they are quick to respond to my needs. They are a great pharmacy!
By: Edward N.
Sbh Medical
Throughout the years, SBH Med has shown true partnership when it comes to helping us with our medical supplies. Not only do they have the knowledge of the market, but they also deliver great customer service! They are truly an asset to our clinic and I can confidently say that they are one of the best out there. We simply call them up and order, and they deliver. They provide us with top notch medical supplies at the best quality and yet at an affordable price. If we have any questions or concerns, they are always accommodating and make us a priority. We will gladly recommend this company to anyone out there who is in need of medical supplies.
By: Robert A.
Sbh Medical
I just want to thank SBH Medical for their services. We first found them for our pet’s medical needs. It was a struggle getting our kitten to take pills, so instead they helped us compound our kitten’s medicine into something tastier. Giving our kitten medication three times a day is now easier and enjoyable. Their personnel is very knowledgeable, and they are very dedicated at their job. They always ensure that the medications are ready when we arrive to pick them up. Their personal attention combined with their technology is truly a success. We highly recommend them if you are looking for a specialty compounding pharmacy.
By: Percy M.
Sbh Medical
I am currently under Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. I was initially briefed by my physician regarding my options such as estrogen/progestin supplements or natural hormones. However, she advised to go for natural hormones rather than synthetic ones. SBH Medical has been supplying me with my needed medications and hormones. From the start of the therapy, their staff has always been very supportive of me. They also ensure that communication is never hindered so that I am able to convey my experiences, which also gives me peace of mind. I am really grateful for having them at my back. Thanks SBH Medical!
By: Harold M.
Sbh Medical
I worked at SBH Medical compounding pharmacy when I finished school. I can say that I am proud to have been an employee under their name. It was a very fulfilling work experience considering it was my first job. As a pharmacist, I can say that SBH is very professional. They have a very systematic operation. All the requests and orders are always documented very well. I have learned a lot in compounding too. I can say that as an insider, they are one of the best compounding pharmacies in Ohio. They are trusted by many health care professionals. I will always take pride with my experience working with them.
By: Richard V.
Sbh Medical
SBH Med is a team of professionals who really care and know what they are doing. I have tried several big chain pharmacies since being sick requires numerous types of medicine for treatment, but I feel so much more comfortable with SBH Med. Their entire staff is incredibly professional and courteous. They go out of their way to make me feel cared for; they have shown genuine concern for me. They also take the time to explain to me the process of what they do, and they make sure to inform me what each medication is for. Plus, they are the only compounding pharmacy in this area. I highly recommend them!
By: Owen L.
Sbh Medical
3.I always recommend SBH Medical to my friends who have a more specific need when it comes to the medication they use, the dosage, and the way they consume this. It’s actually a common situation that most patients get either too much dosage or too little of the drug that they need to heal. But for most doctors, they have no choice but to prescribe what is available in pharmacies — not until SBH Medical made it so much easier for patients to create personalized drugs. This has helped a lot of people who need maintenance drugs and pain relief drugs, that’s catered to their own personal problems.
By: Mary L.
Sbh Medical
SBH Medical has been my ultimate go-to company when it comes to medical supplies. They provide quality products at very affordable rates. Doing business with them is always a smooth and hassle-free process, with the help of their ever friendly and accommodating staff. I have tried other suppliers but I think they always deliver less of what my money is worth. But here with SBH Medical, everything is what it should be. Plus, they also take good care of their customers. Thank you very much, SBH Medical. You guys are the best! I will never find some other supplier. Highly recommended!
By: Rachel B.
Sbh Medical
All I can say is, SBH Medical is an excellent partner. Every time we make our orders, be it basic supplies or more specialized items, they never fail to deliver on time. Also, they are very professional throughout the process and always treat uswell. They are the first pharmacy we have partnered with, and we will not search for any other service provider as we are highly satisfied with the medical supplies they provide. If you are a health institution or an agency looking for high quality medical supplies in Ohio and nearby states, they are the company to trust.

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