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By: Lj B.
Jump Legal Group
Horrible. No communication, tossed from lawyer to lawyer with no notification. It got to a point where I had no idea who was representing me. Filed bankruptcy incorrectly which led me to other huge financial issues. When attempting to contact via email or phone, no response. Very true that once the get their money you are no longer a necessity or priority for them.
By: byolson
Favret Heating & Cooling
Someone needs to call Favret Heating & Cooling that a homeless person stole one of their vans, came to my house, and tried to service my AC unit. Dear God. What a bad experience. I knew they were charging me by the hour, and boy did they try and milk me for every minute.I sat there in the basement and watched this guy work. For 15 minutes he was laying on his back just looking around. I swear he feel asleep. He then attempted to make small talk with me, and as he did ... he stopped working. I'm glad I was paying him to chit chat. Turns out, even though I asked before I called, if they worked on my type of AC unit, they weren't certified on it, and declined to quote me a price or make firm recommendations on repairs.Once he was done, he walked back to his van to fill out the paperwork. I paid for 10 minutes of him "writing" as I saw he added it to my bill. I made a mistake on their hourly rate (admittedly) so I questioned it, but the service person was extremely rude about it. After calling the home office to get confirmation that I was wrong, I went ahead and paid him. Once he got his money ... he just turned around and left. No, "Thank you for your business," or anything.Favret ... Customer Service goes a long way. Tell your employees to tuck in their shirts (or at least button them up) and a "Thank You" can go a long way. Until then, you have lost my business forever.
By: Daniel C.
Jump Legal Group
The people at jump legal group are amazing! I filled chapter 7 bankruptcy i had alot of questions and concerns before and after filling they answered all my questions usually within an hour and if not i never had to wait more then a day. I am very happy i went to jump legal to help me during a stressful time in my life if your looking for someone to help you file bankruptcy or anything else look no further then jump legal.
By: Sherrie M.
Nationwide Cleaners
I'd purchased a Groupon offered by this company but failed to check availability BEFORE I'd purchased. Per the fine print, it was subject to availability. So I'd called immediately that day and spoke with the owner - who had said they had nothing available until May, but that he would check.I called back today, and spoke to the scheduler, told me that they have a limited number of Gpon Slots available and would not be able to schedule until May. I asked if I were to schedule 'regularly' without Groupon, was there availability? She confirmed 2 slots were available next week. They were NOT available for Groupon. She was not willing to negotiate, was snarky about reading the fine print to check availability first. I replied, you have availability. She stated, we can only allocate a FEW slots each week to schedule those vouchers as we need to make a profit, if we didn't limit scheduling of those customers (THEN DO NOT OFFER YOUR SERVICES ON GROUPON OR ANGIES LIST). I pointed out that the company makes NO profit by having open appointments that don't get scheduled at all. After ma'aming me to death, I requested to speak to the manager. She said she was the manager, I asked to speak to the person she reports to, to which she said was the owner. She said he was unavailable. I'd had enough. I immediately called Groupon and got a refund. Maybe this company should change their fine print to say= we place low prioritization on slots we deem applicable. Anyone who purchases this voucher, expect delays as we do not value you the same way we value those who pay full price. These people not only lost my business for this transaction, but for establishing a repeat customer relationship with me for all future carpet cleaning needs. I reread the customer reviews on grouponand can see that this is how this company has treated others who bought this. So the manager was right - I really should have read the "fine print" and followed what other customers thought of them!
By: Barbara G.
Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling
Very professional. Arrived on time and cleaned up when finished. Would highly recommend Atlas Butler.
By: Anon Y.
Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling
Horrible company. Rip off artists. Came to our home and quoted us over $2,000.00 to fix a broken furnace. We called CARE and they fixed the problem for less than $200.00. I didnt realize it, but we called these folks in the summer when our AC went out, same story. Guy got out of his truck, before we had even walked around the house to see my AC unit, and immediately started trying to up-sell me, saying I needed two AC units for my house, which has been cooled well, by one AC unit, for the last 30+ years, since I built the house. I asked him if he at least wanted to see the unit before he started to try and upsell me. So after walking around to see the unit, he quoted me something like $6-8,000.00 to "fix" my AC unit (had to run new ducting, fix this and that, add a second unit, blah, blah, blah). Had another company come out and we were back up and running for less than $500.00. Told the guy that I was not paying the $90 they charge just to come try and rip you off. Guy told me the motor alone would cost $1,000.00, a motor which I was able to find online by Googling my furnace model number, for roughly $200.00, so which part of swapping out a motor (3-4 screws) costs $2,000.00?? RIP OFF ARTISTS!! Guy even admitting that they are the most expensive in town and that there "wasn't much urgency (meaning he didnt have us by the balls) since it was 55 degrees outside and not below freezing. Again, Atlas Butler told us that the motor was burnt out, it was not. Told us the motor costs roughly $1,000.00, it does not. Told us we needed two AC units over the summer, we do not. Told us it would cost $2,000.00 to fix our furnace, it did not. They told us we needed new ducting, we do not. Told us our furnace needs replaced, it does not. Charged us $90 to diagnose a problem with our furnace, at which they failed miserably. There are PLENTY of places that will give you a FREE quote on your HVAC issues, and they might actually know how to do their job!
By: Most P.
Coit Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services of Columbus
For a most pleasant, prompt and courteous team to thoroughly clean your carpet, these folks are #1, hands down. We recommend unreservedly COIT Columbus if you need carpet cleaning from people who pretreat, clean, inspect and review, do a final clean then brush the nap one direction. They even lifted two items of furniture too heavy and awkward for me, then replaced the items exactly where they were. They also exhibited top notch professionalism, work ethic and amiability to boot.
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By: Madison R.
Nationwide Cleaners
I attempted to call and email about my 3 room Groupon that I purchased and NEVER heard back. Do not buy the Groupon.
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By: Myrna W.
Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling
While they do provide service, their primary focus is selling their products and questionable repairs. For instance, I was sold a humidifier and later a technician said that my original one was a better product. No one would later explain why my new one always "needed service" nor did they know how to service it. One even tried to sell me a water heater for well over $1000. Of the other parts/products I was sold, the most disappointing is an expensive air cleaner that is supposed to help with dust. Yet I have experienced no noticeable benefit. The last and final agent I had claimed that even though he doesn't get a commission, the sales help with his promotion to a supervisory position. Don't use this company unless you have money to burn.
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By: Steve S.
Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling
High prices, incompetent maintenance technicians and poorly installed systems are the Atlas Butler way. Stay Away!
Tips & Advices
The most important reason to keep air ducts clean is your health! Particularly if you have allergies, sensitivities, or respiratory issues, it’s important to keep the air quality high--not to mention potentially dangerous molds from building up. It’s also important for the health of your HVAC system. Keeping it clean and well maintained will improve performance and the life expectancy of the HVAC unit.
The most common sources of air duct buildup are the number of people and pets living in the residence, and the air quality in the local area. All of these affect interior air quality. The more dust, dirt, and random air particles floating about, the more that are drawn into the HVAC system.
Mold in the air ducts can be an easy DIY fix. First, turn OFF your HVAC system. Find an approved cleaning solution. Pour or spray the solution on the infected area. Put on protective gear and a mask - you do not want to make contact with the mold (or chemicals! or breathe it in. Scrub the area using disposable towels or brushes, and be sure to check the drip pan and evaporator coils. Vacuum the affected areas after cleaning. Bag all your rags and utensils and dispose of properly. Apply an inhibitor to the affected areas to prevent future growth. It is recommended to call a professional if you have more than 10 square feet of mold as this may be too big of a job, or there might be other/larger issues. Even if you don’t have more than 10 square feet of mold, you can still call a professional to clean it up.
Under normal conditions, standard-use residential ducts (HVAC systems) should be cleaned every three to five years. Usage, system age and condition, local air quality, and number of residents and pets can affect cleaning frequency needs. Harsher conditions might require cleaning as often as every two years. Obviously, if your system is not functioning properly or the output air quality is bad, consult a professional sooner rather than later to get a proper diagnosis.
The best way to know if your cleaning was effective is through improved performance of your HVAC system, ideally. You can have before-and-after pictures taken of the ducts (make sure they are of the intake ducts - the ducts that return air into your room), motor and coils. Another tip is smell – sniff the ducts before and after the work is done. Outside of noticeably improved performance, smell and visual evidence are your best indicators.

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