• 1.Chop 5

    2044 Polaris Pkwy


    12.80 mi


    I went with a friend on Monday and I believe they opened on the previous Friday. We were welcomed and the people who worked there were friendly and courteous. The problem is the price and the food.

  • 2.The Chop Shop

    2159 N High St


    3.18 mi$

  • 3.Chop Chop

    78 Parsons Ave


    0.98 mi

  • 4.Yap Chop Peng

    566 Gumm Pl


    24.47 mi

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By: Elizabeth H.
Chop 5
I went with a friend on Monday and I believe they opened on the previous Friday. We were welcomed and the people who worked there were friendly and courteous. The problem is the price and the food. The lettuce was saturated with water. Even before they added the lettuce the silver bowl it was mixed in had at least a cup of water just laying in it. You have basically a huge bowl of lettuce with 5 ingredients for $8.00 I can go down the road to Jason's Deli and get as many toppings as I can put on my salad for the same price. Or go to Chipotle down the road and have unlimited ingredients in my bowl for one price (except an additional price for guacamole) I will not go back because the taste was primarily...water! They measure the 5 toppings that you add to the copious amount of lettuce and let me tell you, the measurement is SMALL. I was so excited to try it and I believe it is one of a kind premiering in Columbus. While I wish them success, they will need to step up their game with the food!
By: Paul D.
Restaurante PLAYA LARGA
If you are looking for an AUTHENTIC Mexican dining experience in Columbus, run - DO NOT WALK - to Playa Largo! (To give you a clue as to how authentic this restaurant is, the menu is in Spanish and the clientele when I was there was almost entirely of Hispanic or Latino descent.) Absolutely excellent and quite delicious mix of tasty home-style cooking, as well as traditional American/Mexican "fusion" dishes and very near gourmet grade Mexican dishes. Service is at a relaxed pace, and food was served by several members of the cooking staff when I dined there with a friend. Having lived previously in both Texas and Southern California, this humble establishment was exactly what I had been missing! Not for everyone if you prefer familiar Americanized Mexican served at lunch-hour pacing, but If you are somewhat adventurous in your eating preferences, try Playa Largo. You will NOT be disappointed.
By: danfmsa
Texas de Brazil
I've been to Texas De Brazil in Columbus 3 times since they opened a few weeks ago! The steaks were excellent and the service was very good. Being from Brazil I am used to going to some of the best Brazilian Steak houses all over Brazil. In Brazil the best steak houses are known for having the best service in the restaurant business which is what separates them from one another. At Texas de Brazil they value service experience as they are well staffed with very friendly and well trained gauchos who help make the experience as great as it can be. I liked how their managers were constantly coming by our table and asking what our favorite cuts of meat were so they kept those coming non-stop to our table. The grill manager, the GM, the head cheff , the gauchos, and the servers all do a very good job. And my favorite part is that all gauchos speak Portuguese even if they are not Brazilians!
By: Crystal R.
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
We went there for my son's birthday dinner. It was very packed which is expected on a weekend. The gentleman at the front said since it's his birthday he could get a free gourmet burger. Wait time was suppose to be 25 mins but we waited around 45, people who came in after us was somehow seated before us with the same amount of guests. When we were finally seated the table & floor especially was filthy then the waitress informed us that my son couldn't get a free gourmet burger but they would do the birthday song and a sundae. My son didn't get any of that, instead we got crappy service and we didn't even get everything we ordered! Food was good, service crappy! Very disappointed!
By: lola.conrad.5
Lemon Grass Fusion Bistro
Get the lemongrass soup and the biscuit that comes with it. It's ridiculously good. Really, even if you don't get the soup make sure you get the biscuit! The other food itself is fine, but there's nothing to rave about as far as the limited menu items that I've sampled go. I do think the place has gone a little downhill because I've been going here for years and have been a little disappointed as of late, but I'm holding out hope that these were just isolated incidents.
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By: Larry H.
Florentine Restaurant
We were greeted by a waitress who would have rather been someplace else other than at this place. To make things worse the food was not very good. Having been brought up in an Italian community and worked and played in Chicago, I have experienced the best of the best in Italian Charm and food. This was the second class and I find it hard to call it Italiano. 5 thumbs down.
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By: Anne B.
Hy Asian Cuisine Inc
Super great food. Have so many choices, making this place great for a good lunch or indulging dinner. The food is very flavorful, and I really enjoy the Szechuan menu. I've eaten here numerous times and never felt bad, so I don't understand some of the other comments. I really enjoy this restaurant and plan to return. Give this place a try!
By: wendyfire
Siem Reap Restaurant
Tried this earlier with friends... and one had just returned from 7 weeks in SE Asia, so much of the food tasted authentic to her! :) Her portion was smaller and mine larger, but food was good, place looked pretty clean, lots of folks came in to eat, as well as a large party. Great pics with menu/descriptions. Prices very reasonable! :)
By: Timothy B.
Twin Sunlight
I used to live just down the street from this place and took for granted how very convenient it was to have a great Chinese restaurant so close - then I moved away. After 5 years, I've tried many places that just don't compare. I finally got a chance to get take-out here again. It still the best!!!
By: Orion T.
Hy Asian Cuisine Inc
Amazing food! If you are craving flavorful food that leaves your taste buds craving more, and if like eating in a relaxing atmosphere, then you have to check out HY Asian cuisine. Also, the first few pages of the menu are translated into english. Do not fret, just point at a random dish and enjoy!

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