By: tooblessed1014
Salon One
I moved here from out of town and I needed a hair stylist. I am very particular on who does my hair. I don’t allow everybody to do my hair because everybody can’t do hair. I went online and came across Salon One. I am so happy that I went to Salon One because my hair is fabulous!! My hair stylist name is Paris and she has done a wonderful job on my hair. Paris is sweet, kind, respectful, funny, sophisticated, and professional. She provides excellent service! When I book my appointments, she is on time and she doesn’t have me seating there for hours. She doesn’t overbook and has me in and out on time. She does natural hair and weaves. She did two sew ins for me and I loved it! When I first met her, she asked me what was my hair goal because my hair was thin, short and damage. I told her I wanted my hair to be long and thick. She has been working on achieving this goal and I am very pleased with the results. My hair has grown thick and has length. She doesn’t put any damage chemicals in my hair to make a quick buck. Every product she puts in my hair she explains why and how it works. My family and friends love my hair!
By: Elizabeth H.
Chop 5
I went with a friend on Monday and I believe they opened on the previous Friday. We were welcomed and the people who worked there were friendly and courteous. The problem is the price and the food. The lettuce was saturated with water. Even before they added the lettuce the silver bowl it was mixed in had at least a cup of water just laying in it. You have basically a huge bowl of lettuce with 5 ingredients for $8.00 I can go down the road to Jason's Deli and get as many toppings as I can put on my salad for the same price. Or go to Chipotle down the road and have unlimited ingredients in my bowl for one price (except an additional price for guacamole) I will not go back because the taste was primarily...water! They measure the 5 toppings that you add to the copious amount of lettuce and let me tell you, the measurement is SMALL. I was so excited to try it and I believe it is one of a kind premiering in Columbus. While I wish them success, they will need to step up their game with the food!
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By: Voodo D.
Nefertiti Salon & Spa
Excuse me Nancy from Chicago I've been coming to the salon Nefertiti for years and I have referred my friends and my family and no one has ever complained about her she is very professional she has graduated from top of her class at least she has a beauty license not like other salons here lie about it and work work illegally i'm sorry but I was there that day and the bridal party was very crazy very demanding never liked anything they were going ballistic crazy like I've never seen people act before in my life she was very professional even after they disrespected her and her own business and continued working on the bride and the bridal party now if I was not happy with my service I would walk out and not let them finish but Arab people like the bridal party just stayed talk down to her trashed her and her business and then gets on the site to trash her again that is low class and trashy people and I don't like to be like that but I have one thing to say since I was there you can't make ugly pretty
By: brandonc7
Crawford Hair Designers
I had the privilege of having Chuck cut my hair for 20 years of my life. The best 20 years a guy could ask for. Everywhere I went, I always had the best haircut. People were jealous. Since joining the military 8 years ago, I've been completely butchered. I've been to 4 different continents, 10 countries and 32 states and have yet to find a barber that even comes close to Chuck. Recently, I was blessed with the honor of having Chuck cut my hair again. It was "shear" bliss. My hair looks incredible! No more will I have to leave the barber, ashamed and alone. I also purchased his new line of shampoo, conditioner and pomade. Nothing I've ever used before compares to it. My wife loves it too! Is Chuck Crawford the best barber in the world? Yes. 500 Characters doesn't do the man justice. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment today. You'll thank me later. www.chuckcrawford.genbook.com
By: danfmsa
Texas de Brazil
I've been to Texas De Brazil in Columbus 3 times since they opened a few weeks ago! The steaks were excellent and the service was very good. Being from Brazil I am used to going to some of the best Brazilian Steak houses all over Brazil. In Brazil the best steak houses are known for having the best service in the restaurant business which is what separates them from one another. At Texas de Brazil they value service experience as they are well staffed with very friendly and well trained gauchos who help make the experience as great as it can be. I liked how their managers were constantly coming by our table and asking what our favorite cuts of meat were so they kept those coming non-stop to our table. The grill manager, the GM, the head cheff , the gauchos, and the servers all do a very good job. And my favorite part is that all gauchos speak Portuguese even if they are not Brazilians!
By: dawncrump
lucynoelle beauty shop & day spa`
The staff is very friendly and talented. The nail tech Alison and the owner Krista are the best in Columbus at what they do. Do not judge a book by its cover. This salon is less than two years old and growing so they aren't in the greatest building but if you can get past that which they cannot control you will believe and begin to support these woman. They are excellent in what they do and treat us like family. They are moving to a new location this year and I'm sure these judgemental comments will change. I had a groupon and received the best massage ever from Toya. I've since been back to get nails by Ali and lashes by Krista. I am a supporter for life. I don't need a fancy building and high prices to get the best results in Columbus Ohio.
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By: Danielle H.
Pascarti Hair & Nail Spa
Very good job overall. They had speedy service, I was attended to within minutes of stepping in the door. Vivianne(?) was the girl who serviced me. After hearing a general idea of what I wanted, she offered up her handmade dip powder ( I needed a more neutral color because of work). The staff was considerate, I got offered a drink within 15 minutes of being there. The price is a little steep, I don't think I would come back every two weeks to get it redone; but definitely worth coming back in general. Especially if vivianne was my nail tech. She made sure (very very sure) that my nails were even and buffed the nail tips so well, I couldn't feel the difference between my nail and the fake tip. Highly recommend!
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By: Sara A.
Nefertiti Salon & Spa
I disagree with what the women before me wrote. I am one of the customers who visit this salon regularly. I don't know what happened exactly, but I am pretty sure that that was not true and will never be.I would never let anyone touches my hair other than the owner of this salon she is such an experienced hairstylist and i have been coming here for 3 years. Once a month. Sometimes twice. I would highly recommend her for my friends and enemies.. If there is a doubt about what I said try it yourself.Great service, best morals, and she gave me the most wonderful look I would ever dream to be. I cannot thank her for how beautiful I am today.
By: Danielle M.
lucynoelle beauty shop & day spa`
Krista is one of the BEST eyelash technicians in the city and her prices are awesome. She's extremely talented and does an amazing job where I have received nothing but compliments from individuals who have seen them.I have used Lucy Noelle as well for my spray tans a few times. Both times I used her spray tan I won my figure competitions! My complexion on stage was awesome! The staff is friendly and Krista continues to work hard to make sure that Lucy Noelle serves it clients first, Lucy Noelle is growing and will continue to grow. I loved going to Krista for my lashes and will continue to do so.
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By: oumou.fofana
Salon One
Being new in Columbus, I was looking into finding a professional salon that would know what to do with my natural black hair. I found Salon one and was already very impressed with the 30mn free consultation I had with a nice lady named Paris. Since I didn't know what style to actually do, she was very very patient with me and exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to how to handle,take care and style natural hair. This salon is the kind You want to keep going to on the long term, to make sure you're taken care of properly. I know for sure this is the start of a great partnership between us.

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