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By: photolight
Herder Mark Albert
Thank you so much Mark Herder! I just wanted to let everybody know that I had a wonderful experience with bankruptcy attorney Mark Herder. Mr. Herder and his outstanding staff saved my house after I unsuccessfully tried to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy by myself. I didn't even have an appointment. I just stopped by his office after appearing by myself in bankruptcy court, and within 1 day, he had fixed all of my problems in my Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Prior to filing my case by myself, I simply could not afford a Chapter 13 bankrutpcy attorney, since most offices charge over $1,000 to file even a simple case. Realizing the desperate nature of my dilemma, Mr. Herder kindly agreed to assist me with zero legal fees up front. He agreed to be paid for his legal fees over the next 60 months. Plus (this is why I am reallly writing this review) he cared strongly enough about MY situation that he even personally called me after 7 PM on several evenings to make totally sure that everything was properly taken care of, since I had filed the case by myself and it was being threatened with immediate dismissal by the bankruptcy court judge. I appreciate Mr. Herder and his staff so much, because I was being garnished by Sallie Mae for student loans, and he contacted my employer numerous times to make sure that the garnishment of my wages for my student loans was not permitted. You will be blessed!
By: nicole67
Sowald Sowald Anderson & Hawley
I have referred several friends to this firm over the years, after winning a contentious, years-long divorce and custody fight involving restraining orders, protective orders, multiple filings of contempt, assault charges, depositions of psychologists, long-distance depositions, and financial judgments. The process was scary and exhausting, but I felt protected and defended every day with my representation from this firm. Several times my attorney went the extra mile on evenings and weekends, or met me at a hearing that didn't really require his presence just so I would not have to face my ex on my own. Also, my attorney let me know a realistic outcome in my case and did not encourage me to file pie-in-the-sky motions. One of my ex's attorneys seemed to have the attitude of "whatever, as long as you're paying for it." This firm seemed to be as concerned with my financial stability as with their billable hours. I would not hesitate to refer someone I cared about to this firm to handle their divorce or custody issue.
By: David J.
Herder Mark Albert
My wife and I are not real familar with the legal system and we have never been to court before. We contacted Mark Herder in the begining of May since I was being garnished by a bill collector that had been going on for almost 1 year. Mark answered the door at his office, we had our appointments and after 2 days we had stopped the garnishment. His office filed a Ch 7 bankruptcy for us and the right away stopped the garnishment. On the morning of the court date at the bankruptcy court, I somehow lost my wallet with my drivers license. Even though Mark tried to use the copy of my drivers license in in his file, the federal guards at the bankruptcy court would not let me in the federal building without a plastic drivers license. Mark was able to talk to the trustee and the trustee moved our court date to last week so I could get a new plastic drivers license. I was able to get a new drivers license and the court date went great! We appreciate his office stopping the wage garnishment so fast!
By: dorisgreg
Herder Mark Albert
I was being garnished by the us dept. of education for over a year. After being unable to get an appointment with other bankruptcy attorneys, I called Mark Herder s office on Wednesday of this week, he personally gave me a list of information over the phone and immediately scheduled me for a appointment yesterday. Today, I signed my chapter 13 bankrutcy case. Mark called me personally with my case number just a few minutes ago, and now I am completing the online post counseling course online. The garnishment has been stopped! 48 hour turnaround to resolve a year of financial problems. I owe $80,000 in student loans that can no longer harass me. Thank you so much Mark and especially, especially your very helpful staff. I did not realize that attorneys work past 5 oclock! My first payment to the bankruptcy trustee is due in one month.
By: photolight
Herder Mark Albert
Mark Herder and his extremely friendly staff saved our home -- we had visited another well-known law firm that speicializes in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, only to have our case dismissed! Mr. Herder personally reviewed all the details of our situation and even telephoned us at our home in the evening! I have dealt with many different attorneys, and this is the very first time that a lawyer has EVER been thoughtful enough to ring my residence after 4:30 P.M.! Clearly, he cares about his bankruptcy clients and his reputation. His offices are nothing less than spectacular, and they are in the process of renovating the building. The retainer for our Chapter 13 bankruptcy was very reasonable as well, only $400.00! Other lawyers want close to $1,000.00!! Overall, we were truly blessed by Mr. Herder and his professional services!
By: Victoria H.
Herder Mark Albert
I contacted Mark Herder today to file a bankruptcy case because I was scared of the harasment that I have been receiving from my many debts. Attorney Herder called me right back today (on a weekend) and explained to me that since I don't have any income or a home, the bill collectors can't really do anything harmful to me! He saved me the cost of filing a chapter 7 bankrupcty and put me at ease. After talking to a few other bankruptcy attorneys in Columbus, I called him after hearing about him from a friend that he charged $750 for everything for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. None of the other bankruptcy lawyers that i had spoke to even brought this point to my attention! They just wanted to take my money. Mark Herder has just saved me $750 and I apreciate his honesty with me.
By: Aaron D.
Herder Mark Albert
I never had the need for any lawyer before I was faced with crushing debts. On top of that, this crazy collection outfit unannounced took all of my money from my bank account. Because I had heard of bankruptcy before from his advertising, I called Mark Herder and he called me back the same day, that night. I visited his office and I was actually able to get alll of the money back with the bankruptcy case. My experience was not just average, it was outstanding. Thank you to this office since they are real and they helped me out of a financial mess that I had unfortunately let go of for far too long.
By: bev.graves.37
Sowald Sowald Anderson & Hawley
I interviewed three different firms before I chose this one, even though it was the only one recommended to me by attorney friends. A few years out from my divorce and the emotional trauma of such a stressful time, I now know I made the right choice. My needs were dealt with professionally and thoughtfully. Since then, I have worked in different capacities with many different lawyers. I have learned what can go wrong when an unethical and truly incompetent lawyer handles your case. That perspective has made me appreciate even more the up front and highly qualified representation I received.
By: susandt
Sowald Sowald Anderson & Hawley
I was referred to this firm for my divorce from another legal source and they came highly recommended to me. I have to say I was very pleased with their services and grateful for the fact that my case was handled by this Firm. It was a difficult and emotional time for me, and even when I was not on my best behavior due to stress, they always showed compassion as well. Most of all, I felt confident they had my back covered during a difficult time in my life. I can heartily recommend this firm to handle your case in a competent, professional and compassionate manner.
By: Aaisha S.
Herder Mark Albert
Very consciontious and aggressive attorney. I now can answer the phone without worrying about making a payment on one of my over limit credit cards. The student loans have stopped bothering me as well. Mark Herder filed my bankruptcy case for just $400.00 and I am very pleased. I got to court next month and I have signed up for some free financial courses too with the bankrutcy trustees office. Very happy with the process!
Tips & Advices
Each state has different mandates on how child support is determined. But there are some basic factors that underline how costs are determined in each state, including:
  • Income level of parent that needs to pay support (in the case of joint custody, the costs are determined by income of each party and the percentage of time the child spends with each parent)
  • Financial needs of child
  • Child’s standard of living before the divorce occurred
This is a divorce in which one party does not have to prove that the other’s actions lead to a deterioration of the marriage. The reason for divorce is listed as "irreconcilable differences" or an "irreparable breakdown of the marriage,” meaning the marriage was no longer working and could not be repaired.
Family law attorneys are helpful in cases where the two parties are not on amicable terms. The lawyers can act as intermediaries between the two parties and help them come to any settlement agreements, however long that may take. Lawyers can also help parties navigate tricky state laws regarding settlement agreements and child custody, thus expediting the process.
A contested divorce is one in which the parties cannot agree on either the necessity of the divorce as a whole, or how assets (money, property, etc.) and child custody should be split between them in the divorce. An uncontested divorce is when the parties are in agreement on how assets and child custody will be split between them. These divorces can sometimes be handled without hiring a lawyer.
It is possible for a couple to get a divorce without hiring a family law attorney. If the two parties are in agreement on how finances, child custody, properties, etc., will be split, then they can file the necessary court documents themselves and avoid the services of a lawyer.

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