By: Depuy P.
Depuy Paving Inc
This is in response to a "review" from George G. DePuy Paving has no estimator named Mark as you stated, in fact we have no employee in the company by that name We do not permit any use of alcohol, etc at work. DePuy Paving has NEVER refused to provide a quote to any person If you have a valid concern please contact our office. Otherwise I strongly advise you refrain from slanderous and defamatory comments against our company. Your comments are completely false
By: Eric B.
Cooper's Paving & Sealcoating
I called coopers paving for a estimate because I heard good things about them and when I spoke to one of their members they said they would send someone out the next day and they did one of coopers paving team members come out to my home and gave me a great deal on redoing my driveway they came out the day we agreed and did a amazing job very professional and great customer service I would recommend them anytime
By: Rick F.
I Pave Asphalt
Glad that we hired I Pave. Had a tear out, widening , and asphalt drive that needed replaced. They did an awesome job for us. So much so, we have already referred them to some friends for a similar project. We will be using them for sealing the drive, and hopefully for a new and wider approach. R.J. Grove City, Oh.
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By: Richard L.
Kurguz Paving Inc
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By: Diane E.
Cooper's Paving & Sealcoating
They came as soon as the weather permitted and did a great job of sealcoating a "dovetailed" driveway that I share with a neighbor. Two other neighbors watched them work and hired them to sealcoat their driveways, too!
By: aggie1998
McMillen Paving & Sealing Inc
I had my driveway done; the men did a wonderful job; they showed up when they said they would, were courteous and went out of their way to make sure everything was cleaned up. I highly recommend them.
By: Jackie M.
Cooper's Paving & Sealcoating
on 6/28/13 Coopers paving & sealcoating come out to patch sealcoat and crack fill my parking lot they did a excellent jobI'm very happy with the work my parking lot looks new again thanks coopers paving
By: mary121
Jemini Asphalt
Jemini Asphalt completed my driveway and it looked like a new driverway Jemin Asphalt workers are professional and very friendly. The driveway job was completed on timeand looked fanastic.
By: Helen S.
I Pave Asphalt
My experience with this company was great they were very courteous as well as on time I'm definitely happy with my Driveway I would recommend them
By: Carol H.
I Pave Asphalt
Ipave came and replaced out driveway and they were very courteous and professional, they did all they said they would do and more and on time
Tips & Advices
Rutting occurs in the wheel tracks of a road and is generally seen when the asphalt isn't thick enough to support traffic.
Edge cracks are caused by weak edges. When there isn't enough support at the edge, the road will begin to stress and crack over time.
Depressions, are caused when the pavement isn't as deep in one area, or the land on which the road was laid is uneven. A slight depression can be fixed with another layer of asphalt.
Transverse cracks run perpendicular to the road's centerline, and can be caused by poor joint construction. Seasonal or daily temperature changes can also contribute to transverse cracks.
Longitudinal cracks are parallel to the road's centerline or the direction the driveway or parking lot was paved. They are caused by poor joint construction or simply aging pavement.

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