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By: Kyndrael ..
The Commons At Royal Landing
Consider Looking Elsewhere!Lived in Studio (1 1/2 years)Pros of Studio:All electric, with only a water bill you pay with rent.You may ask for a full size fridge.Efficient if you're in a crunch and need refuge for a year, tops.Application was accepted within a day.Friendly office staff, in my experience.Maintenance more efficient with new staff. Make sure you call your work orders in. If no one gets back to you within a week, talk to the office ladies. They're great!I have had no problems with crime, personally.Office always gives you at least 24 hour notice before they enter your unit, if able.Cons of Studio:It was NOT mentioned when I signed the lease that they had the contract with a towing company that could take my car... overnight at that!! I honestly thought my car had gotten stolen when I woke up to go to work.Constant maintenance issues. Sometimes maintenance is quick, sometimes not so much. I have never had emergency maintenance answer my call when needed at night or on weekends.Absolutely no reimbursements for problems involving hot water or tubs. If you can't shower for (x) reason(s), tough luck.Apartment had roaches, and fleas in the carpet from the stray cats outside that the tenants feed on the sidewalk RIGHT OUTSIDE MY UNIT. Some apartments have reported bed bugs.Mini fridge is... mini.Gas stove is very small.Few cabinets, and small amounts of counter space.SMALL sink for washing dishes.No baseboard heat or central air. All heating/cooling is through window/wall units that definitely do not heat up the small units during winter.Solicitors come frequently.Carpets look dirty and old, paint jobs are shoddy, electric bills are ridiculous during the winter time.Strangers have knocked on my door at 3 in the morning looking for previous tenants, neighbors, etc.Lights from cars and emergency vehicles wake you constantly if you don't have thick curtains.You hear EVERYTHING. People outside your window, talking, walking, playing music, etc.Exterminators may not come to your unit, even upon request.
By: ripoff
Cardinal Creek Apartments
CORPORATE SLUMLORDS! This place rents to 70 percent section eight clients and although there is no problem with that, they treat the area as if it were for the lowest of demographics of people. The outside maintenance is horrible! The pay one guy to cut grass for the entire property, he does not trim or blow grass from the sidewalks or parking areas. You'll find grass on your car and kicked up on you door as you come and go from your property. There are large weeks that grow between the cracks in the sidewalk and around the building that that they totally ignore. Your lucky to see the grass cut every two weeks at this place. Often times the trash dumpsters over flow days before trash pickups and no one picks it up until days after the collection. The management team is not forthright and will tell you anything to pacify you; they have more excuse for the condition of this place than a tenant who is two months behind on their rent. I took over 45 days for them make minor repairs upon my move in and some of the repairs are still not done after 90 days. The maintenance work is sloppy and often just a temporary fix. The neighborhood is highly ghetto and noisy and very prone to crime. Parking can sometimes be an issue; you will not always get to park near your apartment. There are unsightly tall weeds around every building in this place except for the ones facing the main street, they try to represent a false impression from the street view. Please, do a drive through and check this dump out! I could go on and on based on my first 90 days here but PLEASE, HEED MY WARNING, FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO LIVE. Your rent payments can do you a lot better than this dump! I'm out, lease up or not!
By: Ed S.
Woodlands Apartments
My son lived at Woodland Apt for 1 year. It was his first apartment so the office manager told him he needed a co-signer. I gladly co-signed for him. Everything was fine, He probably paid on time every month, then his lease expired and he moved out. That is when the drama started. The people in the rental office called him and told him he needed to pay an additional $75. My son never got back with them to pay the $75. Now at this point, anyone and everyone knows that a co-signer (ME!) is to pay it. However, the head office manager NEVER contacted me to inform me to pay the 75 one-dollar bills! Instead, she passed my name and my son’s name on to a Debt Collection Agency-which is bad for a person’s credit! After the Debt Collection Agency called me and I settled the matter, I went to confront her about this. I ask her why she did not simply pick up the phone and ask me for the measly $75. Her replies were-in my view, nothing but well-rehearsed excuses and alibies. All I wanted was a simple apology but she stubbornly refused. If you are considering moving here, my advice is this. A) Any questions you have, write them down ahead of your interview time with the office staff so that when you ask them your questions, record on your iPhone their replies so that you can transcribe their words and make them sign your contract before you go signing all of their contracts! B) After you move out, arrange to go with the person into your apartment where you lived that is inspecting it so that you can challenge every idem they decide to see as needing you to pay for. Other than that, the apartment complex is an absolutely nice place to live!
By: Shannon T.
Ashton Pines Townhomes
I've lived here with my best friend for almost 3 years, and we have had no issues. We did have a mouse at one point, and squirrels in the ceiling. Anytime I have an issue lthey take care of it immediately. Tamera is kind and has made both my housemate's stay and mine relatively great. I moved out here because it was pretty good price wise and yet close enough to campus while I worked on my masters at OSU. I drive a pretty new Mustang as does my boyfriend and our cars have always been left alone. I have LEDs under my car and my neighbors all know my car, when I'm at home and when I'm not. It is a quiet neighborhood, and maybe it's just the neighbors we have had, but we never hear the neighbors except when they walk up the wooden stairs that creak sometimes. The area surrounding these apartments can be dangerous, but I've always felt pretty safe in the complex I live. Everyone I live around is pretty friendly and some long time tenants know the area and keep an eye out on my vehicle and apartment when I'm not around. The fee to keep an animal monthly is reasonable, and my cat, Muffin, enjoys the back patio in the summer. The one thing I am not impressed by is the laundry facility, my clothes never come out smelling fresh and many of the machines eat coins and leave the clothes wet.
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By: N M.
Kings Highland Apts
i moved in and found a bedbug. They sprayed the apartment three times. I was horrified but they did correct it. It's been two years haven't seen one. Roaches become your neighbors. But they spray every three months and check every ones apartment for bedbugs and pests. They will spray if u ask them to. But it's quiet. They fix everything same day. Don't charge u for anything. no hidden costs. Management is cool and down to earth. Nice apartments. Mine is perfect. Afraid to move again. I could have moved to another place and got bedbugs right off the bat and they may not have been so efficient. They could've charged me or let them run wild but they don't. Moving into any apartment you are taking a chance. But they fixed me up. They don't let nasty people stay nasty. They bleach laundry room and vacuum halls every week. Nice neighbors. Great pool. They Pay for water. I really don't want to leave haha. It's luxury. The $50 ncreade was okay because we are living good. I am always nervous if someone new moves in. Bed bug process is a complete headache nightmare. Most people don't have the issues I had. It's ok to move here just make sure you are clean. If you are a dirty person stay away from us! They will kick you out!!
By: vicky.hacker.39
Kings Highland Apts
My 2 sons live in a double at this complex. The apartment complex is clean, requests for any problem resolution seems speedy & pool facilities are amazing. There are alot of families but haven't had too many problems with kids & noise. Laundry facilities are kept well maintained and party rooms that are available for rental are a nice perk. Unfortunately my son's aren't the most tidy of individuals & the routine pest control measures have not been up to my standards simply due to my eldest son leaving his room a mess! As with any apartment complex, you will have those individuals that just hang around, not doing anything of any use to anyone except taking up space in the parking lot but no major issues and the management would take action if there were complaints.
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By: Jessica H.
Apple Run Apartments
Lived here for 4 years, LOVE when Kathy &- Bob was there! Once they left it all went down hill. A neighbor had moved out and they sprayed her apartment, then I started seeing the roaches. Begged for them to spray my apartment for roaches! They sprayed once, it didn't do a Damn thing. Got another set if new management tland i had asked her twice if she would spary. She asked for my address wrote it down, but never sprayed. A month after that i had asked yet aain, a little irritated that i had already asked twice and still NOTHING. Her response was "There is a way to ask for something, and I have never seen you before so I know I didn't put a work order in for you." Not only was that a LIE but I had finally had enough. I left. I wouldn't recommend anyone live there!!!!
By: Y. F.
Wellington Way Apartments
Just moved out. I was there for 2 years...first year was great! The second year the neighbors weren't so quite. Management took the proper steps in handling concerns. The second year my main concerns were:1. Maintenance guy is great but only has 1 man for the entire complex so my final few request were not taken care of.2. Heating unit is dated-electric bill was outrageous. It was the first year. I knew how to approach the cold weather the following year. It also helped that maintenance put in a new unit.3. Applicants are questionable (please do your research)4. Deposit ( you'll be informed that your deposit will be forwarded a month after you move out). My move out date was Nov is now Dec 17th and no deposit and yes, I've followed up with management...twice.
By: Most P.
Worthington Ridge Apartments
Lauren, Ella and Pat do a consistent customer-service-oriented job here--and all are pro-active, helpful, accommodating and driven to make your residency pleasant. Don, the maintenance guy, goes above and beyond the call of duty with a great attitude for any issue that needs attention. Utilities are very inexpensive here, and their pet policy is liberal as long as you remain within the guidelines. It is quiet (except for the Kroger delivery trucks on the north end of the complex) and the garbage trucks that empty the dumpsters during the week. But otherwise it's the best-operated complex of this genre in the area. We've been (and intend to remain) residents here for 2 years and re-upping next month.
By: Jon G.
Carnaby Village
Moved into this place on the day they told me it would be ready and it wasn't. I am still fighting trying to get things that should have been done completed. I have given my requests for service so many times and nothing has happen. Everything is suppose to be upgraded and I got this old dirty ass stove that I hate cooking with. They tell you whatever to get you in but don't fulfill their part once they get you here. Amazing how they were able to put up Christmas decorations but not do what is asked from the people who pay them. Space is great and it's a great community. However the lack of help and follow-through from rental office makes this a bad rating. They aren't really about the people.

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