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By: gdavidbrogan
The Basement Doctor
Here are some reviews that were found about The Basement Doctor. YELP: (for complete reviews see) Anastasia D.Columbus, OH4.0 star ratingChris did a great job of helping work through the water intrusion in our basement storage unit. Thanks for your help Chris!Bill K.Granville, OH5.0 star ratingWe've had nothing but positive experiences with Basement Doctor. They put a vinyl lining over the dirt floor in the crawl space and they did a great job. They have also been very fair and honest and alerting us to coupon discounts that we didn't know about, etc. We will continue to use them.Karen P.Hilliard, OH5.0 star ratingThe Basement Doctor comes out yearly to inspect and maintain our system. The techs always know exactly what they are doing! I appreciate their hard work and great business practices. I recommend them. They may be a bit more expensive than another company, but I believe it's a matter of "you get what you pay for." Randy M.Centerburg, OH5.0 star ratingJesse and his hardworking crew did a complete basement waterproofing job for me. They were polite, professional and very respectful while they performed the work. I highly recommend this crew and the Basement Doctor, and will use them again when I need one of their services.Brad M.Columbus, OH5.0 star rating4/1/2012I was faced with three bowing walls in my basement and did not know who to call for help. The Basement Doctor came highly recommended so I called them. They made me a priority and solved my basement problems. They were highly professional and I would recommend them to anyone experiencing the problems I did!K P.Galena, OH5.0 star ratingWe had a terrific experience with The Basement Doctor and have been recommending them to everyone we knowThe staff who completed our basement repair were hard working, friendly professionals. The repair to our basement is amazing. No more wet basement for us! It looks, feels, and smells like a completely different space.YAHOO (for complete reviews see) : ChevronjTim Brake performed annual maintenance on the force beams in my crawl space. He arrived on time, was very polite and explained what he was doing and why. Would recommend him for future help.Molly WolfeCreated on 08/10/13 Jesse Hall, Jeremy Ebert, and David Hill were very professional, courteous, and definitely hard working! I have already recommended to friends AnthonyCreated on 08/03/13The Raines crew is skilled and professional. They are an asset to your business.Barbara AufderheideJob well done Jeremy and Jesse. Ditto Molly's comments above. Thank youGOOGLE+ (for complete reviews see): David EdmondsonDon Nott was the foreman on our job. He was very professional and was able to give us excellent service on our sub-basement wall crack. The job was done quickly and efficiently.Teresa ClowAlways on time, when they said what they were going to do it was done. Very tidy and clean. Answered all my questions!!Debbie MollettWes Martin came to our house on a Saturday which in and of itself was great for us. We appreciate the honesty and integrity that Wes showed and I would definitely recommend them to friends. Lee ZimmermanThey were professional, prompt, knowledgeable and very nice. They exceeded our expectations. The basement job was done perfectly. We are very happy and we would recommend to any customer.Martha SeipelJohn Raines and Crew work diligently to repair my structural damage. They were professional and immaculate in the clean up. I highly recommend them for any work you would need in repair of your home. Thanks Again
By: Cristian U.
Fire & Ice Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.
Great job, Fire and Ice!! We are satisfied customers! Roger helped us find a top of the line system that blew away anything that the competition offered for a lower price and even threw in some extras that made the offer untouchable to the other companies. But just as important, was their outstanding customer service; from their phone staff to the installers, we were very impressed! The installers, Bryan and Will, were genuinely courteous and professional and really went above and beyond. We truly appreciated their hard work. They explained the system, what they were doing and why, pressure tested the new lines, and finished every little detail with close attention... Something of great importance to me. Bryan was such a great guy he even helped me move my washer and dryer into the machine room since I just moved last night and they were too heavy for me to squeeze them through the narrow doorway by myself, plus the old air handler was kind of in the way... I wouldn't expect them to be able to do such things with such a busy schedule but since they had a few mins after removing the old equipment and before the new one came in, I asked and Bryan immediately volunteered to help. HUGE kudos to him for going above and beyond and helping us so much. It was a great relief for us to get that out of the way as we are getting settled in our new home.In comparison with the competition in the Columbus, OHIO area, these guys are light years ahead of every one else. Especially that other company whose name I won't mention (hint: shares the name with an appliance store/outlet) with the rude salesman who called my questions "silly" and hung up on me just because I asked for his price list after it took him 6 hours to call me back. With Fire and Ice you get your questions answered promptly and with genuine kindness! Like I said before, they are light years ahead in terms of service, knowledge, honesty, customer service and I personally was not able to find better prices on such high quality equipment..We purchased a Trane XV18 Heat pump and Tam 8 air handler kit with the Comfort Link II 950 stat for the same price that others were quoting much inferior single stage systems. Not only that but looking at the exposed diagrams and pictures that different manufacturers put on their brochures, you can compare and see the quality of the engineering of these high end Trane systems... The materials used and their impressive design makes them the best out there at least in this price range... These things are built tough like an Abrams tank and finished like a Ferrari! Nothing like the file-cabinet-looking things the others showed us... Now, I know that not everything that looks like gold is gold, but to put it simply, these systems are built to last. The others just say they are... You will see that yourself if you compare brochures, or customer reviews online, pictures or whatever you choose. To sum it up, if you want to make a good investment, do it with a company that deserves it and can back it up. Fire and Ice does that like no other HVAC company in the Columbus area.
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By: gurlie713
Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling
Very speedy service but little value. The $89 will get you a diagnosis, but their cheapest tier beyond that is another $89. Granted, my unit is VERY old and dirty; the tech tried to get me to replace 2 parts for a cost of around $500 (as well as to sign up for the service agreement), then when I said no, he offered to just clean one of the parts-the flame sensor-for another $89 to see if that would fix the initial problem. I said ok, and within 5 minutes (MAX) he had steel-wooled the old part, had the cover back on the unit & was outside tallying up the bill. Yes, I do have a working furnace now but feel ripped off. Since he already had to take that part out to make the diagnosis, I would expect him to do the 2 minutes of steel wool cleaning at no charge, or twenty bucks most, but an additional $89! Really? This means their minimum fix is really $178.00. Since I don't know what other companies charge I give them one star for speedy service and two stars for a working furnace.
By: lynn283
Joshua's Cleaning Service
I had called the Joshua's Cleaning Service initially for a voucher i purchased to clean my carpets. With a big dog, a 3 year old, and 5 year and white carpets, they were a mess! The owner, and one of his associate showed up to my home on time and looked professional. The did an exceptional job on my carpets and they looked brand new again! As i was speaking with the owner when they were finished i wanted to know a little more about the company you know how long he had been in business, what all they do. Come to find out they did duct cleaning as well. So i figured while they were there i would have them take care of that as well. My son has breathing issues, and the last time we were in the hospital, they informed me of what a difference it would make to have all of this done. Since he has cleaned everything my son hasnt needed a breathing treatment. Joshuas Cleaning Service provided me with friendly, professional, and outstanding services, that I would recommend to anyone!
By: annettems
Joshua's Cleaning Service
The 2 gentlemen were polite & early; however smelled of stale cigarette smoke in my non-smoking home. He explained the process & after paying $39 for vent cleaning he explained a REAL cleaning costs $189 & Cold air returns costs an additional $40. I've experienced this process before & this cleaning is nothing like what I've experienced in the past. There was no real suction like my past experiences. In the past I could feel the suction throughout the house & The cleaning took much more time than the few minutes spent here. They nearly forgot the dryer vent cleaning & had to be reminded to complete that task. The air has a strong odor of dust & the stale cigarette smoke set off my allergies & breathing problems. I'm not impressed with this company. They offered carpet cleaning for 3 areas at a reasonable fee, I just couldn't deal with the stale cigarette odors on the workers & I was afraid it would be done as poorly as the vent cleaning.
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By: Myrna W.
Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling
While they do provide service, their primary focus is selling their products and questionable repairs. For instance, I was sold a humidifier and later a technician said that my original one was a better product. No one would later explain why my new one always "needed service" nor did they know how to service it. One even tried to sell me a water heater for well over $1000. Of the other parts/products I was sold, the most disappointing is an expensive air cleaner that is supposed to help with dust. Yet I have experienced no noticeable benefit. The last and final agent I had claimed that even though he doesn't get a commission, the sales help with his promotion to a supervisory position. Don't use this company unless you have money to burn.
By: Jeremiah R.
Riffle's Cleaning Service
I loved their down to earth attitude. Super fast and efficient with helpful advice regarding the needs my home required for a comfortable living environment for me and my family. My initial cost was $600, as I have a rather large hvac system. Then they dropped the cost by %20 because they could. I had gotten two other estimates that advertised $59 whole house duct cleaning. After their free inspection, they're prices became the same as Riffle's. I may have been a little put off by the qoute of Riffle's prices over the phone, but after the other two companies left their estimates, I began to appreciate the honesty it took from them to qoute me over the phone. Thank you Riffle's cleaning service, I'll be calling you again!- Janet
By: tbliss
Joshua's Cleaning Service
Joshua's Cleaning Service is one of the few companies that actually care about the customer by setting priorities for doing business. Contact and communication between Joshua and the client the first priority. A phone call before they arrive, confirming the time and a phone call to let the client know they are on the way. The list of priorities would also include; friendly, courteous, extremely helpful, and they do excellent work.This is a real personal company and it is one that you should look into for all your cleaning needs; air ducts, carpet, auto and more.My wife and I had them completely clean a rental house we own and then they came and did our house.Give them a chance to do you a good service
By: theresast
Above & Beyond Carpet Cleaning
I just wanted to write as Glowing a review as possible for this Up and Coming Company! You can really tell just how important customer service is to them! We had Stanley Steamer come in to our home last Summer and Master Clean came 4 months after that. Neither one of these HUGE Companies did half the job that Above & Beyond did! Our house looks ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS! The price was right and Ryan (the name of the Technician) was Awesome! He didn't try to sell us anything we didn't need and he was very cool, easy to be around and did an AWESOME JOB!!! Thank you so much for your service, for a job well done, and for being a company we can count on in the future! Thanks Again and God Bless!!
By: Michael P.
Joshua's Cleaning Service
Joshua is AWESOME! My fiancé and I both felt that Joshua was EXTREMELY polite and friendly, and the service was fast and thorough. Also, I asked Joshua to clean one bedroom, the upstairs hallway, and the upstairs foyer because previous carpet cleaners that I had purchased Groupons for had said that constituted three rooms; HOWEVER, Joshua offered to clean ANOTHER large bedroom because he had advertised three rooms - WHAT AN HONEST GUY!!! Plus, the price can't be beat. Great guy, great service!
Tips & Advices
Resurfacing, where a contractor removes and replaces the top layer of concrete, is a middle ground between multiple patch jobs and a complete replacement.
Homeowners should work with a concrete contractor who is either certified by or a member of one or more trade organizations for high-quality results. These individuals adhere to professional guidelines and are versed in industry and safety standards. Such organizations include: American Concrete Institute (ACI) American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) and National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA).
  • Are you licensed?
  • Are you insured?
  • Are you bonded?
  • What is your warranty?
  • How long will the job take?
Wet concrete can irritate the skin or cause first-, second-, or third-degree chemical burns. Cement dust contains silica, which damages the lungs and can lead to cancer or silicosis. Many concrete mixtures contain cement, so homeowners should be careful if contractors create the concrete on site. Anyone who touches wet concrete or dust should wash their skin with soap and cold water.
Colored concrete is created by blending liquid, granular or powdered iron oxide pigments with natural concrete. These pigments are either mined directly from the earth or manufactured in a chemical plant.

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