By: Cristian U.
Fire & Ice Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.
Great job, Fire and Ice!! We are satisfied customers! Roger helped us find a top of the line system that blew away anything that the competition offered for a lower price and even threw in some extras that made the offer untouchable to the other companies. But just as important, was their outstanding customer service; from their phone staff to the installers, we were very impressed! The installers, Bryan and Will, were genuinely courteous and professional and really went above and beyond. We truly appreciated their hard work. They explained the system, what they were doing and why, pressure tested the new lines, and finished every little detail with close attention... Something of great importance to me. Bryan was such a great guy he even helped me move my washer and dryer into the machine room since I just moved last night and they were too heavy for me to squeeze them through the narrow doorway by myself, plus the old air handler was kind of in the way... I wouldn't expect them to be able to do such things with such a busy schedule but since they had a few mins after removing the old equipment and before the new one came in, I asked and Bryan immediately volunteered to help. HUGE kudos to him for going above and beyond and helping us so much. It was a great relief for us to get that out of the way as we are getting settled in our new home.In comparison with the competition in the Columbus, OHIO area, these guys are light years ahead of every one else. Especially that other company whose name I won't mention (hint: shares the name with an appliance store/outlet) with the rude salesman who called my questions "silly" and hung up on me just because I asked for his price list after it took him 6 hours to call me back. With Fire and Ice you get your questions answered promptly and with genuine kindness! Like I said before, they are light years ahead in terms of service, knowledge, honesty, customer service and I personally was not able to find better prices on such high quality equipment..We purchased a Trane XV18 Heat pump and Tam 8 air handler kit with the Comfort Link II 950 stat for the same price that others were quoting much inferior single stage systems. Not only that but looking at the exposed diagrams and pictures that different manufacturers put on their brochures, you can compare and see the quality of the engineering of these high end Trane systems... The materials used and their impressive design makes them the best out there at least in this price range... These things are built tough like an Abrams tank and finished like a Ferrari! Nothing like the file-cabinet-looking things the others showed us... Now, I know that not everything that looks like gold is gold, but to put it simply, these systems are built to last. The others just say they are... You will see that yourself if you compare brochures, or customer reviews online, pictures or whatever you choose. To sum it up, if you want to make a good investment, do it with a company that deserves it and can back it up. Fire and Ice does that like no other HVAC company in the Columbus area.
By: william73
Carris Appliance
I have had 2 very good experiences with this business. The first time they came to my home (the day I called actually) and repaired my dishwasher for a VERY fair price. The second time (less than 3 weeks later) I called them back to try to fix my dryer which had stopped. The owner tested and tried several different things and unfortunately wasn't able to fix the problem.....he didn't charge me for the visit because of this. It was something that required a manufacturer rep to come look at unfortunately. He recommended a few people in town. When I called one of them THEY knew who he was and were surprised HE couldn't fix it and said how good HE was.They were very fair and nice to me all along. They told me they would be able to come on a Monday and they actually called me before 9am that day to give me a window of when they would be out. This was helpful so I didn't sit around wondering all day. Good honest people and I would call them again without hesitation.
By: byolson
Appliance Parts Centers Of Columbus
Went to Appliance Parts Centers of Columbus to replace a broken door guide for my stove. I brought in the part and had them order a new one. After two days the part was in. When I got there, it looked completely different. I was sure it wasn't going to work. Turns out, it worked great, there was just multiple parts that fit the same door ... and did the same function. The Appliance Parts Centers of Columbus new this. I would use them again. Very smart and fast survice.
By: jonh333
Appliance Parts Centers Of Columbus
Over the years I fixed many appliances foe family and friends, all with the help of Steve & Dave at the Broad St. Office. Their diagnosis & feedback is batting 1000%. Their prices and availability the same. They are the type of people once common, now rare a pleasure to do business with. I'm a retired CSV director and they rate among the best, I've seen-period. Keep up the good work!!!
user avatar
By: Adrian R.
Hairston's Services Heating & Air Conditioning
Showed up on time, very informative. Used him through our warranty service. Fixed our furnace and ensured it fired up appropriately. Even showed us how to use our air filter attached. Easy $100 for him as our furnace leak was just a loosened joint. I was skeptic given reviews, but also didnt have a choice of who warranty picked. I am satisfied with service.
user avatar
By: Stacy Z.
Steele's Appliance & Home Repair Service LLC
I called today regarding a gas burner on my stove not lighting. I received a prompt return call and was talked through what to troubleshoot and techniques that might help, after which my burner lit and functioned well. I appreciated the professionalism and courtesy provided and will use this company for any future appliance repair needs.
By: sprockets
Fire & Ice Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.
They advertise that they install generators, but they don't. That's because, according to them, "our generator guy quit." So hire another guy, right? Apparently not. "We're making a list of names so we can call you back when we find another genertor person." Yes, very professional, and no tha ks.
By: lamardlh
Hairston's Services Heating & Air Conditioning
Derwin Hairston is a good man and his company is reliable,dependable,and trustworthy I recommend to use to service if anything was to ever need fixing in your house. I say that because I use this service before and I love it. I will use it again
By: Silly M.
Appliance Parts Centers Of Columbus
This store also has vacuum knowledge and parts. It's very rare to find such helpful, trustworthy and honest store staff. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Tips & Advices
Aftermarket replacement parts can be perfectly safe and reliable, but be sure to do your research. If replacing a more integral piece, such as washing machine’s water pump or a thermostat for a busted water heater, it might be best to purchase new.
Replacement parts generally come with warranties extending anywhere from 30 days to five years, depending on the original price, the nature of the fix and the age of the part itself.
If you’re seeking new parts repair companies will generally mark up their prices slightly--particularly at a major national retailer. However, used parts are typically discounted.
Cheaper used appliance parts can be found online or at many local, independently owned retailers, along with ecommerce sites such as eBay. Major retailers, however, generally limit their selection to unused, full-priced options.
Second-hand appliance parts are generally anywhere between 50-75% cheaper than new ones, but warranties might not extend as long and the parts may be less reliable or come with a shorter lifespan. Be sure to research the source of any second-hand parts to ensure the dealer is reputable and the part itself reliable.

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