By: Tony H.
Denise Good - State Farm Insurance Agent
Denise Good has been great to us since we signed up with her several years ago. She is fair, friendly, polite, and really looks out for her customers. I trust her, she is very neighborly. We have numerous policies through State Farm and don't see ourselves going with any other provider.
By: Bart R.
Denise Good - State Farm Insurance Agent
I had another insurance company before using State Farm. I filed a claim with them and their process as very unorganized and sloppy. After, I shortly switched over to Denise Good with State Farm and I love them.
By: Anna K.
Denise Good - State Farm Insurance Agent
One time I forgot to make a payment and they actually gave me a call to remind me that it was due. They never charged me for a late fee. This type of kindness is incredible.
By: Felicia G.
Denise Good - State Farm Insurance Agent
State Farm has always been my primary insurance agency and I wouldn't want to work with anyone other than Denise. She works hard to get the results the clients want.
By: Kristen R.
Denise Good - State Farm Insurance Agent
The people there are more like friends than insurance agents. We know who to call if we need anything. All of our policies are through them: home, life, and auto.
By: Carlie W.
Denise Good - State Farm Insurance Agent
Denise is very accessible, it is nice that it is not like other companies, where you never see who is running the show. You go in and she's always there.
By: Leah R.
Denise Good - State Farm Insurance Agent
I have auto, home, and life insurance through Denise, she has always been my primary insurance agent and I wouldn't want it any other way. She's great.
By: Pauline F.
Denise Good - State Farm Insurance Agent
I recently had To file a claim and was concerned about how it would play out. I was very happy how it was handled. They were such a huge help.
By: ryan0nyp
Denise Good - State Farm Insurance Agent
I am always satisfied with the service that I receive from Denise and her team. They are always there to help me out.
Tips & Advices
Yes, they can cancel policies and also choose not to renew policies once they expire. This can happen for a variety of reasons:
  • Failure to pay premiums
  • Giving false information to an insurer
  • Failure to meet fire or security codes or other recommendations
  • Failure to meet established safety guidelines, like removing pools or trampolines
  • Filing too many claims
  • Failure to repair home damage that protects from needing to filing claims
  • Increase in criminal activity within your neighborhood area
No, homeowners insurance is a nondeductible expense. The only case in which it’s not is if part of the home is used home for business, then the square footage used for that purposes could be deductible.
Without homeowners insurance, you may be fully responsible for the costs of repairing damages to a home and for replacing belongings that get damaged or stolen. Also when applying for a home loan, most banks require that borrowers have home insurance. Banks treat these loans as investments and home insurance acts as a protection of these investments.
Earthquakes, floods, tornados, and other natural disasters are not typically covered by home insurance--there are separate insurance coverages for them that can be purchased.
It does not cover anything dealing with vehicles or items within vehicles. Protection from natural disasters is also rarely covered automatically.

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