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By: shannon.cruzan1
Domino's Pizza
My children nor I like Dominoes pizza because we believe their pizza sauce is too spicy. We used to order pizza from our nearest location on Bradley Park Drive but this last time we decided conclusively that we do not like how the sauce left our mouths burning from spices. We were sure this final time that it was the sauce and not the toppings. We don't always agree on where to eat, however, the decision to not eat anything from here again was unanimous.
By: james.pasko.12
Pizza Roma
I am the owner at PIZZA ROMA and the gentle men in question were told that we were sorry and we would remake the pizza and were told nothing of anything being wrong with the other pizzas,or we would have took care of it,we have had more orders from same company after this and have had no complaints,so please don't listen to what people say,unless you know all the facts,thank you and try the food and let us know.,and hope you enjoy.
By: hannotek
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
After we were seated, we noticed that the restaurant wasn't too busy ad looked around at the other customers eating some very delicious looking food. Ten minutes later, we still hadn't heard from our server, not had anyone asked what we wanted to drink. We walked out after watching random servers walk by our table for the next couple minutes. So sad too, because this is such a great restaurant chain.
By: johndavis123
Hungry Howie's
the food was great, service was good, but.. one of the girls that work there in the evening does not wear gloves and her nails were filthy looking!! you can see she bites he nails and you could also see the dirt under whats left of her nails!! very nasty!! this is the reason we haven't been back besides the long drive. But if they were to start wearing gloves I wouldn't have any complaints.
By: pdmathome
Peluso's Italian Restaurant
Good food, good service, fast lunch specials, good prices. One of my favorite places for lunch. If you don't like it, you probably just don't like Italian..
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By: twolfley
Marco's Pizza
Every time I call Marco's, I get a friendly voice and the order is perfect! I have never had a problem here, and we order about 3 to 4 times a month.
By: Barron G.
Papa John's Pizza
Good service, friendly employees and food is always hot when you get it
By: hannotek
Chuck E. Cheese's
Everything was great and fun, but the salad bar was awful.
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By: Sally D.
Willy Good Pizza & More
Very good! Just as I'd expect from the original Deorios!
By: Carol ann K.
Marco's Pizza
Slightly higher in price but we'll worth it.

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