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By: jojayankee
Columbus Vacuum Center
Incredible......walked in for used vacuum....wound up leaving as if I had a better family than the one I was born with. Met the nicest people, great conversation, little nook with seating as you come in the front door, and a chair was immediately brought out for me to sit in.....just a genuine kindness that has become a rarity these days. People spoke to one another and welcomed you as if they had known you for years. No hard sell, informative, displayed the workings of the refurbished vacuums, and is also a Kirby representative so in the event something does go wrong, there's no need to pack it up and send it half way across the country.....just bring in here. I was not looking for a Kirby...cost prohibitive and all that, but the refurbished ones look like new, work like new, come with all the attachments and a display of how easy it is to use one, not to mention everything that Kirby can do......I'm surprised it doesn't put on a pot of coffee and play music! Price.....ahhhh, yes, price. For what I could pay for a fairly decent new vacuum for in one of the larger department stores, that will last all but a few years. I bought a Kirby...all attachments.....Kirbys are more than a vacuum could ever aspire to be...it is like a magical vacuum, a vacuum on steroids....a vacuum for people like me that want to smile again. Those Kirby do everything from carpets to hard wood floors, and let me stress, the price is so reasonable, it is in fact no longer an option to buy any vacuum anywhere else. Sturdily made....metal, where metal is needed. If only to stop in the store to relax and feel as though you have been taken back to a better time when people respected one another and offered kindness and a place to sit....you will leave as I did. Also, as I have mobility difficulties, the mom and daughter followed me home to unload all of the components. And the best part.....when I paid what was without a doubt the most reasonable of prices.....I was given .....get this....a 3 year warranty!! I have become a vacuum groupie......and I met some wonderful people....you need to consider stopping here before anywhere else.....and yes, they do carry more than Kirby's, but for the price, attachments, and everything they can do, plus metal components.......well......you'll see. I made the best decision and recommend everyone else does.
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By: shannon.cruzan1
Columbus Vacuum Center
There is only one review here, but I wouldn't dispute it. They were nice and helpful the last time I went to buy more Kirby bags.
Tips & Advices
If a customer cannot find or does not have the owner's manual for his or her vacuum cleaner, it can usually be found online on the manufacturer's website.
Ducted vacuum cleaners, also called central vacuum systems, are appliances installed into the building itself. Users can plug in the hose and begin cleaning right away; no outlets or cords are needed.
Bagless vacuums should have filters replaced every three months.
Many vacuum repair shops offer free loaners to customers.
Big-box stores that sell vacuum cleaners usually offer vacuum repair services. Vacuum repair shops are also a good resource, but might have shorter hours. but . Manufacturers might also offer repair services for vacuum cleaners they produce.

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